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Clarno a good pick for secretary of state | Opinion

The early April pick of Bev Clarno to serve as Oregon Secretary of State is worthy of praise. In a nation beset by tribalism and partisan bickering, Democratic Gov. Kate Brown has given a longtime Republican rival a worthy career-topper. Source: Clarno a good pick for secretary of state

Pete Heley: Some ODFW rules could use some improvement

As I am writing my column, the trout stocking portion of the ODFW website is not available and hopefully will be available soon. Also of concern, IFISH.NET, possibly Oregon’s largest online fishing website, has not had any new posts in at least 10 days — hopefully this will also be corrected soon. I’m picking this […]
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Electric-vehicle tax credit should be taken off the road

Some government foolishness has an educational value that compensates for its considerable cost. Consider the multibillion-dollar federal electric-vehicle tax credit, which efficiently illustrates how government can, with one act, diminish its already-negligible prestige while subtracting from America’s fairness. Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., and Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., hope to repeal the tax credit, which probably […]
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Editorial: Willamette reallocation bears close monitoring

Somehow, in a valley that gets an average of 55-plus inches of rain a year, farmers could find themselves facing a water shortage at some point in the future. We should add that any shortages would be courtesy of the federal and state governments. Currently underway is a government effort to divvy up the water […]
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Editorial: Expand affordable housing program across state

Redmond is in. Bend is in. Every other city in Oregon is out, and the Legislature should change that. The 2016 Legislature created a pilot program effort to ease the state’s affordable housing crunch. Under it, two cities, one large, with a population over 25,000, and one small, would be able to annex land for […]
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Editorial: Legislature shouldn’t pass unfair tax

Employees of businesses with thin profit margins should start worrying about what the Oregon Legislature is scheming to do to their jobs. House Bill 3427 creates a tax that will make it even harder for those businesses to prosper. The Legislature is not going to be able to come up with a tax everyone likes. […]
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Our view | Pain in the 21st century to fix problems from 20th

The good news is Gov. Kate Brown finally has a plan for putting PERS on solid financial footing. The bad news is that it includes pushing SAIF off that solid ground, as well as taking most of Oregonians’ tax “kicker” refund next year. Brown says her proposal has something for anyone to like and to […]
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Editorial: 2017 Census holds good and troubling figures

We can’t wait to dig into the data released last week with the 2017 Census of Agriculture. The census is conducted by the USDA every five years and measures all things agriculture — how many farmers and farms, what they grow, production practices, income and expenditures, demographics and much, much more. Source: Editorial: 2017 Census […]
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Senate takes it easier on juvenile offenders 

Oregon’s initiative process allows the people to enact laws directly when the Legislature cannot or will not do so. On Tuesday, the Senate voted to change Ballot Measure 11 to be more lenient toward juvenile offenders 25 years after voters passed it. It was the right thing to do. Senate Bill 1008 — actually a […]
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Editorial: Legislature draws a bead on plastic straws

This likely isn’t the most important issue facing the 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature, but it’s still been interesting to watch the progress of the handful of bills filed (seven, by our admittedly unscientific count) that target plastic. Source: Editorial: Legislature draws a bead on plastic straws | Editorial |