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Mom comes face-to-face with cougar killed in Cascade Locks

Emily Elliot knew about the recent reports of a cougar in the area, and on Friday night she found herself standing feet from one of the wildcats. A Hood River County Sheriff’s deputy later shot and killed the cougar after trying to scare it off. They say the animal became comfortable around humans. Source: Mom […]
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Time is running out for Leaburg Hatchery

Local lawmakers making final push to keep McKenzie River visitors attraction open past June 30, but Senate Republican walkout adds further complication. Source: Time is running out for Leaburg Hatchery

Multiple cougars spotted in Hood River County cities

Cougars have been recently sighted in two Hood River County cities. None of the animals have been captured or relocated by police after being reported. One cougar was spotted in Hood River Monday night, one was reported in Cascade Locks and another was seen near Post Canyon, according to Facebook posts from the Hood River […]
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Oregon House approves ditch-cleaning bill over environmentalist complaints

Opposition from multiple environmental groups has failed to stop the Oregon House from approving a bill aimed at simplifying the state’s ditch-cleaning regulations. Farmers could remove up to 3,000 cubic yards of sediment per mile of ditch over five years after notifying state regulators under House Bill 2437, which passed the House 42-17 on June […]
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Oregon black bear killed after people kept feeding him, taking selfies

The young black bear was starting to grow comfortable around its new human friends. The 100-pound male, believed to be around 2 or 3 years old, knew it could often find trail mix, sunflower seeds and cracked corn left for it along a highway near Henry Hagg Lake in northwestern Oregon. And humans in the […]
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Oregon wildlife officials kill young black bear after public feeds it

A young black bear was shot and killed by state officials after becoming so habituated to humans that the public could get close enough to take selfies with him. Starting June 4, Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon Department of Fish began receiving calls and seeing social media posts with the bear in the popular Scoggins Valley […]
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ODFW exterminate ‘habituated’ bear at Hagg Lake

Hagg Lake park goers were feeding and taking selfies with wild bear, officials said. State wildlife officials said a young black bear at Henry Hagg Lake had to be killed this week after it became accustomed to people. Source: Pamplin Media Group – ODFW exterminate ‘habituated’ bear at Hagg Lake

Oregon officials killed a black bear near Hagg Lake because too many people fed it

Officials with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife killed a young black bear near Haag Lake on Thursday after the creature had become habituated to humans because so many people were feeding it, authorities said. Source: Oregon officials killed a black bear near Hagg Lake because too many people fed it

Enviros Bare Their Teeth at Wolf Plan

Commissioners for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife voted June 7 on an updated wolf plan that allows members of the public to be granted permits to kill wolves. Source: Enviros Bare Their Teeth at Wolf Plan

Baby Bear Killed At Hagg Lake Because Humans Fed It

Wildlife biologists from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife lethally removed a black bear that had been seen next to a popular boat ramp at Henry Hagg Lake numerous times over the past week, prompting multiple calls to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police. Source: Baby Bear Killed At Hagg Lake […]
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