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Oregon Judicial Department seeks $5.3 million to keep courts open

After already facing staff shortages, delayed hearings and dwindling services, Oregon Judicial Department officials are requesting $5.3 million to keep courthouses across the state open. Source: Oregon Judicial Department seeks $5.3 million to keep courts open

Justice Landau issues his final ‘verdict’: retired

Oregon Supreme Court judge from Portland steps down at the end of last year but will continue working part time. As he sat down for the job interview more than three decades ago, Jack Landau knew he was off to a bad start. He had applied for a clerkship in U.S. District Court in Portland […]
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Solar developer disputes blockage of 80-acre project on farmland

A solar power developer claims that Oregon’s land use laws don’t prohibit the construction of an 80-acre solar project on high-value farmland in Jackson County. Origis Energy had won the county’s approval to build the facility near Medford, Ore., but that decision was overturned last year by Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals. Source: Solar […]
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Officials tell feds: Oregon will ‘continue to fight’ for legal pot industry

Oregon elected officials are critical of the attorney general’s reversal of Obama-era policies on recreational marijuana. Top Oregon politicians were quick to criticize news Thursday that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding an Obama-era stance on states that have legalized recreational marijuana. Source: Officials tell feds: Oregon will ‘continue to fight’ for legal pot […]
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City’s ban on fossil fuel terminal expansion upheld on appeal

Oregon Court of Appeals rules city didn’t violate U.S. Constitution’s Commerce Clause The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that the city of Portland can ban major expansions of fossil fuel terminals in city limits without violating the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Source: City’s ban on fossil fuel terminal expansion upheld on appeal

Dispute erupts over replacing farmland dwellings

A legal dispute has erupted over replacing dwellings on farmland in Oregon due to an ambiguously written provision of the state’s land use laws. The specifics of the controversy are convoluted, but it centers on whether Oregon law allows landowners in “exclusive farm use” zones to rebuild dwellings that were torn down or destroyed by […]
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Editorial: State should be careful how it sanctions speech

The Oregon Court of Appeals upheld last week an earlier ruling that Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a Gresham bakery that is now closed, illegally discriminated against a lesbian couple in 2013 when it refused to bake them a cake to celebrate a civil union. Source: Editorial: State should be careful how it sanctions speech

Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office Sending Fewer Teens to Prison on Measure 11 Convictions

Among the teens eligible for the program, more than half were black and a third were latino. Just over three years after Multnomah County prosecutors started diverting teens convicted of eligible Measure 11 crimes from prison sentences to probation, the percentage of teens going to prison on these charges has decreased sharply. Source: Multnomah County […]
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Circuit court can enforce land-use laws, opinion states

In an opinion that is not legally binding, the Oregon Supreme Court said last week that the public can seek court enforcement of state and local land-use laws when it ruled on a case brought against Jackson County commissioners and a paving firm by an environmental group and a neighbor. Source: Circuit court can enforce […]
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Stauffer appointed 7th District presiding judge

Wasco County Circuit Court Judge Janet L. Stauffer has been appointed by Chief Justice Thomas A. Balmer to become the next presiding judge of the Oregon Judicial Department’s Seventh Judicial District. Source: Stauffer appointed 7th District presiding judge | Hood River News