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Kruse should resign

State Sen. Jeff Kruse denies allegations of sexual misconduct against him, and insists that his right to due process be respected. Kruse, like any citizen, is entitled to a presumption of innocence. But the Roseburg Republican’s constituents are also entitled to effective representation. They’re not getting it now, and if Kruse remains in office they’re […]
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Don’t let Oregon’s focus on diesel get hazy: Editorial

Back in June 2016, Gov. Kate Brown happily accepted a $68 million payout from Volkswagen after the automaker was caught using software to evade diesel emission tests. Warning that upwards of 400 Oregonians are sickened or die each year from diseases caused by diesel emissions, the governor promised the money would be used “immediately to protect […]
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A new beginning at Terminal 6

Container terminal gets a shipper: The announcement that a container shipping service is returning to the Port of Portland, even in its limited scope, is welcome news for the farmers and exporters who bore the brunt of the labor dispute that chased off shippers in the first place. Source: A new beginning at Terminal 6; […]
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Editorial: State must do more to address mental illness

When someone with severe mental illness harms or even kills someone, the natural reaction is to ask what could have been done to prevent the tragedy. When it turns out family members of the perpetrator had tried and failed to have the person committed to a psychiatric hospital, the answer seems obvious.But making it easier […]
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Size of fine is a minor issue

It looked like a done deal: Former Gov. John Kitzhaber would admit to violations of state ethics laws, and the Oregon Government Ethics Commission would slap him with a fine of $1,000. But the commission feared it would appear to the public as though the slap had landed on Kitzhaber’s wrist. Commissioners voted 7-1 Friday […]
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Editorial: The rise of Oregon’s global warming taxes

Oregon AAA, its subsidiary AAA AutoSource (which sells cars and trucks) and the Oregon Trucking Association are suing the state over a new “privilege tax.” They are asking the state Supreme Court to see a so-called new privilege tax for what it is — a sales tax by another name used to spend money in a way […]
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Editorial: Kitzhaber settlement looks like a whitewash

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber and the Oregon Government Ethics Commission settled their differences this week, no doubt to the relief of the former governor. He got off easy, and surely he knows it. Kitzhaber agreed to pay a $1,000 fine, in exchange for having the case dropped. In doing so, he accepts the state’s contention […]
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Editorial: Of hazelnuts and wooden skyscrapers

A couple of recent news items caught our eye to underline the importance of agriculture and natural resources to the mid-valley’s economy. Now, granted, that’s not exactly news — but it does seem as if it’s easy sometimes to take agriculture for granted as we size up our economic prospects. Source: Editorial: Of hazelnuts and […]
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Sage grouse study deserves support — Opinion

T he more everyone knows about the sage grouse, the better. News of researchers studying the impact cattle might have on the greater sage grouse has drawn sharp criticism from some in the scientific community, who wonder whether the effort is worthwhile. Source: Sage grouse study deserves support

Water, water everywhere | Editorial

The Oregon Court of Appeals’ decision to nix a Veneta man’s plans to siphon millions of gallons of water from the McKenzie River is good news for Lane County residents. Willamette Water Co., which is headed by businessman Greg Demers, has been trying for the past decade to secure rights to 22 million gallons of […]
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