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Don’t photocopy your driver’s license as a wallet theft deterrent

Q: I sometimes park at county boat ramps or hiking trailheads and leave my car for several hours. Because I’ve had friends who’ve had their cars broken into at such places and have had their wallets stolen, sometimes I don’t bring my wallet with me. I have a color copy of my driver’s license in […]
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 ODOT decisions look through the climate change lens

Cleaner air and a reduction in traffic are just two of the many benefits of ODOT’s focus on climate change. Exhaust from cars, trucks, and other transportation activities is the top source of pollution in Oregon — pollution that is literally changing our climate. Source: Pamplin Media Group – ODOT decisions look throughthe climate change […]
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Wildfire near Canyonville sparks I-5 delays

A fire is causing delays on Interstate 5 outside Canyonville. Northbound I-5 was limited Tuesday to one lane about seven miles south of Canyonville as Douglas Forest Protective Association crews fought a wildfire burning east of I-5 between mileposts 91 and 92, according to a press release issued by ODOT shortly before 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. […]
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Hood River restaurants need to redesign parklets, ODOT says

Three businesses along Highway 30 have set up parklets that the Oregon Department of Transportation says need to be reconfigured or removed. Restaurants can not be at full capacity at this time, so another option is to open seating outside. In Hood River, several restaurants have built parklets, which are similar to decks, where people […]
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I’ve Been Driving With Expired Tags Since May. How Long Until I Have to Visit the DMV?

It was obvious that this honeymoon wouldn’t last. I’ve been driving with expired tags since May. I heard the cops wouldn’t ticket me, since the DMVs were all closed. Now the DMV is open again. How long do I have before I have to drag my sorry butt down there? —Ellen T. Source: I’ve Been […]
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State agency designing Rose Quarter project pledges to ‘keep our promises’ to right historic wrongs to Black Portland

Top officials overseeing the Rose Quarter project aren’t giving up despite high-profile leaders in Portland stepping away from key roles weeks ago. Source: State agency designing Rose Quarter project pledges to ‘keep our promises’ to right historic wrongs to Black Portland

As I See It: Destroying Van Buren Bridge remains ODOT’s secret plan

In the June 24 “As I See It” column concerning the historic Van Buren Bridge, my friend Karyle Butcher jumps on the fiscal responsibility bandwagon under an attention-grabbing headline about breaking trust. It was written as if there were no alternatives to the future of the bridge without costing the city money. Her column made […]
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Guest Column: Denialism and tragic consequences

One of the many joys of volunteering at the Wildlife Center of the North Coast is getting up close and personal with the patients we care for, the amazing array of birds who grace our Pacific and Columbia shores. Source: Guest Column: Denialism and tragic consequences | Columns |

Real ID now available in Oregon

Oregon is now offering drivers licenses compliant with federal Real ID requirements. Starting in October 2021, a regular Oregon driver’s license will no longer be valid identification for flying commercial or entering a secure federal site, such as a military base. As of July 6, the state began offering driver’s licenses and identifications that qualify […]
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While Oregon Employment Dept. waits to update its computer systems, the DMV just finished

The Oregon Employment Department, which struggled to pay out benefits after being hit with a surge of unemployment claims during the COVID-19 pandemic, has yet to update its aging computer systems despite having federal money to do so for more than a decade. Meanwhile, the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) just finished a very […]
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