We love to hate the government. Then along came measles.

The environmental and public health crises that remain suggest our government has done too little to protect its citizens, rather than too much.

Americans love, love, love to hate on government, for all its foibles and failures.

But we conveniently forget that good government has also solved, curtailed or prevented a lot of problems over the years, including epidemics, economic ills and environmental crises. When government works, it becomes largely invisible, taken for granted, wiping out both crises and the traumatic memories of those crises. Bad government we remember and loathe and curse to our children; but good government is often a victim of its own success, the cure so effective that we forget how horrifying the ailment it eradicated was.

That has been quite literally true when it comes to public-health crises once thought consigned to history, such as the current measles outbreak.

Source: We love to hate the government. Then along came measles. – The Washington Post