eClips Tip – Reports & Articles for the Taking

First of all, let me extend a big thank-you to the 1,305 State Library patrons that took our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey.  We have an amazing amount of data & information to analyze. We hope to use these survey responses to improve our services to you, our patrons.

As a thank-you right back to you, let me include a number of interesting resources that you can access today.

  • “AARP in the states: Oregon.” National Institute on Retirement Security,
    Presents infographic fact sheet on the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System  and highlights the economic impact of Oregon’s public pension.  Available HERE
  • Examine the current and projected financial status of social security. (Social Security Administration, June 5, 2018)
  • “Uncompensated care costs fell in nearly every state as ACA’s major coverage provisions took effect.” By Jessica Schubel and Matt Broaddus. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, May 23, 2018, pp. 1-9. Explains Medicaid expansion has helped lower uncompensated health care costs, benefiting patients, hospitals, and state budgets, and warns of the effect of proposed Medicaid work requirements. Charts uncompensated care costs and medically uninsured rates in the 50 states from 2013 to 2015.  Available HERE
  • “A state multi-sector framework for supporting children and youth with special health care needs.” Child Trends, May 2018, pp. 1-26. Describes a four-part state framework for supporting children and youth with special health care needs from birth through age 17, including health, family support, education and employment, and law enforcement and juvenile justice. Available HERE
  • “State & local tax contributions of young undocumented immigrants.” By Misha Hill and Meg Wiehe. Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Updated April 2018, pp. 1-18. Examines state and local tax contributions of undocumented immigrants currently enrolled or eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Available HERE