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Legislative panel will hear from public about police practices

Six bills under consideration for 2021 would go much further than special session laws. Source: Legislative panel will hear from public about police practices

Guest View: Tear down the walls of exclusion

Thirty years ago, Congress passed the most important civil rights law since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. On July 26, 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law. At the signing ceremony on the White House south lawn, Bush declared, “Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come down.” […]
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Oregon, federal laws offer options for working parents facing ‘hybrid’ school schedule

The Eugene 4J School District has proposed students alternate attending class in person one week and learning from home the next this fall. In West Eugene, the Bethel School District is weighing hybrid models that would have students at schools 2 days per week – and learning from home the other 3. The COVID-19 pandemic […]
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Minimum wage hikes in Oregon, 2 other states, 21 localities to aid low-paid workers

While millions of Americans are losing financial assistance that has kept them afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, several states and 21 localities are partly offsetting the pain with a different kind of lifeline: minimum wage hikes. On Wednesday, Illinois, Nevada and Oregon are set to raise their pay floors as part of large increases that […]
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Minimum wage rises July 1

Oregon’s minimum wage up to $13.25 in Portland metro area, $12 in standard counties and $11.50 in non-urban counties Source: Minimum wage rises July 1

Black worker claims Portland Fred Meyer fired him after he complained about racism, including being disciplined for wearing a hoodie

A former Fred Meyer employee who says he was fired from a North Portland Fred Meyer after he complained about a pattern of on-the-job racism — including being repeatedly called a racist slur by a co-worker and being disciplined for wearing a hoodie when white employees were not — has filed a $2 million lawsuit […]
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 More women accuse Oregon fire chief of sexual misconduct

More than a dozen women come forward with stories of sexual harassment, misconduct by John Stock, lawyer says. Source: Pamplin Media Group – More women accuse Oregon fire chief of sexual misconduct

Oregon begins furloughing workers, slow bounce back expected

Facing steep budget shortfalls, the state of Oregon has taken its first steps in furloughing workers in order to save money, among the few states in America to do so to date. A state economist predicted that Oregon’s leaders will have to grapple with “balancing limited revenues with increased need for programs to help Oregonians” […]
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 Oregon labor commissioner announces furloughs

Check back on this story throughout the day for the latest news about coronavirus and its effects in Salem and around Oregon. Source: Salem coronavirus April 27: Oregon labor commissioner announces furloughs

Oregon labor commissioner: Managers will take one furlough day each month

Oregon Labor and Industries Commissioner Val Hoyle announced Monday furloughs for agency managers. They will be taking one furlough day per month through June 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.”The coronavirus pandemic has collapsed our economy,” Hoyle said in a release. The furlough is the Bureau of Labor’s first step in dealing with the “significant […]
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