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Oregon has too much cannabis. Two laws may help the state manage its surplus

As weed-tolerant Oregon grapples with a large surplus of pot, its governor signed bills to curb production and find new markets for the excess weed. Matt Miller’s family has farmed pot in Oregon since well before it became legal. But since the market flooded after recreational use was approved by state voters in 2014, prices […]
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Our View: Shut down Taylor’s Bar and Grill – Opinion

Taylor’s Bar and Grill has been operating under a temporary liquor license for nearly a year while the Oregon Liquor Control Commission decides whether to revoke the troubled establishment’s permanent license. The delay is becoming untenable. Source: Our View: Shut down Taylor’s Bar and Grill – Opinion – The Register-Guard – Eugene, OR

When will pot shops open? State and city officials say there are too many variables to know.

Though it looks like at least one recreational marijuana retailer is open in Ontario — it’s not, and it’s anyone’s guess as to the exact date Weedology, or any of the other retailers might be open, as many applications are currently undergoing review by an investigator with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. And with the […]
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OLCC waits another month before deciding fate of Taylor’s Bar & Grill

A hearing to decide the fate of a University of Oregon campus-area bar will stretch into July.The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which recommended last year not to renew the license for Taylor’s Bar & Grill, held a hearing last week to give the bar one last chance to make its case for why the license […]
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Oregon marijuana regulators don’t track criminal backgrounds

Six license applicants denied for criminal activity since 2016, If Plantae Health owner Andrew J. Anderson is convicted of abuse and other felony charges, he’ll join a short list of Central Oregon marijuana business owners who have come under scrutiny by regulators for criminal activity. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission denied a worker permit to […]
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Oregon’s glut of pot

While Illinois legislators wrestled with the issue of legalizing marijuana, their counterparts in Oregon were addressing an unanticipated problem from their decision to legalize it. Oregon is suffering from a glut of the stuff, to the point that elected officials there are trying to rescue legal sellers from the falling prices caused by the sellers’ […]
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Oregon takes steps to curb pot production

Oregon is awash in pot, glutted with so much legal weed that if growing were to stop today, it could take more than six years by one estimate to smoke or eat it all. Now, the state is looking to curb production. Source: Oregon takes steps to curb pot production | Mail Tribune

Oregon recreational pot system still has weaknesses after audit

Progress has been made since a 2018 audit of Oregon’s recreational pot system, but some shortcomings remain, according to a report this week. Source: Oregon recreational pot system still has weaknesses after audit

Oregon’s Weed Inspection and Tracking Systems Are Improving

Oregon’s recreational cannabis inspections and tracking systems are more consistent and secure than they were this time last year, according to a report released Wednesday by Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno’s office. Source: Oregon’s Weed Inspection and Tracking Systems Are Improving – Blogtown – Portland Mercury

Oregon marijuana commission gains Deschutes County member

A Deschutes County Planning Commission member will join the Oregon Liquor Control Commission as its seventh member, representing the state east of the Cascades.Hugh Palcic will start participating in OLCC meetings June 20, the agency announced Wednesday. Source: Oregon marijuana commission gains Deschutes County member;