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Oregon Health Authority shares what you need to know with case of coronavirus in the U.S.

The death toll is rising for a new disease popping up around the globe. Now, the first case of the virus has been confirmed in the United States. At least nine people have died from the new strain of the coronavirus, and more than 400 are infected. That includes a man in Washington state. The […]
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5 of the most common questions/answers about the flu this season

Oregon Health Authority data from this flu season shows a lot of people were sick with the flu in December, but the season looks to be winding down now. Source: 5 of the most common questions/answers about the flu this season |

Mentally ill patients wait days for room at Portland psychiatric ER, as leaders say it’s in ‘crisis’

Unity Center for Behavioral Health is now in “crisis,” according to the psychiatric facility’s top medical official, intensifying concerns about a troubled facility that claims it is hemorrhaging money. The cry for help to the Oregon Health Authority comes just one month after hospital officials asked for more state financial support, reporting a $21 million […]
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Oregon Health Authority Awarded Up To $16 Million To Improve Child Health

Oregon will receive millions in new federal funding to develop better ways to reduce health risks for children and prevent unnecessary hospital visits and foster care placements. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has been awarded up to $16 million over seven years from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Integrated Care for Kids […]
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Marion, Polk counties to get grant funding child health services

Marion and Polk counties are two of five in Oregon covered by new funding awarded to the Oregon Health Authority for child health services. The state agency will receive $16 million, set to be doled out over seven years, to improve the health of children covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Program and Medicaid. Source: […]
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Unity Center in Portland: ‘Crisis’ looms with patients stuck in recliners for days

Overflow is forcing patients to other hospitals in region due to a lack of space at the facility created to accommodate people in mental crisis. Since asking the state in December for more money to operate Unity Center for Behavioral Health, Legacy Health has stepped up the urgency of its message, saying the facility is […]
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Wildfire protection plan begins to take shape

Gov. Kate Brown has followed through on her pledge to address wildfire prevention and preparedness on a statewide level, presenting lawmakers this week with a draft proposal based on the report from the Governor’s Council on Wildfire Response. The plan is sure to undergo changes before and after the Legislature convenes next month, but the […]
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Hi-Tech Mission: Controlling Columbia County’s mosquitoes

In a new proactive approach to control mosquitoes and the diseases they can spread, the Columbia Drainage Vector Control District will use high technology in their efforts this spring and summer. Source: Hi-Tech Mission: Controlling Columbia County’s mosquitoes | News |

Now is the time to test homes for radon gas

Many parts of Oregon remain at risk of high radon — an odorless, tasteless and invisible gas. It is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that comes up from the ground and is drawn into buildings, where it can build up to dangerous levels. Source: Now is the time to test homes for radon gas | […]
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The Journey Back Om

Statistics show that programs such as Deschutes County’s inmate yoga program can reduce the risk of reoffending. Jails and corrections systems throughout the U.S. are referred to as “the new asylums.” A 2018 report conducted by the Oregon Health Authority found that 50% of the state’s prison population had a diagnosable mental illness and was […]
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