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 Lawmakers propose cost containment measures

The proposals came with no estimate of how much they would save, which could come as early as next week. Source: Oregon Local News – Lawmakers propose cost containment measures

 Women’s health services face federal, state threats

Participants in symposium sponsored by Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Clinic hold out hope for some positive changes in Congress and the Oregon Legislature. Source: Oregon Local News – Women’s health services face federal, state threats

Plan for local control of transit funds alive

The bill would shift authority from Salem to Bend area A plan that would allow Bend-area officials to set transportation spending priorities for some state money has been safely parked in the House Revenue Committee. While no action is pending on the bill, its approval by the House Transportation Policy Committee on March 27 beat […]
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Apple drives solar-array construction

Computer giant to buy enough power to run a small city Apple is the customer behind a 56-megawatt solar array — the largest so far in Oregon — that is under construction in Crook County, according to Apple’s latest environmental sustainability report. Source: Apple drives solar-array construction; Computer giant to buy enough power to run […]
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Nosse Prescription Drug Price-Setting Bill Survives Filing Deadline

A more thorough fiscal analysis of HB 2387 will be conducted in the Committee on Ways & Means. The amended version sets up an account for drug manufactures to issue rebates for excessively priced drugs, which will be used to repay health insurers. A bill regulating the price of medications in Oregon passed out of […]
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Bill to address solar panels on farmland

A bill sponsored by Rep. Greg Smith (R-Heppner) aims to address the development of solar panels on high-value farmland. State Rep. Greg Smith (R-Heppner) is sponsoring legislation that would make it easier for the Umatilla Electric Cooperative to develop solar power in Umatilla and Morrow counties, allowing the utility to comply with statewide renewable energy […]
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Editorial: State needs to control costs before adding new spending

Our spending growth rate may be unsustainable This seems like a no-brainer: The state Legislature should examine the worth of current programs before starting new ones. That’s an idea put forth last week by several legislators. Source: Editorial: State needs to control costs before adding new spending – Editorials – The Daily Astorian

Eastern athletes take front row seat

Mountaineers testify during state budget hearing During public testimony heard last week by the Education Subcommittee of the Oregon Joint Committee on Ways and Means, student-athletes from Eastern Oregon University took over the front row to send the Legislature a message — Sports Lottery funding should be renewed in the higher education budget. Source: Eastern […]
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Oregon budget writers unveil PERS reforms, other cutbacks

The state’s top budget committee unveiled a wide-ranging set of proposals Friday to cut state spending, from a temporary hiring freeze to requiring public employees to pay a larger share of their pension contributions. They called for an end to budgetary tricks that allow lawmakers to start programs or award raises that the state can’t […]
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Catastrophically injured Oregonians ask for right to sue for more than $500,000 for suffering

The Senate is expected to vote on a bill that would abolish a $500,000 cap on the amount injured people can collect in lawsuits for noneconomic damages. Amaia Rennie told a state senator that she was 35 years old, healthy and less than five months into her pregnancy when her water broke and she headed […]
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