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Educating our educators: Pacific University teaching program could be a great step in the right direction for Douglas County — Opinion

Attracting educators to Douglas County has been a problem in recent years. Some schools in Roseburg struggled to fill positions until the school year was well underway. But this could soon be a thing of the past as Pacific University of Forest Grove hopes to open a satellite program in Roseburg that will not only […]
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Water call should send message Basin needs a real answer | Editorials 

When people talk about water in the Klamath Basin, the discussion can turn emotional in a hurry. That’s especially true when the discussion’s backdrop is the recent “call” on water in the upper Klamath Basin on the Sprague and Williamson rivers. The call means the Klamath Tribes, who have verified senior rights to the water, […]
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Editorial: State needs to control costs before adding new spending

Our spending growth rate may be unsustainable This seems like a no-brainer: The state Legislature should examine the worth of current programs before starting new ones. That’s an idea put forth last week by several legislators. Source: Editorial: State needs to control costs before adding new spending – Editorials – The Daily Astorian

Dealing with elk damage — Opinion

We don’t know exactly what happened this winter on Larry and Pamela Harshfield’s cattle ranch near Wallowa. We do know that 12 elk were killed on their ranch, along with 13 other elk on an adjacent property. And we know that the meat from these animals — potentially several thousand pounds of nutritious food for […]
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Erik Lukens column: Buehler made himself an easy ethics target

Democrats’ complaint may be baseless, but it was well-aimed The Oregon Democratic Party this month tossed a hand grenade at Rep. Knute Buehler, alleging that the Bend Republican has failed to report a significant amount of income in recent years as required by law. Time will tell whether the assault on Buehler’s credibility was well-aimed, […]
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Editorial: Oregon should welcome new Washington interest in bridge

In 2014, Oregon was ready for a new Columbia River bridge, but Washington state couldn’t get its act together. The effort died after years of effort and millions of dollars spent. Now, Washington is ready, but Oregon is saying: Not now. Source: Editorial: Oregon should welcome new Washington interest in bridge;

Editorial: State Senate deserves credit on records reform

Oregon state senators should be praised for overwhelmingly passing a bill last week that sets a deadline for public bodies to respond to public records requests. Senators passed the bill 29-0 and it is now being considered in the House. If passed there, it would set a precedent and close a beginning chapter of ongoing […]
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Editorial: Legislators face reality of budget

One of the more somber messages in a somber letter the state’s top budget writers delivered Friday was this one: If officials don’t take serious action now, that $1.6 billion shortfall legislators are grappling with only will get worse. Source: Editorial: Legislators face reality of budget | Column |

Backpack safety bill a burden education department shouldn’t have to carry: Editorial

Senate Bill 216, which requires the Oregon Department of Education to distribute information on backpack safety to school districts, is all about good intentions. Anyone who has seen students staggering under the weight of mammoth backpacks, often hanging off one shoulder, can understand the concern that kids are courting pain or injury with the loads […]
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Cleaning up Oregon’s air will require a deft touch – and trust: Editorial

Entek International, a manufacturing firm and longtime employer in Lebanon, uses the nasty chemical trichloroethylene (TCE) in its processes. It does so carefully, however, having worked consistently over the years to reclaim and contain the chemical in all its forms and falling well below use limits established by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Source: […]
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