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Bend collected the most pot tax in Central Oregon

Deschutes County received nearly a half-million dollars. The city of Bend has collected $883,400 in state and local taxes on marijuana sales since January 2016, according to the city Finance Department and the Oregon Revenue Department. Bend received the most in marijuana sales taxes of any Central Oregon local government, thus far, according to the […]
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Most Oregon property owners can’t prepay ahead of federal tax change

The Internal Revenue Service is advising taxpayers to be wary about prepaying property taxes in response to the recently passed changes to federal tax law. No need to be wary, Lane County residents: The state of Oregon specifically prohibits paying next year’s property taxes in advance except in limited circumstances. Source: Most Oregon property owners […]
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Prepaying property taxes ahead of federal tax changes? Think again in Oregon, Washington

State laws in both states do not allow counties to collect tax payments before tax rolls are certified. Source: Prepaying property taxes ahead of federal tax changes? Think again in Oregon, Washington

Most Oregonians Will Not Be Able to Pre-Pay Property Taxes Ahead of New Federal Tax Laws

Many Oregonians will lose a valuable tax benefit next year, when Congress imposes a new ceiling on the amount of state and local taxes people can deduct. Source: Most Oregonians Will Not Be Able to Pre-Pay Property Taxes Ahead of New Federal Tax Laws

New year to bring in taxes on bikes, vehicles

A new year will also ring in new taxes in Oregon. The Oregon Department of Revenue is reminding citizens that the taxes created to pay for the state’s new $5.3 billion transportation package kick in next year. Source: New year to bring in taxes on bikes, vehicles

Here are new transportation taxes that will take effect in 2018

Three taxes associated with the $5.3 billion transportation package that was signed into law over the summer will be taking effect Jan. 1, with one more targeting wages coming later in the year. The bi-partisan transportation plan will help fund projects across the state. In Salem it will provide $85.7 million over nine years for the expansion of […]
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The other tax reform Oregon businesses need to know about

While federal tax reform proposals currently are dominating headlines, local businesses should not ignore recently adopted Oregon corporation business tax reforms, many of which will be going into effect in 2018. These reforms, in conjunction with potential changes in the federal income tax regime, may dramatically impact the amount of tax liability owed by local […]
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Oregon: New taxes in 2018

The Oregon Department of Revenue is reminding Oregon businesses and employers, out-of-state businesses with employees or customers in Oregon, and vehicle and bicycle buyers to make sure they’re ready for four new taxes starting in 2018. Source: Oregon: New taxes in 2018

Department of Revenue rates Douglas County Assessor’s Department inadequate

The Douglas County Assessor’s Office has received a dismal performance review from the Oregon Department of Revenue. According to a September report, obtained by The News-Review in November, a six-month review by the Department of Revenue’s Property Tax Division revealed the assessor’s department was performing inadequately in nine out of 10 categories. The investigation, which […]
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Cannabis Love: Oregonians talk the industry

Happy weekend! Unless you’ve been hiding away in your mama’s basement with no access to the innermets for the past two-three years, chances are you’ve heard about this lil ol’ thing called legal cannabis in Oregon. The industry, legal since 2015 in Oregon, brought in a few pennies in 2017… $70 million in tax dollars, […]
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