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Greg te Velde investing in cleanup as contempt hearing nears

The owner of a troubled Oregon megadairy is scrambling to clean up an environmental mess ahead of an Aug. 24 hearing on criminal contempt of court charges. Oregon regulators asked a judge to declare Greg te Velde in contempt for failing to comply with a March 2018 legal settlement that required him to restrict water use and […]
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Act Locally: Monitoring the use of chemical pesticides in our Valley (Part 1)

Having considered spurious on-line accusations regarding Jackson County Vector Control’s use of insecticides along the Talent Irrigation District (TID) ditches in the last installment of Act Locally, I now set out to identify who I had previously witnessed spraying some chemical along the Ashland TID. The short answer turns out to be that the culprit […]
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Vector agency works on mosquito and rumor control

A while back, concerned that county government agencies were spraying glyphosate to manage roadside weeds, I joined a Facebook page devoted to the topic. I also signed up on the Jackson County Vector Control “No Spray” list, assuming this to be the agency Source: Vector agency works on mosquito and rumor control

Lost Valley dairy owner defends against contempt charge

Lost Valley Farm of Boardman, Ore., settled a lawsuit with the Oregon Department of Agriculture last spring by agreeing to limit its wastewater output, but the state says the dairy continues to violate the agreement. The owner of a controversial Oregon dairy claims the state government wants to shut down the facility just as it’s […]
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About 389 acres torched during permitted field burn south of Silverton

Around 389 acres were torched Friday afternoon during a field burn south of Silverton permitted by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. John Byers, head of the department’s Smoke Management Program, said seven or eight fields were set on fire at 2 p.m. Source: About 389 acres torched during permitted field burn south of Silverton

‘This thing is done’: Officials discuss next steps for Substation fire

The Substation wildfire that raged across 80,000 acres is out, officials said. Focuses are shifting toward recovery after days of blazes. “In Sherman County and for the folks in Wasco County, you showed the state how to get stuff done, and we did it,” Sherman County Sheriff Brad Lohrey said. “This thing is done.” Source: […]
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U.S. Department of Justice wants to take over mega-dairy over gambling, meth, money management

The U.S. Department of Justice wants a federal trustee to take over the bankruptcy proceedings of Greg te Velde, owner of Oregon’s second largest mega-dairy. Te Velde acknowledges taking more money from the accounts of his Oregon and California dairies than allowed by the bankruptcy court, court documents show, and using it to gamble at […]
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U.S Department of Justice to control Oregon’s Lost Valley Farm

The U.S. Department of Justice has moved to take over management of a troubled Oregon mega-dairy, saying owner Greg te Velde’s continued drug use, gambling, out-of-control spending, and pending criminal charges make him unfit to run the facility. Source: U.S Department of Justice to control Oregon’s Lost Valley Farm

Agricultural water scrutiny increases in Oregon

Growing scrutiny of agricultural water quality in Oregon is worrying farm advocates who fear a more heavy-handed government role in directing landowner pollution control efforts. Source: Agricultural water scrutiny increases in Oregon – Oregon – Capital Press

Wastewater issues temporarily shut down oyster harvest

Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 1 was serviced last week, since the inspection the city has noticed a high level of fecal coliform counts in its wastewater. While the organisms are generally harmless to humans, the Oregon Department of Agriculture shut down the harvesting of oysters in the bay on Monday. Further testing done by the […]
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