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Friday Beer Thoughts and One Last 2020s Prediction: Closures

One last prediction for the 2020s: Oregon will see more brewery closures. In fact we are likely to see a dozen or more closures every year in the decade ahead. This is mostly due to the fact that Oregon has seen considerable growth in the number of breweries in the past 10-15 years. More breweries means […]
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Cyber attack halts training for thousands of Oregon state employees

Thousands of state employees across dozens of Oregon agencies are awaiting the reinstatement of Oregon’s online training system after a Christmas Day cyber attack forced the state Department of Administrative Services to pull down the website. Source: Cyber attack halts training for thousands of Oregon state employees | Salem Reporter

Predictions for the 2020s

Welcome to a new decade. The 2020s should be the best decade so far in the new millennium, not that the tech bust/housing bubble/Great Recession and its aftermath puts up much of a challenge, but still. While the most remarkable economic trend of the 2010s was the lack of a recession, we know the business […]
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Economic Trends of the 2010s (Graphs of the Decade)

Economically, the 2010s were a disappointment. Now, the U.S. economy went the full 10 years without a recession, a first in history. However we began the decade at the bottom of the worst recession in a long time. As such much of the decade was about regaining the lost ground. That means we spent most […]
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Aging Oregon Part 2: Improving Health

Welcome back to the occasional series where our office will explore some of the demographic, economic, and societal impacts of an aging population. Previously we looked at overall demographic trends, while today we dig into our generally improving health. Future posts will examine the impacts on income, tax revenue, housing markets, retirement homes, their workforce […]
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DHS months behind on raises to hundreds of employees, can’t explain delay

Around 375 Oregon Department of Human Services employees who care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have not received promised pay increases. Source: DHS months behind on raises to hundreds of employees, can’t explain delay

Guiding new agency directors puts state operations on better footing

Summer Warner’s mentorship program for Oregon agency directors gives state employees people to turn to when a job isn’t quite so pleasant, and has led to friendships across departments of state government. Source: Guiding new agency directors puts state operations on better footing | Salem Reporter

State agency mentorship helps directors overcome rough patches

Summer Warner and her Department of Administrative Services team work to provide support network for new and experienced state leaders. Summer Warner has one of those jobs crucial to state government, but rarely talked about. Source: Pamplin Media Group – State agency mentorship helps directors overcome rough patches

Initial Claims Remain Low (Graph of the Week)

Recently our office has brought up initial claims for unemployment insurance a few times, including at the most recent forecast release. The reason was Oregon’s initial claims have been running higher in 2019 than in 2018 throughout much of the year. Now, the increases were more like 5% increases relative to last year and we […]
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Labor Supply and Oregon’s Slower Job Growth 

As our office developed our latest forecast, we dug into Oregon’s slower employment growth. As discussed previously, we highlighted three main channels in which the slowdown could materialize: worsening current economic conditions, uncertainty over future growth, and tight labor markets. We tried to spell it out more clearly in our forecast document and during our […]
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