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Growing Appeal Of Frozen Seafood Might Make For More Environmentally Friendly Industry

If you ask American consumers whether fresh or previously frozen seafood tastes better, you are bound to get “fresh” as the answer. But blind taste tests conducted by Oregon State University found that fish caught and quickly frozen at sea rated as good or better than supposedly “fresh” fish bought at the supermarket. Source: Growing […]
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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown leading trade delegation to Asia

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is on the road for the next two weeks. She’s leading a trade delegation to Japan and South Korea. According to information provided by Business Oregon, the group includes representatives from the state including the Department of Agriculture, Travel Oregon and the Port of Portland. Additionally, the mayor […]
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The High Cost Of Dissent In Grant County

A career police officer claims to be the latest target of an activist sheriff. Source: The High Cost Of Dissent In Grant County

Nursery again tops list of Oregon commodities

Nursery again tops list of Oregon commodities. Greenhouse and nursery products continue to reign as Oregon’s most valuable agricultural commodity, with goods nearly topping $1 billion in 2018, according to data compiled by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. The agencies released their annual brochure of facts and figures about […]
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Proposed rule would protect Oregon Christmas trees

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is shoring up its reporting rules meant to prevent a replay of last year’s illegal shipment of infested North Carolina-grown Christmas trees mixed with clean Oregon trees, a move meant to protect the environment and the state’s Christmas tree brand. Source: Proposed rule would protect Oregon Christmas trees | Mail […]
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State should protect Christmas tree brand

Just in the St. Nick of time, the Oregon Department of Agriculture is preparing a new rule to prevent Christmas trees from being imported from other states carrying invasive pests. Last November, McKenzie Farms imported a batch of 8,000 Fraser firs and sent half of them to Lowe’s stores in California as Oregon trees. That’s […]
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Hemp boom and doom: Half of Oregon’s hemp crop may go to waste

Luke Lafayette stared across his acres of hemp on a cold, muddy morning as the plants gave off a potent, marijuana-like odor. Born into farming families, he and his wife, Jessica, this year planted about 1,000 acres of hemp on farmland near Gervais, up from 5 acres when they first got into the industrial crop three years ago. Next year they plan […]
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Our View: Cutting down on containers

If food suppliers won’t reduce their plastic packaging, consumers will do it for them. Consumers are demanding the right to bring their own reusable containers into grocery stores and restaurants. Oregon should jump to the head of that movement. That will require changes in state regulations, and perhaps state law, which can be a lengthy […]
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HEMP RUSH: Plenty of risk, reward possible in growing newest cash crop

As hemp acreage has exploded across Oregon, the 2019 harvest has come with risks and rewards for farmers. Source: HEMP RUSH: Plenty of risk, reward possible in growing newest cash crop | Oregon |

Pesticide levels drop in key Oregon waterways

Pesticide levels in some key Oregon waterways have dropped to a fraction of their former concentrations due to changes voluntarily adopted by farmers, according to environmental regulators. Monitoring by Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality has found that growers are willing to alter spray regimens to achieve successful water quality results. Source: Pesticide levels drop in […]
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