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Editorial: Gross receipts tax proposal gets worse

The Oregon Legislature must, by law, come up with a balanced budget by July 10. That’s a problem. The state expects to pay out about $1.4 billion more in the coming two years than it will have in revenues coming in. The solution? If you’re a legislative Democrat, that’s obvious: Raise taxes, but do so […]
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Our View: Beware unintended consequences – Opinion

The 73 million Americans who voted for someone other than Donald Trump for president — outnumbering Trump voters by more than 10 million — might understandably support the national movement to sidestep the Electoral College and award the top job in future elections to the winner of the popular vote. Oregon is on its way […]
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‘A critical moment’: Kate Brown, lawmakers discuss budget negotiations at Salem forum

The high stakes and tensions involved in Oregon’s budget negotiations were on display during a political forum in Salem Wednesday night. “We’re sort of at a critical moment,” Gov. Kate Brown told an audience at Willamette University. There’s “broad support” in the Legislature to pass bills aimed at cutting spending, and perhaps even enough votes […]
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Technology v. Oregon law: Appeals Court says phone must still audibly ring to harass

A recent Oregon Appeals Court ruling points to how new technology is outpacing language in some laws. In this case, a phone still must ring – not buzz, vibrate or send a push notification — to fit into a 1987 law criminalizing telephonic harassment, a nuance the Oregon Legislature likely didn’t envision when writing the […]
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Senate leaders likely to block Oregon impeachment resolution

Oregon will likely stay the only state without a way to impeach and remove its governor, despite bipartisan efforts by House lawmakers to change course. Senate Democratic leaders plan to quash the House’s efforts to crimp a governor’s right to remain in office. Source: Senate leaders likely to block Oregon impeachment resolution |

Critics claim liability bill would banish GMOs from Oregon

Under House Bill 2739, biotech patent holders would be liable for triple the economic damages caused by the unwanted GMOs. A proposed bill imposing new financial liability on biotech patent holders in Oregon would effectively banish genetically engineered crops from the state, opponents claim. Source: Oregon Local News – Critics claim liability bill would banish […]
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House votes to join National Popular Vote

The movement has intensified since President Donald Trump’s election in November. The Oregon House of Representatives voted 34-to-23 Wednesday, May 24, to join a group of states that want to elect the U.S. president by the national popular vote. Source: Oregon Local News – House votes to join National Popular Vote

State impeachment plan OK’d

House votes to allow future impeachment of governor The Legislature would be able to impeach the governor under a proposed constitutional amendment approved by the House on Wednesday. The resolution passed the House 51-6 with support from both the Democratic majority and Republican minority. But Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick, D-Portland, immediately reiterated her opposition […]
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Editorial: Baby steps on gas self-serve

Baby steps. That’s all Oregon seems able to manage when it comes to letting people pump their own gas. The Legislature approved another itty bitty advance Tuesday when it voted for House Bill 2482, allowing people to pump their own gas 24 hours a day if they are in one of 15 Oregon counties with […]
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Editorial: Transit tax bill has not improved

So much effort has been put into the enormous waste of time that is House Bill 2745. The amended bill is not an improvement. The bill would grant taxing authority to the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council for bus service in Central Oregon. Bus service can be a public good for a lot of reasons. And […]
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