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Buehler elevates homeless issue – Opinion

Republican Knute Buehler is making homelessness a centerpiece of his campaign for governor, and the focus is welcome. He has released a seven-point plan for ending unsheltered homelessness in Oregon by 2023 — and while details of his program are open to dispute, Buehler has done a service by elevating this issue to the state […]
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Smoke fix: Years of work, millions of dollars

It’s become monotonous. With only a few brief interludes of favorable winds to clear the smoke, Southern Oregonians go about their daily business in sealed cars and closed-up houses and workplaces, strapping breathing masks to their faces if they must be outside for any length of time. It’s a normal reaction to these conditions to […]
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ON THE FENCE: A ‘good government’ could fix the Farm Bill

A ll we seem to hear about the U.S. Farm Bill is that Congress can’t renew it because of the part of it that pays for SNAP (food stamps), but not much is said about farms, farmers and food. The first Farm Bill was a federal government response to one of the Great Depression’s spectacular market […]
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We won’t stop California’s wildfires if we don’t talk about climate change

Putting more money toward firefighting won’t prevent another summer like this. California, the nation’s most populous state and the world’s fifth-largest economy , is on fire. In a state already known for monster conflagrations, the past month has been unusually destructive. The Mendocino Complex fire north of San Francisco is now officially the largest in California’s history, having burned an […]
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The sprawling, intrusive administrative state is keeping you unwell

North Carolina provides a case study in the fatal conceit. Governments, seemingly eager to supply their critics with ammunition, constantly validate historian Robert Conquest: The behavior of any bureaucratic organization can best be understood by assuming that it is controlled by a secret cabal of its enemies. Consider North Carolina’s intervention in the medical-devices market. Source: […]
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Oregon Overshoots on Opioids

State Employees can access this Wall Street Journal story via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact  us for access. or 503-378-8800 The Oregon Health Authority is contemplating a radical plan to end opioid coverage for many chronic-pain patients enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program. Beginning in […]
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Editorial: Gubernatorial race may not hinge on economic issues

It is among the most common of modern-day political advice, so much so that it’s been enshrined in its own four-word mantra: “It’s the economy, stupid.” The phrase was originally coined by James Carville, one of the architects of Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 run against the incumbent, George H.W. Bush. Source: Editorial: Gubernatorial race may […]
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Oh what an economy

The hottest Oregon economy in decades shows no signs of cooling. That’s a blessing and a curse. First, for the biggest blessing: If you care to work, there are probably a few jobs — or a few hundred — for you to choose from. Source: Oh what an economy – News – The Register-Guard – […]
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PERS debate an essential ingredient in race for governor

In this fall’s gubernatorial campaign, the candidates, and Oregonians, have an ideal chance to debate in detail the hugely expensive Public Employees Retirement System that is one of the root causes of Oregon’s protracted crisis over taxes and public services. Source: PERS debate an essential ingredient in race for governor

Editorial: New forest plan a work in progress

While years of work have gone into the new document, federal judges likely will decide the fate of federal forests in the Blue Mountains. The U.S. Forest Service is taking comment from individuals and groups with legal standing to file objections on its final draft of the much-anticipated Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision. The plans, […]
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