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Failing forestry: Oregon’s forestry department is on an unsustainable path

Oregon’s state forests are supposed to be managed to deliver a balance of benefits, from sustainable timber harvests to habitat for fish and wildlife, from clean air and drinking water to well-managed recreation spaces. But the Oregon Department of Forestry is failing on almost every front. Source: Failing forestry: Oregon’s forestry department is on an […]
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Failing forestry: Oregon forest management plans forever in the making

Gov. Kate Brown is clear about how she believes Oregon should clean up its state forest mess. She has requested that Oregon Department of Forestry leaders and its oversight board develop an agreement with federal authorities that consultants say will save the agency money, allow for more logging, and promote better, legally defensible conservation. Source: […]
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$1.4B breach of contract lawsuit starts Thursday

It’s been nearly four years since Linn County and 150 other counties and taxing districts filed a $1.4 billion breach-of-contract lawsuit against the state of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Forestry. But a recent hearing in Linn County Circuit Court demonstrated that time and numerous court conferences have not narrowed the divide between the […]
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Johnson has concerns about wildfire plan

The Governor’s Council on Wildfire Response is causing concern with one lawmaker. State Sen. Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose) said that while she hasn’t seen the plan yet, she doesn’t like what she hears about it. She said it could cost billions of dollars and leaves out a key element. Source: Johnson has concerns about wildfire plan […]
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Walton Lake project pushback makes no sense

Much of the forested area surrounding the Walton Lake area is facing a laminated root rot problem Source: Pamplin Media Group – Walton Lake project pushback makes no sense

Logging forests will not prevent large wildfires

The Wildfire Council set up by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has many good recommendations including the need to reduce the flammability of communities, implementation of more effective evacuation routes, and other measures that will undoubtedly contribute to a safer and healthier environment for Oregon citizens. Source: Logging forests will not prevent large wildfires

Pacific Fisher Gets Stronger Habitat Protections In Southern Oregon

A cat-size animal in the weasel family native to Southern Oregon will receive greater habitat protection thanks to a new agreement announced this week between the Oregon Department of Forestry and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Source: Pacific Fisher Gets Stronger Habitat Protections In Southern Oregon | Jefferson Public Radio

My Voice: Science: Reducing fuel load in forests has little effect on wildfires

The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is proposing to log the Lostine Wild and Scenic River corridor. The basic justification is to reduce the potential for large wildfires. Yet according to the Oregon Department of Forestry, in 2019 only 16,868 acres burned in the state, compared to 846,411 acres burned last year. Why the big difference? Is […]
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Oregon fire season closes

The shortest fire season Oregon has had since at least the turn of the century is over. The 2019 fire season ended Wednesday on all lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry. State statistics indicate there were a total of 923 wildfires on ODF-protected lands this year, burning a total of 16,867 acres, 56% […]
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600 acres of controlled burns planned

Q: What a relief to not have another summer of smoke. That got me wondering if we should expect to see a lot of burning this fall and winter to help clear out brush and undergrowth. A: We did dodge a bullet this summer, Dale, and Mother Nature came in strong in September, ending the […]
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