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Lawsuit filed against Brown’s face covering rule

A lawsuit has been filed with the Oregon State Court of Appeals over Gov. Kate Brown’s mandatory face covering rule, which was enacted in an ongoing effort to stem transmissions amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Source: Lawsuit filed against Brown’s face covering rule |

BIPOC In Rural Oregon | Black Comedians – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Black Lives Matter organizers in rural Oregon are figuring out the next steps for their movements. In Bend, Riccardo Waites started the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly, a nonprofit aiming to reduce police violence and racial discrimination in the community’s schools. In Umatilla, Selene Torres-Medrano is organizing to keep School Resource Officers out of school […]
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Oregon Has an Ugly Racial History. Kerry Tymchuk’s Job Is to Make Sure We Never Forget It.

The head of the Oregon Historical Society weighs in on the renaming of schools, the removal of monuments, and the Oregon historical figure who has an entire county named after him, and probably shouldn’t. Source: Oregon Has an Ugly Racial History. Kerry Tymchuk’s Job Is to Make Sure We Never Forget It. – Willamette Week

Delayed Test Results Make Efforts To Contain COVID ‘Unworkable’ In Oregon

COVID-19 is spreading in Oregon, and supply issues and testing delays mean containment is a distant dream. In two months, the novel coronavirus has ripped through Malheur County, 10,000 square miles of cattle ranches, onion farms and small towns on the border with Idaho. Source: Delayed Test Results Make Efforts To Contain COVID ‘Unworkable’ In […]
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Journalists Covering Protests | Springfield Police Shooting| NAYA – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Independent journalists have been covering nightly protests in Portland from the beginning. The Springfield police department agreed to a settlement with the family of a resident killed by officers. The Native American Youth and Family Center recently became the only federally designated EnVision Center in Oregon, and one of only three in the country to […]
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Why Oregon Spends Millions On Low-Value Medical Care

COVID-19 and its treatment aside, the health care system has some issues, you might have noticed. One of them is the issue of “low-value care,” visits and procedures that really do not do anything to improve the health of a patient. By some estimates, a quarter of what goes on in health care is of […]
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AG Rosenblum | Daryl Turner | Metolius Train – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The Oregon attorney general filed a lawsuit alleging that the federal government has violated Oregonians’ civil rights. The Portland police union president condemns protests, but not the actions of federal officers. The Oregon Department of Justice is suing several federal agencies involved in the response to Portland protests. The lawsuit accuses the agencies of engaging in “unlawful […]
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News Roundtable | Brady Lists | Emily Powell – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Our news roundtable discusses the shocking reports that federal officers in unmarked vehicles have been detaining protesters in Portland. Statesman Journal reporter Whitney Woodworth and journalism student Hannah Kanik paired up through the Catalyst Journalism Project to reveal inconsistencies in lists used by prosecutors to keep track of police officers deemed untrustworthy. Prosecutors put officers on these […]
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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown | Beaverton Schools | Black Housing Solutions – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown fills us in on the latest about the state’s COVID-19 response. We are here to sound the alarm,” Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said at a press conference on Monday, July 13, about rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the state. For 25 years, Maxine Fitzpatrick directed the Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, a nonprofit dedicated […]
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Portland, A City Under Siege? – OPB’s Politics Now

Federal officials described Portland this week as a city under siege. Local leaders say the only occupying force is federal law enforcement. Source: Listen: The ‘OPB Politics Now’ Podcast . News | OPB