Categories vs. Tags

In an effort to make eClips more useful and user friendly, State Library staff will be categorizing and tagging articles. Categories are fixed terms, versus Tags are topic based and are more flexible.


Categories apply to the Source, State Agency, and Type of article.

For a list of regularly search news Sourcessee our F.A.Q’s page.

For a State Agency to be listed as a category, they have to be directly named in the original article. Some articles include more than one Agency. State Employees looking for articles mentioning their agencies directly, would want to click on the Category.

The Statesman Journal (Source), Dept. of Administration (Agency), Opinion (Type)


Tags are synonymous with “topics.” While we make every effort to maintain consistent tags, they may vary slightly. Interested in a particular topic, click the tag to see articles on that same topic.

Example: Fish & Wildlife, Salmon or Elections 2016, OR Measure 97


If you are not seeing a particular Category or Tag, you can enter keywords into the search bar on the “all stories” page. This will only search the titles and intros included with each story, not the full articles.

If you need help finding relevant new stories, contact a State Librarian at 503-378-8800 or email us.