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Pot proliferation accelerates need for health studies

It’s no surprise that a new study found more Oregon college students — both under-age and 21 or older — are smoking marijuana, now that recreational use is legal here. Source: Pot proliferation accelerates need for health studies – News – The Register Guard – Eugene, OR

Pot home delivery begins 

After getting off to a bumpy start, marijuana delivery to homes in Medford is back on the road. Source: Pot home delivery begins | Mail Tribune

Oregon’s Weed Glut: What Happens to Excess Pot? – Rolling Stone

John Plummer, founder and co-owner of Bull Run Craft Cannabis in Boring, Oregon, got his first hint that the state was careening toward a marijuana glut two years ago. Source: Oregon’s Weed Glut: What Happens to Excess Pot? – Rolling Stone

Pot business license applications bury liquor commission

A hiatus in new marijuana license application processing meant to ease a backlog increased the workload by 70 percent. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission was inundated with 1,001 applications in the in the lead up to a temporary hiatus on processing marijuana business licenses that was intended to allow the agency to work through a […]
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Cannabis Harvest Restrictions Aim to Starve Oregon’s Black Market

Officials worry that a glut of marijuana will feed the black market. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will soon announce new cannabis harvest regulations. Source: Cannabis Harvest Restrictions Aim to Starve Oregon’s Black Market | The Lund Report

What we’ve learned from three years of legal marijuana

Jim and Kevin Foster grew up on an apple farm in upstate New York. By the time the brothers were teenagers, they were regularly tending and harvesting the orchard, planting and pruning thousands of trees and watching how their parents managed the business. Whenever the brothers had the chance, they’d smoke weed from pipes they […]
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Oregon liquor control cites Shari’s of South Redmond

Shari’s of South Redmond, of 1565 Odem Medo Road, will pay a civil penalty of $1,485 or serve a nine-day liquor license suspension, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission ruled June 14. Source: Oregon liquor control cites Shari’s of South Redmond;

Legal marijuana’s path to the black market

Bend marijuana concentrate explosion reveals illicit weed. In mid-March, an explosion rocked a northeast Bend duplex, lifting the roof off the building, moving the foundation by four inches and seriously burning two people. Police said the blast likely came from an illegal lab for manufacturing marijuana hash oil using butane and believe the 134 pounds […]
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Editorial: OLCC shouldn’t guess about pot policy

OLCC shouldn’t guess about pot policy. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has about a nine-month backlog of applications for recreational marijuana licenses. It made a reasonable decision to work first on reducing the backlog before getting around to new applications. But one of the justifications for the new policy is wrong. OLCC says it decided […]
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Marijuana abundance driving price downward

A gram of marijuana costs $5 at one shop in Brookings. At another, it’s $3. And at a third, it’s $2.50. Source: Marijuana abundance driving price downward;