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Retirements are Coming

Demographics are a powerful force. Next year the oldest Baby Boomers will turn 75 years old. In fact, over the next decade the fastest growing age cohorts in Oregon will all be 70 years old or older. Now, even though Oregon sees a little bit of retiree migration, this growth is almost entirely about the […]
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Working from Home

As an economist, I’m fascinated and intrigued by start-ups and entrepreneurship. In part because they’re so vital to productivity and economic growth. In part because they’re at or near historic lows. And in part because we do not fully understand the motivations and drivers of these trends. Source: Working from Home | Oregon Office of Economic […]
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Bend is U.S. capital of telecommuting

People working from home diversify local economy. Already known as a mecca for remote workers, Bend leads the nation with the share of its workforce telecommuting at 12.1 percent, the latest U.S. Census estimates show. The Bend-Redmond metro area has been near the top of the rankings for working from home for the past several […]
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Three weeks into shutdown, state government weathering the storm

Deep impacts could mean future funding for welfare programs and some state agencies is uncertain. Oregon state government has yet to see deep impacts from a three-week federal government shutdown, but some Oregonians are feeling the pinch. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Three weeks into shutdown, state government weathering the storm

Migration Diversifies Oregon, Barely

08 A couple years ago we examined Oregon’s diversity and the fact that Oregon’s foreign-born population is fairly similar to, albeit smaller than the U.S. as a whole. Now, Oregon does have a somewhat larger Mexican-born population, but many such residents moved to the U.S. during 1980s, 1990s and through the housing bubble. Few have migrated in the past […]
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Oregon collecting more state cash from delinquent accounts, report shows

Oregon state agencies stepped up their collections activities on delinquent accounts, increasing their collections-driven haul by 7.2 percent. Source: Oregon collecting more state cash from delinquent accounts, report shows

Oregon Cigarette Sales Have Hit an All-Time Low

Juul is taking a bite out of Big Tobacco. 33.84. That’s how many packs of cigarettes were sold per capita in Oregon for the 12 months ending Nov. 31. “We’re on pace to sell the fewest packs of cigarettes on record,” says state economist Josh Lehner. The new number for 2018, provided to WW by […]
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Officials say Oregon insulated from federal shutdown for now

A fight over funding for President Trump’s border wall has shut down the federal government for nearly a week. Officials say there is no harm yet to state agencies and federal workers in Oregon. Oregon is not yet expected to feel the impacts of a budgetary stalemate that shut down a quarter of the federal […]
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Oregon’s 2018 in Review | Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

2018 was another banner year for the economy. Jobs in Oregon are on pace to increase 2.1% which is good growth for the ninth year of an economic expansion. More importantly these gains are still strong enough to accommodate the influx of new residents and the Oregonians entering or coming back into the labor market. […]
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New Data Show Rural Oregonians and Communities of Color Making Significant Economic Advances

-Jobs totals in rural Oregon have finally returned to pre-recession levels; meanwhile, the poverty gap between white and minority Oregonians has narrowed. – Josh Lehner of the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis produced two new charts today that provide hopeful news. Source: New Data Show Rural Oregonians and Communities of Color Making Significant Economic Advances