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Lawsuit quickly ends: The Barrel Room drops $115k suit against bartender who drank on the job

Less than two weeks after a Portland bar filed a $115,000 lawsuit against one of its former bartenders – for prompting state regulators to temporarily suspend its liquor license – the bar has agreed to drop its lawsuit. An attorney for the bartender, Gunnar Hokan Jorstad, announced Saturday that The Barrel Room has agreed to […]
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Signs of maturity: Facts and figures for Oregon’s marijuana market, three years in

Oregon’s marijuana market is reaching maturity, more than three years into the state’s grand experiment. The once-illegal drug already has brought in more tax money to Oregon than expected. A robust industry has sprouted in Lane County. And marijuana production has led to jobs, hundreds of them in Lane County. Source: Signs of maturity: Facts […]
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Bend marijuana testing lab gives up license due to OLCC issues

Workers had taken home leftover ‘waste product’. A formerly Bend-based marijuana testing business has surrendered its lab licenses for its Bend and Eugene locations due to violations that focused on workers taking home products left over from testing samples, under an agreement approved Thursday by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Source: Bend marijuana testing lab […]
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Oregon public services continue, but a long shutdown is problematic

For Oregonians, the U.S. government shutdown brings a wave of uncertainty about state services reliant on federal dollars. It’s already a federal shutdown like no other in U.S. history. And President Donald Trump has signaled he’s willing to let it continue for weeks, or even months, in his standoff with congressional Democrats over border wall funding. Source: Oregon public services […]
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Hemp growers will need OLCC permit to sell in dispensaries

CBD products will meet Oregon standards. Growers and processors of industrial hemp CBD will have to obtain a special license from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission if they want to sell their products in a licensed retail outlet under new rules being considered this month. The rules are the outcome of 2018 Oregon legislation designed […]
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It Would Take Oregonians Seven Years to Smoke All the Weed They Harvested This Year

In 2017, Oregon grew far more cannabis than the state smokes. In 2018, it grew even more. As 2019 dawns, Oregon is sitting on 1.3 million pounds of unsold cannabis flower. While that total includes some just-harvested flower that hasn’t dried yet, it’s still absurdly more weed than the 166,000 pounds of legal cannabis Oregon […]
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A bumper crop of cannabis floods the market

For the second year in a row, Oregon harvested millions of pounds of fresh marijuana, which has affected prices in the highly regulated recreational market. That’s good news for consumers, who can get cheap marijuana, but not for growers. Growers harvested more than 2.5 million pounds of cannabis in October. Of that so-called wet harvest, […]
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OLCC changes cannabis rules

On Friday, cannabis businesses will be subject to new Oregon Liquor Control Commission rules that seek to tighten compliance in the marijuana industry. Most significant among the rule changes, approved Dec. 20 by the OLCC commission, is allowing medical card holders to buy 8 ounces of marijuana per day. Source: OLCC changes cannabis rules

Bar brawls clobber Bohemian | Mail Tribune

The Bohemian Club in downtown Medford has come under fire from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission for fights, disorderly conduct and other violent behavior over the past 29 months. As a result, the licensee, Quanna Bohn LLC, with John Bohn as its managing member, has agreed to surrender its alcohol sales license by Feb. 28, […]
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Oregon medical pot deliveries approved where retail sales are banned

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission also increased the amount of pot medical patients can buy at a time to 8 ounces. Medical marijuana patients caught a break last week when state regulators increased the amount of pot cardholders can buy in one shopping trip to 8 ounces, after officials cut the limit to 1 ounce in August on […]
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