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Editorial: State reins in Portland fossil-fuel overreach

The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals has overturned a Portland ordinance, adopted in December 2016, that severely restricted expansion of the city’s fossil fuels shipping terminals. LUBA did so, it said, because the limits violate the Constitution’s commerce clause, which leaves regulation of international and interstate commerce to the federal government. While the decision […]
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Erik Lukens column: Behind the dogfight over wilderness access and a local footbridge

A prominent bridge opponent has another, and related, passion: off-leash dog recreation. Where you stand, according to a famous political maxim, depends on where you sit. This is a clever way of explaining that a person’s circumstances and interests tend to inform his policy preferences, and it’s particularly relevant in light of two local recreational […]
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Editorial: Forest Service needs ability to make emergency decisions

Chief Justice Thomas O. Rice of the federal Eastern Washington judicial district recently ruled that the U.S. Forest Service did not break the law by making an emergency decision to create a firebreak to stop a wildfire “without environmental analysis or public participation.” Source: Editorial: Forest Service needs ability to make emergency decisions;

Our View: Medford is safer than raw numbers suggest

“Medford Ranks #1 For Violent Crime in Oregon” was an alarming headline that showed up on Facebook recently. It wasn’t fake news — that is, a complete fabrication — but it wasn’t quite true, either. And even when it was true — three years ago — it doesn’t mean Medford residents need to fear being […]
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Jayne: Oregon’s hare-brained to want to toll Washington drivers

For some reason, it calls to mind Wile E. Coyote. When you can’t catch Road Runner, you drop an anvil on him from atop a cliff. Or strap yourself to a rocket. Or purchase some jet-propelled roller skates from Acme Corporation. When you are this clever, after all, what could possibly go wrong? So it […]
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Oregon’s retirement plan highlights America’s retirement problem — Opinion

Oregon is leading the way among states developing automatic IRAs for workers with no access to retirement savings. The opportunity to retire should be universal. Yet half of the private sector workforce in the United States lacks access to retirement savings due to high administrative costs and limited resources. At small businesses with fewer than 100 employees, 32 […]
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Our view: Warrenton makes savvy investment in marinas – Editorials

The city is well-positioned for prosperity. Warrenton’s and Hammond’s marinas are endlessly fascinating small-town spectacles — portholes opening into an intriguing culture of commercial and recreational fishing. There can be few better ways to spend a morning than admiring the pragmatic but elegant lines of vessels, talking with fishermen, listening to seabirds, breathing the crisp […]
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Kitzhaber probe may become a new learning experience | Editorials

When something smells bad it’s usually because something is rotten. That observation brings us to the renewal of the state ethics probe into former Gov. John Kitzhaber and “first lady” Cylvia Hayes and their possible conflicts of interest and improper use of state services and facilities that led to federal investigation of the matter. That […]
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Editorial: Commission on voting is a sham

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Editorial Integrity held its first official meeting last week, so this is a good time to remind you about what appears to be the commission’s true agenda. First, a reminder about the commission: This is the group installed in the wake of unproven claims from President Donald Trump that millions […]
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Our view: Elections are term limits

Oregon voters may have the opportunity to place term limits on Oregon legislators when they vote in 2018. The proposal by former Republican candidate for governor Bud Pierce would prohibit state legislators from serving for more than eight years in a 12-year period. If voters give it the go-ahead, it would immediately prohibit 25 members […]
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