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Government Shutdown Deal | Oregon Recyclables – OPB’s Think Out Loud

We talk to Oregon’s junior U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley about the fast-moving budget deal to reverse the partial government shutdown. We’re in studio with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Peter Spendelow to talk about what processors and municipalities around the state are responding after China stopped accepting the state’s co-mingled recycling. We also talk with […]
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Understanding Oregon’s ‘cap and invest’ climate bills

Oregon lawmakers this week dove into the most complicated and controversial debate of the upcoming 35-day legislative session: legislation that sets up a market-based, carrot-and-stick approach to reducing greenhouse gas pollution. The two bills will pit environmental advocates determined to see the state do more to combat climate change against business interests who believe the […]
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Columbia Helicopters fined $27,600 for hazardous waste violations

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has fined Columbia Helicopters $27,600 for hazardous waste violations. The 60-year-old Aurora company manufactures and operates helicopters for forestry, firefighting, oil exploration, disaster response and other activities. Source: Columbia Helicopters fined $27,600 for hazardous waste violations

Cottage Grove fined again for spraying contaminated water on city-owned golf course

For the second consecutive year, state environmental regulators have fined Cottage Grove for irrigating the city-owned Middlefield Golf Course with excessively contaminated sewage wastewater. The state Department of Environmental Quality fined the city $1,575, the agency announced Friday. The department said a sample collected from the golf course last May contained bacteria from human waste […]
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Crowds protest at Oregon Capitol as LNG terminal emissions criticized

A report by an advocacy group says a liquefied natural gas pipeline and export facility proposed for southern Oregon would be the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state. Source: Crowds protest at Oregon Capitol as LNG terminal emissions criticized

Corvallis dumps 37 million gallons of sewage in the Willamette River

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has fined the city of Corvallis $25,800 for discharging untreated sewage into the Willamette River. Source: Corvallis dumps 37 million gallons of sewage in the Willamette River

Editorial: Oregon eyes expanding pesticide authority

We think Oregon farm and forest interests are justifiably anxious as the state Department of Environmental Quality works to update its general permit for pesticide discharges under the Clean Water Act. Source: Editorial: Oregon eyes expanding pesticide authority

Editorial: A tax should be called a tax

The Oregon Legislature suffers from a seemingly incurable case of twistedness on taxes.A tax is almost never called a tax. It is whirled and spun into something else — anything but calling a tax a tax. For instance, the Legislature declared in 2017 the health care tax to help fund Medicaid was not a tax. […]
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Refinery stench lingers, despite new pollution control equipment

New thermal oxidizers ordered by DEQ didn’t halt complaints about plant, as foul odors still waft into Portland Expo Center across the street. After 17 years of complaints, horrific odors traced to a North Portland refinery that recycles used oil have not gone away, despite its recent installation of air-pollution control equipment. Source: Refinery stench […]
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Both North Portland oil recyclers rack up PCB violations

DEQ orders PCB cleanup at EcoLube Recovery facility near Portland Expo Center EcoLube Recovery, which recycles used oil at a North Portland refinery, has been unlawfully accepting deliveries of waste contaminated with highly toxic polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, and storing it on site in violation of its solid waste disposal permit, the Oregon Department of […]
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