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Oregon DHS needs all hands to help children

Taking care of Oregon’s most vulnerable is at the heart of the Department of Human Services. To do that, we rely on thousands of incredibly caring people who work very hard under extreme circumstances to do their best. Our staff are on the frontlines in communities, ensuring the safety of vulnerable Oregonians. Source: Op-Ed | […]
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Editorial: DHS should inform the public about foster care

There are always going to be problems in a foster care system. The challenges foster children have are rarely easily solved. But Oregonians should not have a problem finding out what their government is doing about it. And it can be very difficult to get answers from the Oregon Department of Human Services. Despite the […]
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DHS struggles to fill child welfare jobs

As it works to fill 186 new jobs created by the Legislature, the child welfare division has more than 100 vacancies due to normal attrition. The state’s Department of Human Services has made little progress in filling nearly 300 vacant positions in its child welfare division. Source: DHS struggles to fill child welfare jobs

Attorney Gives New Details About Immigrants Detained At Northwest Prisons

An attorney trying to gain access to an Oregon prison housing immigrants taken from the Southwest border gave new details about their incarceration Friday. Some 123 men from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are being held at the federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon, according to an immigration attorney trying to gain access to the […]
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Disability Service Providers Want to Guide Electronic Tracking Implementation

A new federal law requires Medicaid service providers to clock in and out to track time and location when they serve clients. The policy is intended to prevent fraud but it’s causing privacy concerns in other states. In the twilight of the Obama era in December 2016, Congress passed the sweeping “21st Century Cures Act,” […]
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Gorge Recovery | Wave Energy | Foster Care – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Last fall, the Eagle Creek Fire burned around 50,000 acres of wilderness in the Columbia River Gorge. Much of the burn site is still closed to the public. We check in with Miranda Mendoza, an Oregon State Park ranger and Karen Young of the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce to see how the ecology and economy are recovering […]
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Seasonal Workers Face Higher Barrier to Qualify for Medicaid

Project Access Now has found that poor people with unsteady incomes are held to a different standard than those who make a consistent amount each month. The net result is that some low-wage seasonal employees are shut out of the Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid program for the poor. Request full-text (for State Agency […]
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Polk County daycare shut down following sex abuse case

State officials closed an Independence in-home daycare after investigating claims the provider allowed her adult son to have unsupervised access to children and failed to report claims of abuse. Quinlyn Harden, 24, was arrested in March for allegedly sexually abusing a young girl at the daycare owned by his mother. Source: Polk County daycare shut down following sex abuse […]
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Oregon child welfare officials work to bring back ‘sense of hope’

Child Welfare Director Marilyn Jones told Oregon legislators overdue cases are being closed, staffing has stopped shrinking and workloads are down. Source: Oregon child welfare officials work to bring back ‘sense of hope’

Editorial: State should explain progress or failure in foster care

Chronic management failures and high caseloads have meant Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) has jeopardized the safety of children in the foster care system. In 2015, DHS paid out the largest state settlement at the time, $15 million to nine children who were placed with a Salem foster father who abused them. This year […]
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