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Attorneys general criticize DeVos for hurting student loan borrowers

Nearly two dozen state attorneys general are blasting Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for revoking federal guidance issued by the Obama administration to increase consumer protections in student loan servicing. In a letter sent to DeVos on Monday, the coalition of 21 attorneys, including those from Maryland, Virginia and the District, said the secretary’s decision to “roll back […]
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Comcast says customer service overhaul is showing results

Here’s something unexpected: Comcast’s customer service may actually be improving. The company has a reputation for abominable service, perennially ranking near the bottom of customer satisfaction studies. Comcast generates hundreds of complaints annually to state and local cable TV regulators in Oregon, and horror stories linger of rude or abusive interactions with subscribers. Source: Comcast […]
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Oregon AG open to home inspection complaints

The Oregon Department of Justice has received no complaints about a Bend man fined recently for inspecting homes without a license, but it will accept complaints on the Attorney General’s consumer hotline. Gregory Mason Miller used a fraudulent home inspector’s license number, the general license number of a legitimate Coos Bay contractor with the same […]
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State Senate passes public records request response deadline

The legislation by a task force convened by Attorney General Rosenblum now heads to the House The state Senate has passed a bill to set a deadline for public bodies to respond to public records requests. If passed by the House, the deadline would set a precedent in Oregon, where government entities effectively have an […]
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Cable TV regulators want Oregon attorney general to investigate Comcast

Cable regulators from four Oregon communities want the state attorney general to investigate Comcast, expressing concern that the cable TV company’s billing practices may violate state consumer protection laws. Source: Cable TV regulators want Oregon attorney general to investigate Comcast |

Lawmakers delay shell company hearing, faces Tuesday deadline

A hearing on a bill that would rein in abusive, anonymous companies has been postponed until Monday, one day before the Legislature’s deadline for work sessions. The House Committee on Business and Labor was scheduled to hold a work session on the bill Friday, but Chair Paul Holvey moved the hearing to Monday. The bill […]
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Oregon GOP alleges ethics breach at immigrant court hearing

  Oregon Republican Party chairman Bill Currier has filed a complaint about a Portland judicial official who allegedly helped a defendant avoid federal immigration agents. Currier said Thursday he wants the Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness to determine whether Multnomah County court referee Monica Herranz committed an ethical breach by allowing a man who pleaded […]
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Editorial: Price advertised should be price charged for gas

The Oregon Legislature has unfinished business on the price of gas. It should make it a matter of state law that the posted, advertised price is the price people pay. There’s been a battle going on over this issue for several years. Customers would drive up to gas stations and see, say, $2 a gallon […]
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Oregon Court of Appeals upholds gas-station rules preventing sticker shock at pump

The Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday rejected an effort by BP — the nation’s largest oil and gas producer — to quash a state rule requiring gas station signs to clearly state whether the advertised price is the actual price for customers using a debit or credit card. Source: Oregon Court of Appeals upholds […]
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Legislation could prevent some deportations of legal immigrants

The proposal is in an amendment to Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s bill to discourage racial profiling. Source: Oregon Local News – Legislation could prevent some deportations of legal immigrants