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Ditching educational goals would be a step back for state, students: Editorial Agenda 2017

Rep. Paul Evans, D-Monmouth, and the Oregon Education Association have a curious solution for the state’s likely failure to meet the high-minded graduation goals it set six years ago: Get rid of the goals all together. Source: Ditching educational goals would be a step back for state, students: Editorial Agenda 2017 |

Our View: Bill would help snuff out teen smoking

The Oregon Senate’s vote to raise the legal tobacco age to 21 probably won’t do much about 18- to 20-year-olds who are already smokers, but it will make it harder for teenagers to start. Senate Bill 754 passed 19-8 on Thursday. Source: Our View: Bill would help snuff out teen smoking – Opinion – […]
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Oregonians, the Legislature working to improve the quality of life in the Mid-Valley

What do oak trees, underage smokers and stink bugs have in common? They all affect the quality of life in Oregon. This week, we should join scientists, forest-land managers, vineyard owners, and lawmakers who are working separately to make sure we extend the life of today’s teenagers, improve our oak habitats and get rid of a […]
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Wolf management idea makes sense

We urge the Washington Wolf Advisory Group to adopt a new categorization for predation of livestock that allows managers to more effectively handle the predators. If one follows the wolf issue long enough, occasionally a nugget of common sense appears. Such is the case with a recent suggestion the folks at the Washington State Department […]
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Editorial: Reworking Oregon’s education goals 

Back in 2011, the Legislature rolled out an ambitious set of goals for the state’s educational system. By 2025, legislators declared, every adult Oregonian would have a high school diploma. Some 40 percent of adult Oregonians would have an associate degree or some sort of post-secondary credential. The remaining 40 percent of adult Oregonians, legislators […]
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Editorial: Gov. Brown’s Elliott forest plan is a new way to lose

The case to sell the Elliott State Forest is about money for schools. Gov. Kate Brown’s case to keep some of the state forest in public hands has some admirable elements, but it’s not a smart way to use state resources. Source: Editorial: Gov. Brown’s Elliott forest plan is a new way to lose;

Editorial: Ban dogs from drivers’ laps? We need evidence

Most of the talk about distracted driving in recent years has focused on cellphones. Data clearly show the ubiquitous devices can be blamed in many accidents and deaths on the roadways. But Oregon Sen. Bill Hansell, R-Athena, thinks the Legislature needs a separate focus on dogs sitting in drivers’ laps. Hansell is chief sponsor of […]
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Saving and investing | Opinion 

Oregon Treasury’s plan has paid dividends The Office of the State Treasurer usually isn’t in the news much, which in some ways is a good sign. It means that the business of the office is going smoothly — something that Oregon taxpayers like to see when it comes to the state’s financial hub. But the […]
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Front-line workers play big role to help disabled | Opinion 

President Ronald Reagan declared the first Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in March 1987. Primarily due to personal relationships they had with individuals with disabilities, Reagan and Vice President George Bush were actively involved with initiatives for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With bipartisan support, a highlight of their accomplishments was expanding Medicaid waivers to […]
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Our view: Remove M-44s from Oregon – Editorials

It has been a bad month for Wildlife Services. The federal agency accidentally killed a wolf in Wallowa County with an M-44, a cyanide-based trap that shoots poison into the mouth of a canine. The traps are intended for coyotes. Just a week later, a family dog was killed by an M-44 in Idaho, and […]
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