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Devonte Hart family crash: Friend who reported moms pushes for child abuse registry

“This tragic story is just one of many that highlight our immediate need for reform,” Alexandra Argyropoulos told The Oregonian/OregonLive. A woman who reported Devonte Hart’s parents to Oregon child welfare officials nearly five years ago is now pushing for the creation of a national child abuse registry. Source: Devonte Hart family crash: Friend who […]
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Childcare safety bill signed into law by Governor Kate Brown

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Friday signed into law stronger regulations to help keep kids safe at day cares. Brown’s official blessing, which had been expected, comes one month after HB 4065 unanimously passed the Legislature. Brown also touted the roughly $2 million she secured from lawmakers to increase childcare oversight, among other things. Source: Childcare […]
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Hart family deaths show — again — how much home school children need case workers’ vigilance

Before the Hart family car plunged off a California cliff, Oregon child welfare workers who checked on the six children had a reason to be extra vigilant. After the horrific 2009 death of a homeschooled Eugene girl who’d been beaten and starved, Oregon officials vowed to train every case worker to dig deeper when checking […]
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State was tone-deaf on the location for its new DHS offices

If nothing else comes out of the DHS-Timbermill-KlamathWorks struggle, at least it should teach the state of Oregon how not to treat it residents and do better in the future. The story has been told over and over again, so we’ll skip most of it here. But surely someone connected with the Department of Human […]
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Hart family crash: Deceptions, missed signals preceded deaths

Since 2008, long before their SUV sped off a scenic California cliff, red flags followed Jennifer and Sarah Hart. There were their adopted children’s bruised bodies and later the sight of their teenage daughter with missing front teeth. There were the accounts of the kids themselves, told in police reports and by people who interacted […]
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State abuse-reporting law leaves a ‘gray’ area

St. Mary’s Academy defends handling of 2011 teacher-student sex rumors, but vows policy review. Source: State abuse-reporting law leaves a ‘gray’ area

Public can give input on new service area to help older adults

Oregon’s Aging and People with Disabilities program announced a series of public meetings to seek input on the creation of the Eastern Oregon service area for the Area Agency on Aging. The state designated the Community Action Program of East Central Oregon as the new AAA to serve Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam and Wheeler […]
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CAPECO expands aging services to seven counties

The state selected the Community Action Program of East Central Oregon as the to serve Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam and Wheeler counties. The Oregon Department of Human Services announced the move last week. The agency’s Aging and People with Disabilities program designates the Area Agency on Aging provers in the state under the Older […]
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Warrenton Elk | Oregon Foster Parents – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The town of Warrenton has always had a nearby elk herd, but now the animals are wandering into downtown, and causing problems for citizens and tourists alike. We talk with two foster moms, Linda Scott and Rene Denfeld, who have had very different experiences with the Oregon Department of Human Services. This is the fourth installment […]
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Oregon’s numbers fall short

In the curious form of mathematics that apparently is practiced in Salem, the way to help rural economies is to fail to renew a state contract that employs 54 people, and a year or so later hire 10 new state employees. At least those are the numbers that apply in Baker City. Source: Oregon’s numbers […]
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