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Report Shows Major Slide In Oregon Recycling

The shutting of the recycling pipeline to China put a serious dent in recycling efforts on this side of the Pacific. Where we could once bale up our recyclables and ship them overseas, we’re now stuck with them, since China won’t take them. Source: Report Shows Major Slide In Oregon Recycling

O&C lands ruling far from the last word

A federal judge’s ruling that 40,000 acres of former Oregon & California Railroad lands in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument must remain in timber production is far from the last word on this question, and even if it is eventually upheld, it would affect only a portion of monument land and perhaps much less than the […]
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Sen. Wyden needs to help bill pass for small utilities

Will Senator Wyden help protect the residents of Douglas County from further impacts of Snowmageddon? As general manager of Douglas Electric, a non-profit, member-owned electric cooperative that serves mostly rural areas of Douglas County, I was tasked with managing the cooperative through the most destructive storm in our company’s history. To put the size of […]
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Janet Stevens column: Permanent supportive housing plans are promising

Permanent supportive housing may not be the complete solution to chronic homelessness in Central Oregon, but it’s certainly likely to become a big part of the mix. Now, thanks to Central Oregon FUSE (Frequent Users System Engagement) it’s beginning to become a reality. The idea behind permanent supportive housing, one of two housing-first models, sounds […]
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Editorial: USDA should rework its hemp testing rules

Farmers have been poring over the details of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s interim rules governing the production of hemp. They haven’t liked a lot of what they see. If nothing else, the rules have ended a lot of people’s dreams of quick, big money in the hemp business. Source: Editorial: USDA should rework its […]
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Our view | Forest plan and public opinions

The Forest Service is having another go at writing new long-term management plans for the three national forests in the Blue Mountains and this time, officials hope, things will be different. Whether this new approach yields the success that has eluded the agency for more than a decade, however, is no certain thing. Source: Our […]
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Editorial: Oregon needs an open primary

The Independent Party of Oregon, all 124,777 of them, is giving nonaffiliated voters in the state something the two majors refuse to do. It will allow the 948,697 (as of October) nonaffiliated registered voters a chance to have a say in its primary election. More power to them. Source: Editorial: Oregon needs an open primary […]
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Editorial: State board should approved Stevens Road land sale

The State Land Board is scheduled to make a big decision about Bend’s future less than a week from today. Should it authorize the sale of 382 acres of state land on Bend’s east side for development? We think it should. Not everybody, though, thinks it is a great idea. Source: Editorial: State board should […]
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Opinion: Brown needs to join urban and rural Oregonians in standing against Jordan Cove

Seldom does one issue unite Oregonians like this one. Last month, nearly 1,000 of us from all over the state met at the state Capitol to demand that Gov. Kate Brown do all she can to stop the ill-advised Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas export terminal and Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline. Source: Opinion: Brown […]
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Hemp Farming | Wolves And Ranchers | Race And Cannabis | Roller Derby – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Hemp farmers say new USDA rules will affect their businesses. The USDA has hired a specialist to help farmers in Southern Oregon minimize wolf attacks. A new podcast looks at racism in the cannabis industry. And the Rose City Rollers win again. Source: Hemp Farming | Wolves And Ranchers | Race And Cannabis | Roller […]
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