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Invaders: 1 Inspectors: 0

Oregon’s first line of defense against outside aquatic invasive species might see its time cut back unless a new source of income can make up budget shortfalls. A bill that would have added smaller boats as well as some kayaks and stand-up paddleboards to the $5-a-year permit program to fund the fight against aquatic invasive […]
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Crews begin removing Dillon Dam on the Umatilla River

Removal of the Dillon Dam is underway on the Umatilla River, after decades of planning and discussion. It took 20 years of planning, studies and grant writing, but removal of the Dillon Diversion Dam is finally underway on the Umatilla River. A pair of excavators rumbled over the dry, rocky riverbed Wednesday morning two miles […]
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No bag limit for trout at Marr Pond in Enterprise

Equipment malfunction will drain pond. Fishery managers have lifted the bag limit at Marr Pond due to a malfunction of the pond’s standpipe. Size and harvest method restrictions have also been lifted so anglers can take any size fish with a rod, a net or by hand. Source: No bag limit for trout at Marr […]
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Oregon fisheries returning to normal; well, except for a walleye WHERE!?

It’s about time! After an unnervingly wet winter and spring and chaotic salmon returns, we’re finally settling back into a normal pattern. The Willamette spring chinook salmon run has quietly matched its pre-season prediction over Willamette Falls…wild springer numbers are surprisingly strong over North Fork Dam on the Clackamas River…coho salmon fishing picked up from Winchester […]
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Salmon, other fish sometimes carry parasites; fish are still safe to eat when cooked

The catch Wednesday of a worm-infested salmon off the southwest Washington coast raised some eyebrows on Facebook but isn’t a particular cause for alarm, say Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife fish health specialists. “This was an unusually intense case, but we see worms in most fish species,” said Gerald Jones, a department biologist in […]
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8 things to know about cougars — and sightings — in Oregon

The statewide population of cougars is growing, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Agency officials said that anecdotally the number of cougar sightings in the metro area and north Oregon coast is rising — especially the number of confirmed sightings. Source: 8 things to know about cougars — and sightings — in […]
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Sharks Sighted On Oregon Coast (Calm Down, It’s Normal)

Cannon Beach Police advised beachgoers this week of shark dorsal fin sightings in the Cannon Beach area. Source: Sharks Sighted On Oregon Coast (Calm Down, It’s Normal) . News | OPB

Protective mother elk menaces Gearhart beachgoers

Wildlife officials tranquilize elk cow, capture calf. An elk cow protecting its calf apparently charged a bicyclist on Monday in Gearhart and was tranquilized and brought to safety by police, firefighters and officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. But aggression remains as calving season creates risks for beachgoers and passers-by. Source: Protective […]
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Restoring dwindling steelhead, salmon populations in Beaver Creek is goal of fish ladder

The hands of time may be turned back by a fish ladder being constructed this summer at La Grande Reservoir, 17 miles south of La Grande. The ladder, being built under the direction of the City of La Grande in collaboration with Anderson Perry and Associates, is meant to restore salmon and steelhead populations in […]
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It’s raining trout in backwoods lakes

Despite no warning from the National Weather Service, the skies over the Cascade and Siskiyou mountains opened today and it rained trout into high-mountain lakes. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife this week conducted aerial fish stocking by infusing hundreds of high-mountain lakes from Mount Hood to Jackson County with 350,000 fingerling trout. Source: […]
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