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Editorial: No special treatment for lawmakers

Former Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, gave the Legislature a black eye in 2017 when Sen. Sara Gelser, D-Corvallis, publicly accused him of groping her. The black eye only got worse in the months following. Source: Editorial: No special treatment for lawmakers

Editorial: Cats and dogs run rampant in Legislature

It’s early in the legislative session, which means it’s time for what legislators like to call “cats and dogs” — bills on matters that are somewhat less weighty than measures to, say, balance the state’s budget. Source: Editorial: Cats and dogs run rampant in Legislature

Editorial: Cap and trade would victimize rural Oregon | Editorials |

Many Americans worry about the changing climate, but what adds to those worries is a sense of helplessness. What specifically, can any person — or group — do to slow or stop the changing climate? Source: Editorial: Cap and trade would victimize rural Oregon | Editorials |

EDITORIAL: Clear answers are needed to solidify the case for the Treasure Valley rail reload project

On the Treasure Valley Reload Center project, tough questions need to be answered by the Malheur County Development Corp. to ease the worries of state officials and the community. As board and county officials try to make the case for the rail center, an important detail to keep in mind is that the $26 million […]
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Editorial: Don’t give the vote to 16-year-olds

Oregonians, like other Americans, can vote when they turn 18. That may change, however, if a handful of state lawmakers have their way. They believe 16-year-olds should be given the vote, and they’ve introduced legislation that would put the question before the people of Oregon. State Sen. Shemia Fagan, D-Clackamas, told reporters this week that […]
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Our view | Who has the best climate change plan?

“Climate change is real,” reads the opening line of a recent op-ed penned by U.S. Rep. Greg Walden and two fellow Republican congressmen. It was repeated by Walden during his town hall Monday in Boardman. It’s a declaration most Republicans are now willing to endorse, though with varying levels of commitment. To his credit, Walden […]
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Editorial: Governor’s PERS proposal would be a stealth tax on businesses

New arrivals to Oregon sometimes have a hard time figuring out how state government works. For instance, the state has a $26 billion unfunded liability for its future pension costs. That means schools and other government entities can’t do as much teaching, road paving and law enforcing as they would otherwise. Why not? Because year […]
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Editorial: Change in pot testing law isn’t ready

Among the 20 bills before the Oregon Legislature that deal with marijuana are a pair that should be given short shrift, at least for now. Senate Bill 379 and House Bill 2655 are identical and identically flawed. They would forbid employers from denying jobs to or firing anyone found to have a legal substance in […]
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Editorial: A rare victory for open records in Oregon

There is good news from this legislative session regarding public access to public records, and that’s a rare enough occurrence these days that we thought it was worth noting. We’ve written before about Senate Bill 609, which would require anyone requesting public records to outline, “with particularity … how the requester intends to use the […]
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Dual language class long overdue

The Medford School District is finally getting around to adding one of the most effective programs for teaching English learners and native speakers together — with the goal of turning out students literate in two languages at the end of six years. Source: Dual language class long overdue | Mail Tribune