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Feds greenlight Oregon’s plan to stabilize individual insurance market

The federal government on Thursday approved Oregon’s plan to stabilize health insurance rates for people who buy their own insurance — a market that has been battered by rate hikes and insurer departures over the past three years. Source: Feds greenlight Oregon’s plan to stabilize individual insurance market – Portland Business Journal

Federal Government Approves Health Insurance Waiver For Oregon

The federal government has approved a key waiver that will allow Oregon to proceed with a program designed to blunt the cost of health insurance plans purchased on the individual market. Source: Federal Government Approves Health Insurance Waiver For Oregon | NW News Network

Nosse Plans Drug Price Transparency Bill for Oregon in 2018

President Trump has decried PhRMA, accusing the drug companies of “getting away with murder,” but so far Congress has taken only baby steps to the problem of surging drug costs, passing a provision from Rep. Kurt Schrader to ease the approval of generic competition to so-called “orphan drugs.” Source: Nosse Plans Drug Price Transparency Bill […]
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Settling with State Regulators, Zoom Leaders Hope for End to Turmoil

A federal investigation into the failed health insurance plan continues, but the Oregon Department of Business and Consumer Services has closed its investigation. The founders of Zoom Health Plan have reached a settlement agreement with state insurance regulators, agreeing to pay fines while avoiding criminal liability after getting into hot water over their failed health […]
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Oregon officials say they sidestepped Trump’s ‘sabotage’ of health insurance market

Has the Oregon Insurance Division trumped Trump? President Donald Trump signed an executive order early Friday that eliminated cost-sharing subsidies that helped low- and moderate-income Americans afford health insurance. About 50,000 eligible Oregonians stood to lose about $48 million a year in federal assistance. Source: Oregon officials say they sidestepped Trump’s ‘sabotage’ of health insurance […]
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Trump’s Executive Order Leads to New 7 Percent Insurance Hike in Oregon

President Trump has cut off funding for money that helps lower-income people pay for their healthcare at time of service, calling the payments a bailout to health insurers. However, his move will actually cost the feds nearly $200 billion more than just making the the payments. Oregon insurance officials announced Friday that they will jack […]
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Oregon: Cost-sharing halt won’t affect this year’s plans

State agency working to ensure future stability. In the wake of the Trump administration’s move Thursday to immediately stop cost-sharing reduction payments to health insurance companies, Oregon officials said Friday it won’t change this year’s health plans and they are working to ensure future stability. Source: Oregon: Cost-sharing halt won’t affect this year’s plans – […]
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Oregon hopes to offset loss of ACA payments

State suing Trump administration to continue ACA payments. Oregon lost a significant source of federal funding under the Affordable Care Act Thursday, but state regulators believe they’ve worked out a plan to ensure the loss is offset by squeezing more money from a different ACA funding stream. The state’s Department of Consumer and Business Services […]
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Oregon message: 2018 still on track

Oregon’s insurance regulators mostly echoed the sentiments of national health policy experts in saying it’s difficult to predict the impact President Trump’s executive order will have in the state. One thing is for sure: The order won’t affect open enrollment into 2018 individual and small group health insurance policies through, which begins Nov. 1 […]
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What Does President Trump’s Health Care Executive Order Mean For Oregonians?

President Trump directed the Labor Department on Thursday to look at rules in the Affordable Care Act blocking the sale of “short-term limited benefit” policies. These policies don’t cover essential benefits required by the ACA, like coverage of pre-existing conditions and maternity care. The benefit for consumers is they are inexpensive. Source: What Does President […]
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