Is misinformation harming public understanding of wildfire?

In a guest opinion Sunday, May 26, Luke Ruediger promoted a laundry list of assertions as to why wilderness firefighting is inappropriate, yet offered no verifiable substantiation for his views, nor any genuine solution to restore balance and trophic cascades in our forest and grassland ecosystems.

Ruediger condemned the creation of ‘dozer lines’ that served as fire breaks and critical access routes for firefighters and equipment into several massive wildfires in Southern Oregon and northern California, including the Klamathon Fire where I served in a “local knowledge” capacity on the fire line with incident commanders for nine days. It’s important to note that dozer lines into the area were necessary because the BLM officials who manage the Cascade -iskiyou National Monument had decommissioned numerous roads that previously served as access for both recreational enthusiasts and emergency firefighting.

Source: Is misinformation harming public understanding of wildfire? | Mail Tribune