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Opinion: We have a duty to protect natural resources for future generations

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury and Lane County Chair Pete Sorenson write in support of plaintiffs suing the state over its failure to take adequate steps to protect natural resources and the atmosphere from climate change. Source: Opinion: We have a duty to protect natural resources for future generations –

Opinion: DEQ hasn’t justified increasing emissions test fees

Sen. Betsy Johnson writes that she will encourage her fellow legislators to turn down an expected request from DEQ to increase its vehicle emission fees, saying the agency has not adequately shown it is pursuing the most cost-effective way of offering the service to Oregonians. Source: Opinion: DEQ hasn’t justified increasing emissions test fees – […]
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Guest View: Arguments over our future

Tomorrow, the Oregon Supreme Court will hear arguments in Chernaik v. Brown, a case brought by two Eugene youth challenging the state’s failure to implement a scientifically defensible plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The case will be heard at 9:30 a.m. at David Douglas High School in Portland. Source: Guest View: Arguments over our […]
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Opinion: Lack of housing for individuals who experience disability is a social justice issue

Individuals who experience disabilities are regularly denied basic human rights. It was 1963 when John F. Kennedy called for a “reduction of the number of persons confined to institution.” In 56 years, we have failed to develop a systematic, person-focused and inclusive approach to helping individuals live more independently and be active members of their […]
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Opinion: School suspensions are a backwards way to teach students

“There is nothing inevitable,” said Arne Duncan, “about high rates of suspension and expulsion.” In that 2014 speech, Duncan, the secretary of education under President Obama, said removing students from the classroom should be “a last resort, and only for appropriately serious infractions, like endangering the safety of other students, teachers, or themselves.” Source: Opinion: […]
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Opinion: Youths accused of even serious crimes deserve anonymity

On the internet, our past selves live forever. For most of us, and in particular for younger people who have always been online, that means the preservation of everything from major life events to cringe-making photos and comments. But for a particular group of young people, there will be no escaping the repercussions of the […]
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High cost daycare reason decline in preschool age kids in Oregon

In the last decade, the number of Oregonians aged birth through five years old dropped by almost 50,000. What happened? Children First for Oregon provides startling data for our state, and this year shows the continuation of a dramatic trend. In 2009, Oregon had 284,210 children aged 0-5. Ten years later, that number is down to 234,213. That is […]
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Trust-land counties’ timber lawsuit seeks unfair advantage

It was about 80 years ago, in the year 1941, and before the Japanese Empire attacked Pearl Harbor. Thought of war among Oregonians was not as urgent a topic as the terrible forest fires, like the Tillamook Burn. That burn and others like it were on the minds of Oregonians, a huge cross-section of them that […]
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Fire management in southwestern Oregon

The following is a proposal for changes in how we deal with fire in southwestern Oregon. Stop reacting to wildfire ignitions and take the initiative to actively manage fire. Fuel treatments must greatly increase. Controlled burn, chip, masticate, thin-pile-burn, all of it. Staff both fire suppression and fuels treatment with well-trained, well-paid crews, with meteorologists […]
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Guest column: The unreported positive benefits of tax exemptions for data centers

An Oct. 25 article in The Oregonian that appeared two days later in The Bulletin attacked property tax exemption decisions through Oregon’s enterprise zone program that small, often rural towns use to attract jobs and new industries. While the focus of this piece was on Amazon’s data center development in Eastern Oregon, all large tech […]
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