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Our Opinion: Oregon A.G. correct in decision to sue over elimination of DACA

White House decision won’t make America safe, will cost money, and falls short of the equal protection clause. The Trump administration’s decision to rescind the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is bad policy, badly applied, with bad intentions. We praise Oregon’s General Ellen Rosenblum for being among the 16 attorneys […]
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Editorial: Measure would rightly clarify what is a new tax

Oregonians may get the chance to vote next year on a pair of ballot measures that would have a significant impact on just about everyone in the state. Lawmakers will get what they deserve if the measure currently being called “A Tax Is a Tax” makes it to the ballot and is approved. It would […]
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Editorial: Oregon should change its smoke plan

Perhaps nothing has been more irritating this summer in Central Oregon than the persistent wildfire smoke. Almost every summer activity — those that weren’t canceled, anyway — came with an unwelcome lungful. Oregon’s Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden and Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, have called for changes in the way the federal […]
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Editorial: Two good changes to public unions

Public employee unions, among the most powerful political groups in the state of Oregon, are the target of a pair of initiative petitions. If the measures make it to the November 2018 ballot and are approved, the unions are likely to find at least some of their power gone. Source: Editorial: Two good changes to […]
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Editorial: Surprise — voter fraud barely registers

A five-state study of the 2016 election has confirmed what previous research and election officials have said for years: There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and what tiny amount may occur is not enough to sway the outcome of any race. Source: Editorial: Surprise — voter fraud barely registers

Editorial: Second-guessing firefighting unhelpful

The wildfire smoke diminished late last week, as cooler temperatures heralded the approach of fall. But the improving air quality didn’t stop the constant flow of criticism aimed at forestry agencies for their perceived failings in fighting this season’s many wildfires. Source: Editorial: Second-guessing firefighting unhelpful

Voter fraud is rare | Opinion

It’s hard to know what Secretary of State Dennis Richardson was thinking when he held a press conference Friday afternoon, headlined “Voter Fraud Cases Referred for Criminal Prosecution.” Source: Voter fraud is rare | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon

Manage forests, or watch them burn — Opinion

For many Western city dwellers, wildfires just got personal. For those who had not witnessed the blast-furnace heat and the eye-stinging smoke of a wildfire along with the mass destruction of timber, homes, businesses and wildlife, last week was a learning experience. Nearly every corner of the West was on fire. Source: Manage forests, or […]
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Our view: Prosecutors wield enormous power and warrant scrutiny

We are fortunate to have dedicated and competent ones in Marquis and McClain. The American Civil Liberties Union’s national campaign to raise awareness about the importance of elected district attorneys and entice more candidates to run for these jobs has excited considerable backlash from incumbents, including Clatsop County District Attorney Joshua Marquis. Source: Our view: […]
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Our view: Astoria wise to invest in a healthy watershed

Routinely thinning the forest enhances its health and biological diversity, while improving fire safety and generating revenue and forestry jobs. It has become commonplace among political elites to observe that clean, fresh water will increasing become one of the world’s most precious and fought-over resources as this century progresses. Source: Our view: Astoria wise to […]
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