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WYDEN: Rural America deserves to close the digital divide – Guest Opinion

Every year, I hold town halls in each of our state’s 36 counties to hear directly from Oregonians on the key issues facing rural and urban communities. During these meetings, and traveling between them, I have heard and seen firsthand the importance of getting affordable broadband internet access, high-speed wireless broadband and strong, consistent cell […]
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The future of drug pricing: Value over volume — Guest Opinion

Doctors and hospitals are increasingly being paid not for the quantity of care they provide, but for the outcome or quality of care patients receive. The emerging trend in health care is about rewarding value, rather than volume. This is the future, where there is less focus on the number of tests or treatments a […]
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45 years of clean water and no turning back: Guest opinion

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, the landmark law that was designed to protect and restore the integrity of our nation’s waters. Source: 45 years of clean water and no turning back: Guest opinion |

My View: Protect health care for working Oregonians

The health care financing package enacted by the 2017 Legislature was a smart move. A ‘yes’ vote on Ballot Measure 101 will protect health care for hundreds of thousands of working- and middle-class Oregonians. Many more Oregonians are now able to see a doctor when they need to, compared to the situation just a few […]
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As I See It: Health care at a tipping point — Guest Opinion

I have felt proud of spending so much of my life helping others find a better life for themselves, as part of the system of higher education. But now I live in fear. Fear for our graduates and fear for the future of higher education. The reason is the devastating effects on the world of […]
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A question of safety at Jordan Cove — Guest Opinion

In the mid-twentieth century, the discovery that chilling natural gas turned it into a liquid that took up only 1/600th of its original volume inspired two industrial advances, ‘peak-shaving’ and LNG shipping.   ‘Peak-shaving’ meant storing LNG as a gas company’s back-up supply. To meet a sudden spike in demand, as during a cold spell, […]
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Forest Service’s wildfire policies evolved at fortuitous time for them | Guest Commentary

The fledgling Forest Service established in 1905 found a mission for itself after the 1910 Burn charred more than 3.5 million acres across Idaho and Montana. Shocked by the size and severity of this fire, the Forest Service used the 1910 Burn to create a niche for itself — it was the firefighting agency. By […]
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Guest column: Lawmakers should take action on gun violence

It’s only weeks since the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history in Las Vegas, and already the national conversation about how to prevent these tragedies is subsiding. We knew before the horrific shooting that America’s gun violence problem is not normal. Our gun homicide rate is 25 times that of other developed nations. And, […]
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Cougar Management Plan needs to be revised — Guest Opinion

As the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildife seeks to update the Cougar Management Plan, I would like to weigh in. As a 41-year resident of rural Oregon and a registered voter, I was extremely disappointed to learn that, despite two statewide votes to eliminate hound hunting, this practice continues. “Target Zones” evade the law […]
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UO committed to recruiting in-state students | Opinion |

It is an undeniable fact: The University of Oregon educates fewer Oregonians than it did just a few years ago. Our early enrollment data estimate that 9,577 full-time resident undergraduates have started classes this fall at the UO, down from 10,915 in 2012. This trend also affects most of our sister institutions in Oregon. It […]
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