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Guest Column: The checks are not in the mail

This has been a week of bad news, worse news and occasional good news in Oregon government. But instead of recounting all those downs, ups and sideways, let’s check in on a continuing issue: unemployment. Oregon’s unemployment compensation system mirrors the nation’s — a disgrace. Many jobless Oregonians have been waiting for months for promised […]
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Commentary: OSU deserves support to produce next generation of farmers

As an Oregon dairy farmer, I’ve seen struggles from the pandemic and stress on food supply firsthand. When the pandemic hit, consumers and farmers were anxious about food security, especially when supply chains were interrupted, but people also became more aware of where their food was coming from and how vital local farms are. As […]
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Opinion: True to our mission, OFRI tells the story of Oregon’s forests

It’s a privilege to tell the story of all of Oregon’s forests, but it’s also a challenge, writes Erin Isselmann of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute. The organization strives to provide objective, science-based information that helps keep Oregonians informed about the forests that cover nearly half the state. Source: Opinion: True to our mission, OFRI […]
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Opinion: I was freed from prison due to COVID-19 concerns. The governor should release many more.

Luis Polanco, Jr., writes that inmates are unable to physically distance in the tight living quarters that they share. While he is grateful the governor commuted his sentence, he thinks many more need to be released to thwart the spread of COVID. Source: Opinion: I was freed from prison due to COVID-19 concerns. The governor […]
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Who is trashing the Columbia River Gorge? Commentary

Does restricted social movement due to COVID-19 really make a portion of the population feel they’re entitled to use our public lands as a giant garbage can? Source: Who is trashing the Columbia River Gorge? Commentary –

Opinion: A bipartisan call on legislative leadership to fund child advocacy centers

Even before Gov. Kate Brown declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19, our Legislature’s Emergency Board and legislative leadership have been working to provide critical funding for those struggling during the pandemic – financing for public health services, emergency housing for domestic violence survivors, and economic relief for cultural institutions, among many other examples. […]
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Opinion: Legislators should brace for next disaster with seismic preparedness investments

If nothing else, 2020 has driven home the invaluable need to prepare for a disaster before it strikes. COVID-19 serves as one of the strongest educators in modern history. And yet,the catastrophic impacts of a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake will make the devastation of the pandemic pale in comparison. Source: Opinion: Legislators should brace for […]
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Opinion: Oregon restaurants have reopened safely. I know, I work in one.

With the structured reopening of restaurants across Oregon, I’ve gotten to see the implementation of Gov. Kate Brown’s coronavirus-safety guidelines firsthand – not with an occasional dinner out or takeout run, but in my everyday work. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry as a server for more than 40 years in Oregon and as a […]
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Direct relief available to agricultural producers due to COVID-19

Farmers and ranchers feed our state, our nation, and in fact, our world. You work long hours to provide essential resources for us all, and in these challenging times, I want you to know that USDA is here to support you and your operation through our Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, or CFAP. Source: Direct relief […]
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Oregon Legislature help parents be parents, teachers and employees

COVID-19 has revealed the universal necessity of caregiving, and also how little infrastructure is in place to support it, especially for frontline workers of color who cannot work from home. Major gaps in systems of care for children, seniors, or people living with disabilities have made it uniquely challenging for families to deal with the […]
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