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Editorial: Lawmakers should end elected officials’ sweet deal

Elected officials in Oregon have, by and large, a sweet deal when it comes to Oregon’s public records law. It’s time the Legislature closed the loophole that comes close to guaranteeing elected officials have nothing to fear from the law. Ginger McCall, the state’s former Public Records Advocate, made the case for the change in […]
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Editorial: Ballot security will be the issue

More than 400 Oregonians, all of them living overseas, will have the opportunity to take part in a voting experiment this November. They’re legal residents of Jackson and Umatilla counties, and they’ll be able to use their smartphones to vote back home. Source: Editorial: Ballot security will be the issue;

Oregon brings up the rear on Real ID

What is it with Oregon state government and technology? First there was Cover Oregon, the website that was supposed to let Oregonians sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. That was an unmitigated disaster that never went live. Now, the state is poised to start issuing new driver’s licenses that comply with […]
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Our View: Stop keeping Oregonians in the dark about sex offenders – Opinion

Registered sex offenders in Oregon recently got a reminder that the state is keeping an eye on them. Law enforcement agencies conducted the latest in a series of checks on the whereabouts of high-risk offenders. It ended in 15 arrests in Lane County. Unfortunately, the operation also highlighted a serious flaw in the public reporting […]
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Our View: Cutting down on containers

If food suppliers won’t reduce their plastic packaging, consumers will do it for them. Consumers are demanding the right to bring their own reusable containers into grocery stores and restaurants. Oregon should jump to the head of that movement. That will require changes in state regulations, and perhaps state law, which can be a lengthy […]
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Mobile-app voting security far from proven | Opinion

Offering voters the option of casting ballots on their smartphones is an intriguing idea that could help boost turnout even in voter-friendly Oregon — as long as identity and security issues can be addressed. But it’s far from clear that they have been, especially after the FBI launched an investigation into the attempted hacking of […]
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Editorial: Real ID leads to real mess in Oregon

Some 15 years after Congress passed the Real ID Act, creating a set of standards for the issuance of identification documents, the state of Oregon finally is getting ready to issue driver’s licenses that meet the standards. Source: Editorial: Real ID leads to real mess in Oregon

Editorial: State retirement system still a worry

You don’t have to be an accountant to know Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System is in trouble. School teachers, police officers and other government employees deserve good retirement plans. But it has to be a plan the state can afford. Oregon’s PERS moved from no liability in 2007 to $17 billion in unfunded liability in […]
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Editorial: Hass right on records advocate

The Oregon Legislature created the office of Public Records Advocate and the Public Records Advisory Council in 2017. Now, in the wake of the resignation of the first advocate, Ginger McCall, state Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton, hopes to persuade lawmakers to give the council the right to appoint McCall’s successor. Gov. Kate Brown agrees. There’s […]
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Initiative petition rejections puzzling

Secretary of State Bev Clarno has overstepped her authority in rejecting three initiative petitions seeking to change Oregon’s forestry laws. Sponsors of the petitions have filed suit, and it appears likely the petitions will be reinstated. Whether the changes in forestry practices are wise is beside the point; the initiatives should be allowed to proceed. […]
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