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Memory care: 5 possible approaches to making it better

Advocates for seniors, experts in aging and former caregivers describe a variety of ways that memory care could be made safer for people with dementia. Most come down to ensuring more and better-trained staff to meet the extensive and complex needs of dementia patients. Source: Memory care: 5 possible approaches to making it better | […]
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Roberts hopes legislature tweaks pot laws

Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts is hoping the Oregon Legislature makes some changes to recreational marijuana laws. He says the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, charged with licensing and enforcing, is overwhelmed by a backlog. Source: Roberts hopes legislature tweaks pot laws

Statewide tour of Oregon schools arrive in Coos County

Legislators seek information on how to better fund and improve public schools. A group of bipartisan legislators from the state are in Coos County for two days to visit local schools. The 79th Legislative Assembly Joint Committee on Student Success has a detailed schedule spanning Wednesday and Thursday. The committee has already traveled 2,678 miles […]
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Oregon’s legislative elections will set up 2019 climate, tax fights

State Library Ed. Note:  Story is included since it describes possible makeup and focus of 2019 Legislature. Oregon’s legislative elections will set up 2019 climate, tax fights.  The trajectory of Oregon’s 2019 legislative session likely will be set by voters this fall, as they choose lawmakers in a dozen races across the state. In closely […]
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Hansell | Drawing up the playbook in the legislative preseason

Football season usually begins at every level of competition in the month of September. Preseason is over, the players are in shape, their positions have been determined, and the playbook has been memorized. Teams and their fans are ready to go. I am no exception. Some of my colleagues have named me Senator Duck, because […]
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Don’t ‘Let it burn’

Editor’s note: This is Part 3 of a five-day series on devastating wildfires and their effects on Southern Oregon done in partnership with KTVL Channel 10. See Part 1 and Part 2. An Oregon Department of Forestry official doesn’t pull punches when describing the federal government’s response to two of Southern Oregon’s biggest fires this […]
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Oregon pot growers want to export excess weed

Oregon’s Legislature will consider a bill in its 2019 session which will look to take down the initial barrier toward exporting legal cannabis from the state. The federal government would still need to allow marijuana to be sent across state lines. Cannabis remains a Schedule I drug federally. “We want to get to the point […]
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Oregon Lawmakers Plan Reforms to Stop Crushing People With Court Fees and Driver’s License Suspensions for Parking and Traffic Tickets

“We’re catching poor people in a spiral they can’t get out of,” Rep. Jeff Barker says. Source: Oregon Lawmakers Plan Reforms to Stop Crushing People With Court Fees and Driver’s License Suspensions for Parking and Traffic Tickets

Editorial: Require Legislature to live up to Oregon Constitution

Oregon’s Constitution, Section 25, Article IV, is clear. “Three-fifths of all members elected to each House (of the Legislature) shall be necessary to pass bills for raising revenue.” Yet lawmakers, particularly in the last few years, have found ways around the three-fifths requirement and raised taxes with a simple majority. Thus Measure 104 was born. […]
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Aurora Airport dispute to be mediated

Legislative board shelves decision on runway extension; Wilsonville does not support development at airport Source: Aurora Airport dispute to be mediated