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Erik Lukens column: Behind the dogfight over wilderness access and a local footbridge

A prominent bridge opponent has another, and related, passion: off-leash dog recreation. Where you stand, according to a famous political maxim, depends on where you sit. This is a clever way of explaining that a person’s circumstances and interests tend to inform his policy preferences, and it’s particularly relevant in light of two local recreational […]
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Invaders: 1 Inspectors: 0

Oregon’s first line of defense against outside aquatic invasive species might see its time cut back unless a new source of income can make up budget shortfalls. A bill that would have added smaller boats as well as some kayaks and stand-up paddleboards to the $5-a-year permit program to fund the fight against aquatic invasive […]
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Jayne: Oregon’s hare-brained to want to toll Washington drivers

For some reason, it calls to mind Wile E. Coyote. When you can’t catch Road Runner, you drop an anvil on him from atop a cliff. Or strap yourself to a rocket. Or purchase some jet-propelled roller skates from Acme Corporation. When you are this clever, after all, what could possibly go wrong? So it […]
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Lawmakers say ‘experience and knowledge’ should outweigh term limits

State Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario, and Senate Republican Leader Ted, District 30, Ferrioli said the best term limits are set by the voters and imposed limits would give undue influence to department heads, lobbyists and others who work full-time in state government. Source: Lawmakers say ‘experience and knowledge’ should outweigh term limits | Local News […]
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Locals voice alarm over proposal on hard drugs

A bill slated for Gov. Kate Brown’s desk targets racial profiling by law enforcement and intends to defelonize small-amounts of hard drugs — a part of the bill which raises concerns in Malheur County. House Bill 2355 would reclassify offenses for possession of small quantities of hard drugs as misdemeanors rather than felonies for offenders. […]
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Bend dam rated high hazard

North Canal Diversion Dam is in populated area. A 105-year-old dam in Bend is on a list of 17 Oregon dams rated as a “high” hazard if they were to collapse, with no emergency plan for how to handle a catastrophic failure. A pending state law would force local officials to plan for the worst. […]
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Oregon Expands Pay Equity Protections

Oregon recently enacted the Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017 (H.B. 2005) (the “Act”). The Act broadly expands Oregon’s existing equal pay protections and imposes new restrictions on Oregon employers’ use of salary histories in recruiting employees and setting compensation. Source: Oregon Expands Pay Equity Protections | The National Law Review

Facility could speed onion delivery, open markets

The Idaho and Oregon onion industry has already started making plans to ensure a proposed rail transload facility in Malheur County is done right. A planned rail transload facility in Oregon’s Malheur County could reduce transportation costs for onion shippers in the region but, perhaps more importantly, it could also speed up delivery times and […]
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Oregon Legislation Prohibits Cannabis Stores from Collecting, Retaining Customer Data

Fear that the federal government may crack down on legalized marijuana has forced cannabis stores to rid themselves of any data that could be used to identify customers. Under Senate Bill 863, the state now prohibits pot stores from recording, retaining or transferring any customer information. Source: Oregon Legislation Prohibits Cannabis Stores from Collecting, Retaining […]
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Council Watch: Banking on brownfields

Portland considers a tax incentive program to ready polluted properties for development. The city is home to about 600 brownfields representing 910 acres. [View a map of the city’s brownfields here.] In Multnomah County, the numbers are even higher — more than 6,300 acres. These sites harbor soil polluted by a range of businesses: gas […]
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