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State health care task force looks to other states’ efforts

The group has already discussed Maryland’s work on the issue, and has modeled its process off Maryland’s Health Services Cost Review Commission. A legislative task force will look to three other states this week for information about how they regulate health care costs. The Joint Interim Task Force on Health Care Cost Review will hear […]
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Editorial: Governor and Legislature need to do more about PERS

Sunday’s Bulletin featured a New York Times story highlighting the devastating math of Oregon’s public employees retirement system known as PERS. PERS has produced ridiculous outcomes. Consider former Oregon Health & Science University’s President Joe Robertson’s state pension of $76,111. A month. Mike Bellotti, the University of Oregon’s former football coach, had his retirement grossly […]
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Hansell: A business tax fairy tale

Inconceivable! This word rang out time and time again from the lips of Vizzini when I recently watched “The Princess Bride” on DVD while riding my exercise bike off to nowhere. I had not watched this classic movie since its release in 1987, more than 30 years ago. The story was epic then, and is […]
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Legislative education committee takes issues on tour

Joint Committee on Student Success visits Eastern Oregon next on its statewide search for best education practices. The committee plans to visit a total of 10 cities around Oregon before proposing legislation aimed at improving the state’s public education system. Source: Legislative education committee takes issues on tour

Another Voice: Gun safety advocates examine Helfrich vote

The Oregon legislature recently passed HB 4145, closing the “boyfriend loophole” and providing much-needed protection for victims of domestic violence. Representative Jeff Helfrich’s “Another Voice” article (April 7 Another Voice) tried to explain his “no” vote on the bill. Source: Another Voice: Gun safety advocates examine Helfrich vote | Hood River News

Editorial: Stop playing tricks on taxpayers

What better way for Oregon legislators to show they are in touch with their constituents than to play tricks on them with taxes? Some legislators can be absolute magicians when it comes to making a tax disappear. In 2017, legislators changed the way some corporate income was calculated. Senate Bill 28 increased the money the […]
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School tour reinforces legislators’ commitment to students | Opinion |

On March 23, the Oregon Legislature’s Joint Committee on Student Success kicked off its statewide tour by visiting Lane County schools and meeting with students, parents, administrators, teachers and community members. The committee aims to meet these five goals: Source: School tour reinforces legislators’ commitment to students | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon

National Popular Voter Backer John Koza Really Doesn’t Want Senate President Peter Courtney Re-Elected

The legendary computer scientist made big contributions to Courtney’s primary and likely general election opponents. John Koza’s company, Scientific Games, revolutionized state lotteries in this country in the 1970s and 1980s, making Koza a wealthy man. Today, Koza spends his time and energy promoting the adoption of the National Popular Vote, which would scrap the […]
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An answer to housing crisis in our backyard | Opinion |

Last year the Oregon Legislature approved Senate Bill 1051, allowing all owners of single-family homes the right to create a secondary dwelling unit, or SDU, on their property. With so much land in our cities dedicated to single-family housing, the Legislature recognized that SDUs are critical to curtail Oregon’s growing housing crisis, and that state […]
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Editorial: Measure would add a piece to housing puzzle

A constitutional amendment that will make it easier to finance affordable housing in the state is a step closer to the November ballot after Oregon’s attorney general has written a proposed ballot title. If approved by voters, the measure will enable local governments to sell bonds to help finance affordable housing projects by private businesses. […]
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