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There is much Oregon and parents can do to improve education for students

Again Oregon is in the news. We have some of the best kindergarten through grade 12 teachers, we are in the top ten nationwide for spending dollars for students, but again, year after year we are in the bottom five of all the states for graduating seniors out of high school. Source: There is much […]
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Rewarding legislative service coming to an end

As I do every two years about this time, I have been thinking about my future as a state representative. For the last 18 years, my answer has been that I will run. This time I have decided that the current term ending in early 2019 is my last. Source: Rewarding legislative service coming to […]
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My View: Policy reforms would improve state for all

Oregon’s land-use laws – as well as regulations regarding design review, historic preservation and inclusionary zoning – have stifled residential development. Demand for housing is outpacing construction, driving up housing prices. The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis estimates that over the past 10 years, the Portland area has underbuilt by 27,000 units. Source: My View: […]
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My View: Retain renewable fuels standard

Oregon produces millions of tons of woody ‘waste’ products every year, from logging debris to sawdust to small trees from U.S. Forest Service thinning projects. All of it contains stored solar energy. The cost of harnessing that energy can be competitive with fossil fuels. Source: My View: Retain renewable fuels standard

Oregon’s boom-and-bust education funding cycle must end (Guest opinion)

As president of the Oregon School Boards Association, I know how frustrated local school board members throughout the state were by the impasse that ended the 2017 legislative session, with proponents of revenue reform and cost containment unable to reach agreement. Source: Oregon’s boom-and-bust education funding cycle must end (Guest opinion)

Forest products key factor in Oregon’s future

Do you think we should use more renewable resources? Do you think our renewable resources should be locally sourced, instead of imported from other states or countries? Lane County is home to one of the most valued renewable resources — wood products. Wood products are derived from sustainably managed forests and are both renewable and […]
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Don’t let public officials sell us out to LNG — Guest Opinion

As landowners threatened by the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline we are elated at Senator Merkley’s announcement that he will not support a project dependent on seizing private properties through eminent domain for a foreign corporation’s profit. Hundreds of Oregon families have been held hostage far too long on behalf of this speculative venture; already twice […]
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Guest Opinion: Commissioners: Disappointed with Merkley’s view

We are deeply disappointed by Senator Merkley’s opposition to Jordan Cove and by extension, his rejection of a unique opportunity for rural Oregon. The Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal will provide U.S. allies in Asia with a cleaner form of energy while creating thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs in […]
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The Long Con — Guest Opinion

Oregon government and the land of make-believe. My son Chris recently gave me a poster from the 1973 movie The Sting, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, as a couple of conmen in the 1930s who pull off a complicated con on their mark, a ruthless gangster played by Robert Shaw. It’s one of my favorite […]
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‘Nonhabitable’ should be a housing option

“As if it were injustice to sell dearer than we buy; or to give more to a man than he merits. The value of all things contracted for, is measured by the appetite of the contractors: and therefore the just value, is that which they be contented to give” — Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, 1651.  “The […]
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