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On the Rise: Single-Person Households | Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

The other week The Wall Street Journal had a fascinating article on the rise of single-person households and how companies are offering and redesigning products to better meet the needs of individuals rather than those of, say, a family of four. State Library Ed. Note: If you cannot access directly from the Wall Street Journal, […]
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Oregon Workforce and Economic Information: 2019 Oregon Wage Data

Th The 2019 version of the Oregon Employment Department’s annual summary of occupational wage information is now available. Thanks to survey responses from employers around the state, wage scales for over 700 job categories have been calculated. Regional wage information is also available; however, wages are published only for those occupations that meet certain criteria […]
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Eugene-Springfield Economic and Housing Outlook | Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

Like Oregon overall, job growth in Lane County has slowed in recent years as the regional economy begins to approach full employment. However, as we have discussed before, Eugene-Springfield underwent major structural changes during the Great Recession. In particular the manufacturing losses of the RV industry and the chip plant still weigh on economic data […]
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Oregon Births and Deaths, Part 3 | Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

Previously in Part 1 we looked at the big picture for Oregon births and deaths and across counties. In Part 2 we explored the declining birthrate. Today in Part 3 we will look at the rise in Oregon deaths, which are expected to outnumber births by the middle of next decade. As with the low […]
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Oregon Legislative Economist Says Cap and Trade Bill Will Gut The Gas Tax That Pays for Transportation Projects

As Oregon shifts from gasoline powered to electric vehicles, lawmakers will have to replace billions of dollars in lost revenue. As lawmakers move toward passage of the a long-debated carbon emissions reduction bill—cap and trade for short—state Rep. Caddy McKeown (D-Coos Bay) asked a legislative economist an important question: What will happen to gas tax […]
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Oregon Births and Deaths, Part 2 | Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

Part 1 looked at the natural increase in Oregon’s population, how it is expected to turn negative next decade and how half of Oregon counties already see deaths outnumber births. Today in Part 2 we will examine Oregon’s relatively stable, or stagnant, total number of births which is expected to continue in the decade ahead. Source: […]
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Oregon Births and Deaths, Part 1 | Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

Oregon’s ability to attract and retain working-age households is the key driver of our stronger economic growth compared to most other states. The influx of new residents provide young, skilled labor for Oregon firms looking to hire and expand. These new residents also increase demand for housing, schools, breweries, nail salons and the like, which […]
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Salem’s flowering cherry trees saved from the ax

A double row of flowering cherry trees that line a park in front of the Oregon State Capitol in Salem have been spared the ax. Civil engineers determined that the roots of the cherry trees aren’t causing leaks in the state-owned Capitol Mall parking garage underneath the trees. Source: Salem’s flowering cherry trees saved from the ax […]
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Oregon sees historic tax revenue windfall, largest kicker in state history

Oregon lawmakers will have around $737 million in additional available money to divvy up this session after increases in income tax collections. Source: Oregon sees historic tax revenue windfall, largest kicker in state history

Oregon’s Latest Revenue Forecast Shatters Expectations, Largest-Ever Kicker On Its Way

Lawmakers and economists alike were surprised by just how much money Oregon collected in the last three months. “It was a seismic event,” one official said. Source: Oregon’s Latest Revenue Forecast Shatters Expectations, Largest-Ever Kicker On Its Way . News | OPB