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Consider this, before deciding on Jordan Cove | Guest Commentary |

We tax payers, state and local governments alike cannot afford approval of this project and the liabilities it would create under established law. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy would forestall any agreements with the applicant for remediation of damages that are likely to occur, some of which are cited below. If the application were approved, we would […]
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Opinion: Oregon’s new and unbalanced way of governing

Senate Minority Leader Baertschiger is a Republican who represents District 2, which spans Josephine and northern Jackson County. Source: Opinion: Oregon’s new and unbalanced way of governing

My View: State needs a Green New Deal on climate

Time is running out for humanity to reverse our disastrous effects on the Earth’s climate system. Source: My View: State needs a Green New Deal on climate

Sara Gelser: Why I back Clean Energy Jobs bill 

According to the latest reports from the world’s climate scientists, the need to address climate change has never been more crucial. Already we are seeing the impact of our carbon footprint. News of wildfires, drought, floods and food shortages dominates our papers and airwaves. Without meaningful action to cap carbon emissions, the problems will only […]
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Fritsch | A different take on educational funding priorities

I write this with no intent of disrespecting the work of our elected officials, but as more and more comes out of Salem regarding education funding, I am wondering if we are going to miss the mark again. Source: Fritsch | A different take on educational funding priorities | Columnists |

Time to act is now for Oregon’s future

Oregon’s graduation rate hovers between 78 percent for four-year cohorts and 85 percent including fifth-year and GED students (as the majority of states calculate graduation rates). Depending how you measure it, Oregon is either in 48th place, or just average — either result is failing kids. Source: Time to act is now for Oregon’s future […]
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How safe is microwave technology? 

Oregon is facing an unprecedented environmental challenge: wireless technology. Our cellphones, towers, “smart” meters, security systems, routers, etc. expose us to microwave radiation that is billions of times stronger than that which occurs in nature. The wireless industry assures us this technology is safe, but is it? Source: How safe is microwave technology? | Mail […]
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Opinion: Oregon’s primary elections should be open to all

Non-affiliated voters, the fastest growing group of registered voters in Oregon, are afforded second-class status. We cannot vote in the major-party primaries, often times the only competitive race. Secretary of State Dennis Richardson correctly recognizes this problem. I applaud him for speaking out. But his separate-but-equal solution, a non-affiliated voter-only primary, misses the mark. Source: […]
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Opinion: We toured Oregon and the message is clear. Schools need more resources.

When asked in a recent poll which issues were most important to them, Oregonians of every stripe listed education as their No. 1 issue. But for many students, their realities don’t align with our spending priorities. Source: Opinion: We toured Oregon and the message is clear. Schools need more resources. –

Opinion: Oregon’s carbon-absorbing secret that sells the Clean Energy Jobs bill

With the 2019 Clean Energy Jobs bill hitting Oregon legislative desks, most anticipate a lively toe-to-toe debate on this bill. Some expect a referendum effort to Oregon voters should the bill pass. Yet the last mid-term elections forewarn significant challenges to these statewide carbon reduction initiatives. Source: Opinion: Oregon’s carbon-absorbing secret that sells the Clean […]
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