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Steve Duin: Competence, trust and the governor’s race

In late summer, I asked Sen. Ron Wyden a question many Oregon Democrats will struggle with as they contemplate the November ballot: What has Gov. Kate Brown done to merit another four years in the catbird seat? Where’s the evidence of ambitious, provocative leadership that I’ve clearly missed? Source: Steve Duin: Competence, trust and the […]
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Teachers are more valuable than their salaries reflect

Every weekend, off-the-clock, teachers are home grading papers, crafting assignments and even scouring garage sales for classroom “finds” that they pay for out of their own wallets. This is the work of devoted teachers, those entrusted to help mold the next generation of Americans. It’s time they received the respect they deserve. Source: Teachers are […]
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Vote no on divisive immigration and abortion measures

Two measures on the Nov. 6 ballot play off wedge issues certain to get Oregonians fired up. Vote no on Measures 105 and 106. Measure 105 Oregon has been a sanctuary state for three decades. Source: Vote no on divisive immigration and abortion measures – Opinion – The Register-Guard – Eugene, OR

Rational thought can replace cougar mania

You’re more likely to be injured in a Lane County traffic crash than be attacked by a cougar. That might sound morbid, but it is important to keep the current sightings of cougars in perspective. Cougar sightings are not uncommon in the Eugene-Springfield area. Reported sightings also increase whenever there is a run of news […]
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Editorial: Here’s proof every vote counts;

Tuesday is the last day Central Oregonians can register if they hope to vote in the November general election. And while some may feel their vote doesn’t count for much, a pair of Deschutes County residents would tell them otherwise. Source: Editorial: Here’s proof every vote counts;

Two Views: Finding balance between personal and landowner responsibility

Large, bright signs caution visitors at Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon Coast to stay behind fencing and not to step out on the sandstone bluff. Despite the danger and signs, it’s common to see people taking a risk to be one with Oregon’s natural beauty. More than a half dozen people have died since 2009 at Cape Kiwanda […]
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Editorial: Let’s get answers on OHSU heart program

It’s been more than six weeks since Oregon Health & Science University shut down the state’s only heart transplant program and we’re still waiting for answers about what happened. For others in the mid-valley, the wait is a matter of considerable urgency. Dianna Howell of North Albany was one of 20 patients on a waiting […]
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Editorial: Voters should preserve state’s sanctuary law

Considering how divisive and heated the debate over United States immigration policy has gotten over the last few years, here’s a bit of Oregon history that seems hard to believe: More than three decades ago, when Oregon lawmakers enacted what became the nation’s first “sanctuary law,” the measure wasn’t controversial: It passed the Senate on […]
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Editorial: Voters should reject abortion Measure 106

As you work through the list of statewide measures on your Nov. 6 ballot, you may notice a trend: As you go down the ballot, the amount of emotion involved in each measure increases. Measure 102 is a relatively bloodless measure involving affordable housing. Measures 103 and 104 are proposed constitutional amendments that involve taxation. […]
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Our view | Half-measures and full consequences

The initiative process is the citizenry’s tool to directly enact change in state government. It can be used to answer questions the Legislature is unwilling to tackle (as in Measure 91 in 2014, which legalized recreational marijuana), direct state funding (Measure 98, 2016, which required additional dollars to student dropout prevention) or change an existing […]
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