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Oregon DOJ finds no evidence of price gouging during Salem water crisis

The Oregon Department of Justice found no evidence of price gouging during this year’s water crisis after it looked into allegations that some retailers were taking advantage of the situation by jacking up prices for bottled water. However, the DOJ warned two retailers. The agency sent letters to an ampm at 4433 Lancaster Drive NE […]
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Oregon AG Rosenblum accuses OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma of deceptive marketing in new lawsuit

Purdue Pharma targeted Oregon seniors in a deceptive marketing campaign for the opioid painkiller OxyContin and lied to the Oregon Board to Pharmacy to boost its profits, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum alleged in a lawsuit filed Thursday. Source: Oregon AG Rosenblum accuses OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma of deceptive marketing in new lawsuit – Portland Business […]
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Oregon DOJ says opioid manufacturer targets senior citizens, lied to sell drugs in state

Opioid powerhouse Purdue Pharma lied to the Oregon State Board of Pharmacy and targeted senior citizens, claims a lawsuit filed Thursday by the Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. Rosenblum’s office filed a notice June 27 in a first step toward suing the Oxycontin manufacturer over what the state says are 10 years of violations of a state […]
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State: Mandatory reporters don’t have to report consensual teen sex

Are mandatory reporters in Oregon required to report known or suspected sexual activity between teens? The long-awaited official answer is finally out — no. Source: State: Mandatory reporters don’t have to report consensual teen sex

Editorial: Brown comes to the aid of imprisoned veterans

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown took on her own Department of Corrections recently, and veterans won. In doing so she not only saved a small group of veterans a bit of money but made it clear to DOC that the law means what it says it does. The 2017 Legislature approved, and Brown signed, Senate Bill […]
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Oregon Prisons Were Ordered to Protect Veteran Benefits. They Tried to Find a Loophole Instead.

Gov. Kate Brown has stepped in to correct her Department of Corrections. When the Oregon Legislature set up a mechanism last year to collect debts from inmates in state prisons, it made an exception. It barred the state’s Department of Corrections from taking money from veterans’ disability benefits. Source: Oregon Prisons Were Ordered to Protect […]
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Editorial: Gov. Openness should release records

For all the talk from Gov. Kate Brown of supporting government openness and transparency, she seems to hope to be addressed as Gov. Openness. Yet, there’s another example of her failing to live up to her talk. Brown is denying the public access to legislation state agencies plan for the 2019 session until after the […]
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Editorial: Failed Rough & Ready deal warrants criminal inquiry

Rough & Ready Lumber was the last operating sawmill in Josephine County when it was shuttered in 2013, ending a 90-year legacy and eliminating 85 much-needed jobs. So it’s understandable that folks were thrilled by a proposal to provide millions through a tax-credit deal to reopen the lumberyard – folks who lived in the mill’s […]
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New website connects citizens to judicial process

DAs hope to help citizens understand criminal justice system. If you’ve ever been confused by the criminal justice process, the state’s 36 prosecutors have come up with a way to help make the system easier to understand. The Oregon District Attorneys Association has launched a new website (, which aims to teach citizens about the […]
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Oregon sawmill deal cost taxpayers millions. Was it a crime?

Several legal experts contend officials should seriously consider a criminal investigation. Last month, the state forcefully reasserted that a corporate arm of Portland-based Ecotrust unlawfully inflated project costs and omitted material facts to get millions in tax credits it didn’t qualify for. A question now, some legal experts say: Will the state investigate that as […]
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