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Giant ‘murder hornet’ captured in Washington state’s Whatcom County

Nearly two months after the “murder hornet” invaded Washington, state officials have managed to capture one of the massive insects in a trap for the very first time. Scientists have been working to capture the invasive Asian giant hornets, which measure more than 2 inches long, in a bid to prevent a full-on infestation. Source: […]
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Oregon proposes rule to restrict use of chlorpyrifos

Oregon would begin limiting uses of the pesticide chlorpyrifos in November and gradually phase out most applications by 2024 under a rule proposed by the state Department of Agriculture. Source: Oregon proposes rule to restrict use of chlorpyrifos | Orchards, Nuts & Vines |

Oregon senators urge ‘enforcement discretion’ for hemp

As hemp farmers prepare for harvest, Oregon’s two U.S. senators are calling for enforcement discretion over testing requirements in the USDA’s interim final hemp rule. Source: Oregon senators urge ‘enforcement discretion’ for hemp

Mystery seed packets from China arrive to homes in Oregon, all 50 states, officials say

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has received hundreds of calls and emails since Friday from Oregonians who have received mystery packets of seeds that appear to be from China. Some labels on the mystery seeds appear to be in Chinese, and the state officials said the packages are often labeled as jewelry. Source: Mystery seed […]
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ODA proposes new rules limiting use of insecticide

The Oregon Department of Agriculture convened a stakeholder workgroup that has developed new rules that reduce the unique risk and exposure to the insecticide chlorpyrifos. This workgroup membership included environmental advocates, farmworker health-and-safety organizations, public health and toxicology experts, and agricultural leaders. Source: ODA proposes new rules limiting use of insecticide – KTVZ

‘Do not plant seeds from unknown origins’: Unsolicited seed packets shipped to Oregon

Oregonians have reported receiving unsolicited packages of seed that appear to originate from China, Oregon Department of Agriculture said. The U. S. Department of Agriculture said Tuesday it is investigate the seeds. Residents of Washington, Idaho, Utah, Texas and other states have reported receiving the “suspicious, unsolicited packages of seed that appear to be coming […]
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Cool, wet fall in store, says Ag Dept. forecast

If you liked the wet spring weather, you’ll probably like fall and winter, too. Both are predicted to be cooler and wetter than normal, according to Pete Parsons, an Oregon Department of Agriculture meteorologist. Parsons’ forecasts, based upon the years of 1958-59, 1969-70 and 2004-05, show weather patterns this fall drifting toward La Nina conditions. […]
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Hemp goes to college: OSU experiments with hemp growing methods in Jackson County

Jackson County’s biggest cash crop is getting a boost from science this year as part of an experimental project by Oregon State University to find the best strains of hemp and the most environmentally friendly methods of growing the plant. “Can we understand how to grow in a way that does not create so much […]
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eClips Tip: Keep it Clean With State Government Publications

Oregon government agencies have been concerned with many aspects of sanitation for years, including, well, poop. In 1940 the Board of Health published these specifications for a pit-type privy Animal droppings can be a source of infection, as this guide from the Department of Agriculture explains. Even in the wide open spaces, it’s important to […]
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Feral swine disease could threaten livestock, wildlife

A female feral swine in Wheeler County recently tested positive for a contagious disease called pseudorabies that can harm livestock and several wildlife species. The disease is common among feral swine across the country, but it is the first recorded case in Oregon. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services started surveying the state for […]
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