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Oregon winemakers push bills to clamp down on out-of-state competition

New legislation would make it harder for a wine bottle to claim origin from an Oregon wine region, and give the state greater power to punish wineries for mislabeling. The proposals stem from a spat with a Napa Valley winery, but some businesses in southern Oregon also have concerns. Source: Oregon winemakers push bills to […]
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Cannabis legislation burns slowly through process

A pack of proposed laws would make it legal to buy pot online, prevent employers from taking action on postive THC drug tests. State lawmakers are considering more than two dozen bills that could affect Oregonians who consume recreational and medical marijuana. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Cannabis legislation burns slowly through process

Oregon lawmakers consider cannabis cafes

Advocates say providing more places to sample marijuana would boost tourism. A group of cannabis supporters wants to make it legal for consumers to smoke marijuana at a lounge, at a one-time event or taste test at a cannabis farm tour, the same way craft beer is consumed. The concept first must be approved by […]
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Oregon Legislature considers cannabis lounge proposal

Senate Bill 639 would allow cannabis lounges and smoking opportunities at events — if the local government opts in. The cannabis industry and public health advocates are facing off again over a proposal to allow Oregonians and visitors to light up in specified public places. A legislative committee on Thursday heard testimony on Senate Bill 639, […]
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Cannabis Bill Would Allow OLCC To Limit Growers Based On Market 

Legislators considered a handful of cannabis bills in Salem Thursday. One would allow the state to limit production based on market demand. Source: Cannabis Bill Would Allow OLCC To Limit Growers Based On Market . News | OPB

Understanding Terpenes Is the Future of Cannabis Consumption. So Why Does Oregon Not Require Testing For Them?

Ask anyone who follows the recreational weed industry about the next step in cannabis connoisseurship, and they’ll probably tell you about terpenes. Source: Understanding Terpenes Is the Future of Cannabis Consumption. So Why Does Oregon Not Require Testing For Them?

Oregon winemakers seek new regulations for out-of-state wineries

Bill comes in the wake of the Copper Cane controversy. Source: Oregon winemakers seek new regulations for out-of-state wineries – Portland Business Journal

Bend cannabis edible company fined

For the second time in a year, Lunchbox Alchemy, a Bend cannabis processing company that makes cannabis oils, edibles, extracts and tinctures, has been fined by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Source: Bend cannabis edible company fined

Politics, Policy and Legal Pot

Almost four years since dispensaries across Oregon threw open their doors for the first time in the summer of 2015, the legal marijuana industry has brought in over $80 million in tax revenue for the state. It’s also spurred on  conversations about how to better incorporate legal pot into the state economy, including ideas about […]
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Should OLCC sell rare liquor only to bars? 

Collectors of rare or collectible liquors are irritated that they can’t buy bottles from Oregon liquor stores, which keep their limited stock to sell to bars and restaurants. Justin Lehr of Portland, founder of the Portland Bourbon and Spirits Society Facebook group, told KGW television that he should be able to buy rare bourbons and […]
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