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Editorial: ODOT vs. Bend’s breweries

Agency that wasted millions on sinking overpass takes shot at city’s ‘drinking culture’ Central Oregon residents are a bunch of drunks, it seems, especially those of us who live in Bend. And our local culture is to blame. For shame, breweries! Source: Editorial: ODOT vs. Bend’s breweries; Agency that wasted millions on sinking overpass takes […]
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Grocers seek tax protection – Opinion

The people passing petitions to prohibit sales taxes on groceries in Oregon could count on two reactions: 1) “Where do I sign? Taxing groceries is a terrible idea.” 2) “Wait a minute — Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax, and even if it did, groceries would be at the top of the list of exemptions.” […]
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Court punts on gerrymandering – Opinion

Gerrymandering — drawing political districts to achieve a particular result — is nearly as old as the republic, but the U.S. Supreme Court has never ruled on the practice except in regard to minorities’ voting rights. It ducked the issue again this week, declining to rule in a pair of cases for technical reasons. But […]
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Our Opinion: Newberg mill deal smells a bit fishy

Gov. Brown and Oregon Congressional delegation should put some political pressure on WestRock to make sure it’s willing to sell the mill to a willing buyer; Oregon’s curbside recycling program could depend on it. Source: Our Opinion: Newberg mill deal smells a bit fishy

Editorial: Pay attention. You’re driving

On July 1, Oregon gets really, really tough about distracted driving. That’s the day new, higher fines kick in for those found using their cellphones or other electronic devices improperly while driving. The higher fines were part of a measure, House Bill 2597, approved by the 2017 Legislature. Source: Editorial: Pay attention. You’re driving;

California cleavin’ idea appears doomed to fail

The latest in a long string of attempts to carve up California has actually qualified for the ballot, but it stands little chance of passing, and even if it did, it would probably not win the required congressional approval, let alone a green light from the state legislature. Nor is it likely to generate much […]
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Gun debate distracts from real solutions  

“How did things ever get so far, I don’t know,” Vito Corleone says to the heads of the five families in the epic movie “The Godfather,” trying to make peace after his son is brutally gunned down. Art resembles life. How did we ever get so far in society — exchanging agendas for solving real […]
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Our view | What should health care in Oregon look like?

The state’s top health official is traveling the state, asking that question at 10 public meetings. The responses will help shape health care for about one-fourth of Oregonians, those who are on the state Medicaid program known as the Oregon Health Plan. Many of those clients work at low-wage jobs that lack health insurance. However, […]
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Editorial: At fast-food eatery, jobs disappear as minimum wage rises

Oregon has one of the highest minimum wages in the country, currently $10.25 per hour. When state lawmakers approved the increase in 2016, there were worries, chiefly in the business community, that the higher wage would cost people jobs. It may already have. McDonald’s is adding self-order kiosks to some stores in Oregon, including at […]
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Editorial: Protecting our rights in elections

Two news stories last week serve as a reminder of how far Oregon has come in its efforts to remove barriers to voting — and to offer safeguards against continuing efforts to hack into the nation’s election systems. Last Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court — in a narrow 5-4 decision — ruled that states may boot people off […]
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