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Schools should track violence and share it

A serious problem like increasing violence in schools cannot be adequately addressed if it is not adequately understood — and it can’t be adequately understood if it is not adequately tracked and the information shared with parents and the public at large. Unfortunately, local schools are hampering access to public information rather than embracing 21st-century […]
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Editorial: BOLI botches pay equity implementation

As of Jan. 1, Oregon will have one of the most comprehensive pay equity laws in the country. But state labor regulators just finalized the rules and have done an inadequate job of explaining them to employers. Source: Editorial: BOLI botches pay equity implementation

Our Opinion: Officials must grab public records reins

-Cleaning up the public records law will be a laborious process. It has taken 45 years for the law to become so completely riddled with exemptions.- Come January, the 2019 Oregon Legislature will have a multitude of issues before it, ranging from how to raise $2 billion in new revenue, as suggested by Gov. Kate […]
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EDITORIAL: Time for governor to act on flaws putting Oregonians at risk

The findings are clear – Oregon’s system for dealing with the criminally insane has serious flaws. The state board in charge shrugs its shoulders. Gov. Kate Brown needs to take the lead for reforms. Source: EDITORIAL: Time for governor to act on flaws putting Oregonians at risk | Malheur Enterprise

Writer’s Notebook: Neuberger was ‘amazingly ahead of his times’

-Dick Neuberger authored the 1956 enabling legislation that created the Fort Clatsop National Memorial- In every era the new generation of historians and readers reconsiders the prominent figures of the past. America’s oldest universities have been going through this process. Source: Writer’s Notebook: Neuberger was ‘amazingly ahead of his times’

Editorial: Gun lock proposal misses the mark

Though the final bill hasn’t been made public, it’s clear the 2019 Oregon Legislature will be asked to approve a measure requiring people to keep their guns under lock and key, or else. Some of what is being proposed makes sense, but there are serious flaws, as well. Source: Editorial: Gun lock proposal misses the […]
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Farm bill does the right things for forests

Rep. Greg Walden says he’s disappointed that provisions to allow ramped-up logging were removed from the 2018 Farm Bill, but the forestry-related measures that are in the final version that passed Wednesday will do more to address wildfire risk and smoke, and are less likely to wind up mired in court battles. The House version […]
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Editorial: Ranchers get a biological ultimatum

There was a time when Americans could expect their federal government to offer service that was both even-handed and helpful. Even timely. That has changed, for many of those who now work in government, and for those who depend on the government to treat them fairly. An article on the front page of the Capital […]
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Pete Heley: Oregon’s wildlife fees are a bargain

As expected, there have been numerous glitches in the ODFW’s new licensing system, one of which is that the audio on the licensing agent training video is turned down so low as to make it almost unusable. Hopefully, things will be running much more smoothly by January 1st. Checking the fees other states charge for […]
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Editorial: The WSPA campaign against fuel-program transparency

Oil industry group’s campaign against Clean Fuels Program undermines its insistence upon secrecy. “The Oregon Department of Justice (the “DOJ”) has a short memory.” Such is the opening sentence of a recent legal filing by the Western States Petroleum Association, which has joined Chevron and an Iowa biofuel giant in suing to keep records related […]
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