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Creation of Portland State police force was controversial, spurred student protests | KATU

The decision to have armed police on the Portland State University campus came with a lot of controversy. In fact, there were several protests organized by students. The PSU officers who were involved in the shooting and killing of a man early Friday morning weren’t on campus when the shooting happened. But they’re not limited […]
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Benton County Jail receives good marks during inspection

The Benton County Jail and its staff received good marks during an inspection earlier this year, but inspectors expressed concerns about age and space limitations of the facility. Source: Benton County Jail receives good marks during inspection | Local |

Local corrections officers may lose certifications

TRCI officer accused of failing to supervise work crew, EOCI officer cited for DUI. Two corrections officers in Umatilla County’s two state prisons are facing the revocation of their state public safety certifications. The Corrections Policy Committee of the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training in February voted 10-0 to recommend that Hector […]
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Cards help police communicate with deaf people

Jackson County police agencies have a new simple tool intended to help them better communicate with people who are deaf or hard of hearing.That aid comes in the form of specialized cards tailored for vehicle visors and wallets. Source: Cards help police communicate with deaf people

Oregon law enforcement agencies partner for recruitment website

City, county, state, tribal, and university law enforcement agencies around Oregon are looking to fill more than 500 vacancies over the next year that are expected due to retirements.  In fact, more than 1,000 currently employed police, corrections and parole and probation officers and 9-1-1 operators around Oregon will be eligible to retire over the next three years. […]
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Oregon public safety money in Legislature’s end-of-session funding

Law and order agencies across the state were among dozens of organizations to receive a financial boost from the Oregon Legislature as the session came to a close March 3, receiving requested funds to support current staffing or to forestall declining services. The Judicial Department will be able to avoid staff furloughs and court closures, the Department of Public […]
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Lawmakers Increase Mental Health Investments

A good economy has produced rising revenues for the state of Oregon, which allowed legislators to add almost $5 million in mental health investments.   Source:

Larry O’Dea fails the moral fitness test: Editorial

The city’s human resources director didn’t mince words last year in assessing the behavior of former Portland Police Chief Larry O’Dea after he accidentally shot a friend. O’Dea showed a “general lack of forthrightness” about the non-fatal incident, “failed to respond fully and truthfully” to city employees investigating his case and brought “discredit to the city,” […]
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Hundreds of Oregon firefighters train for vehicle rescue, emergency vehicle operations

More than 300 career and volunteer firefighters from across Oregon trained for vehicle rescues, emergency vehicle operations and flammable liquids safety as part of a two-day training school in Salem. The winter training school has been hosted by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, or DPSST, for the past 15 years and was offered for […]
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Dramatic reversal could end career of convicted Oregon trooper

A former state trooper who slapped his 11-year-old son across the face should be banned from Oregon law enforcement for life, a state oversight committee recommended Thursday. “I think that his conduct has demonstrated him unfit,” said Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett, who is a member of the committee. Source: Dramatic reversal could end career […]
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