California, Oregon Herald Significant Step toward Klamath River Restoration

California’s Draft Environmental Impact Report and Oregon’s Final Water Quality Certification Seen as Milestones.

Natural resources leaders in California and Oregon hailed today’s release of a draft environmental impact report for a project to reopen hundreds of miles of historic habitat for salmonids along the Klamath River and its tributaries.

The report issued by California’s State Water Resources Control Board marks a key step in a decade-long effort to remove four hydroelectric dams and restore the health of the Klamath River. The dam-removal project is part of a broader effort by California, Oregon, federal agencies, Klamath Basin tribes, water users and conservation organizations to revitalize the basin, advance recovery of fisheries, uphold trust responsibilities to the tribes, and sustain the region’s farming and ranching heritage.

Source: California, Oregon Herald Significant Step toward Klamath River Restoration | YubaNet