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Eugene company takes responsibility for Amazon spill

Lane Apex Disposal Services has acknowledged responsibility for an incident that sent diesel fuel into Amazon Creek on Monday. Company owner Sam Miller said Wednesday that a Lane Apex truck was exiting a driveway near the corner of West 18th Avenue and Bailey Hill Road when it rolled over a loose, metal grate that popped […]
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Since You Asked: Air quality data should start reappearing

A: Why has the air quality index in the Mail Tribune read 0 for the last few weeks? Surely Medford’s air has not been perfect for weeks. A: No.But some good news: It’s been at “good” levels since at least the beginning of the month. The reason it hasn’t been making it into our paper, […]
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Hard lessons from the Lost Valley factory farming fiasco: Guest opinion

Only after Oregon threatened to close down Lost Valley Farm following months of violations did the disturbing problems at the 15,000-cow operation come fully to light. Dairy cows standing in hoof-deep slurry of feces and urine. Lagoons holding tens of millions of gallons of cattle manure and wastewater repeatedly over-flowing. Source: Hard lessons from the […]
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We can protect the environment and ensure good jobs: Guest opinion

Climate change is a dire reality. Within the past several years, Oregon has experienced record setting heat, continuous drought and devastating wildfires. Fortunately, our state is a leader in addressing a main driver of climate change: greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. Oregon has joined with just eight other states in setting a goal to have […]
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A damaged river imperils a central Oregon town

-Small businesses in Maupin allege a PGE dam is ruining their livelihoods.- John Smeraglio doesn’t see much of a future for his fly fishing store in the small town of Maupin in central Oregon. He has run the shop, located on the Deschutes River, for 33 years. Last year, sales were down 42% on the […]
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Railroad yard cleanup dead in its tracks

Union Pacific derailed its 2017 railroad yard cleanup plan months after the years-in-the-making project was approved, citing a new federal study which revises toxicity parameters for one of the main contaminants at the site. Union Pacific has requested a re-evaluation that an Oregon Department of Environmental Quality specialist said might result in either a much […]
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Oregon government’s failure to inform public is troublesome

Lip service. There is a lot of talk among state and government officials these days about being more transparent with Oregonians. But in too many instances of late, that’s all it is. Talk. Source: Oregon government’s failure to inform public is troublesome

Remembering public’s need to know should always be a priority

A five-day delay in announcing a sewage discharge could have been an issue had bacteria tests come back with higher levels of E. coli. With apologies to the 1967 film “Cool Hand Luke,” what we’ve got here is failure to communicate. The city of Monmouth accidentally released 1.3 million gallons of partially treated sewage into […]
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Lane County reopens stretch of McKenzie River, two boat ramps near recent oil spill site

The McKen­zie River and two boat ramps will be reopened Friday morning after a three-day closure because of an oil spill earlier in the month. The Bellinger and Hendricks Bridge boat ramps will open at 9 a.m., said Lane County spokeswoman Devon Ashbridge. Hayden Bridge Boat Ramp — the closest ramp to where oil was […]
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DEQ cites Portland scrap yard where 5-alarm fire broke out 

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality cited a Northeast Portland auto scrap yard where a five-alarm fire broke out earlier this month, saying the business stored more than 1,500 tires with no permit and allowed car oil to mix with rainwater and drain into underground dry wells. Source: DEQ cites Portland scrap yard where 5-alarm fire […]
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