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Crowds gather at Capitol to view eclipse

Officials prepped about a year, though things seemed more subdued in Salem than some had feared. For about two minutes Monday morning, Oregon’s capital went dark during the first total solar eclipse to hit the continental U.S. since 1979. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Crowds gather at Capitol to view eclipse

Huge crowds fail to materialize along coast, elsewhere for eclipse

But Madras Municipal Airport fills up with 25,000 visitors Bumper-to-bumper traffic on Highway 101? Not a hotel room to be found anywhere in Lincoln County? Not so much. Source: Huge crowds fail to materialize along coast, elsewhere for eclipse | Local | Eugene, Oregon

State holds its breath as Eclipse Madness sets in

‘Oregonians and visitors should also know that state agencies, along with our local, tribal, and federal partners, have extensively planned and are well-coordinated to help make the 2017 total solar eclipse a safe and memorable event.’ Jammed highways. Overwhelmed cell phone services. Empty store shelves. Source: Pamplin Media Group – State holds its breath as […]
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Campers find comfortable spots in Salem’s path of totality

Locals appeared to be ready for an influx, with signs for garages sales visible every few blocks. Businesses are cashing in with commemorative T-shirts and ways to extend the morning’s excitement. Salem was still quiet Sunday morning as the anticipated rush into path of totality did not occur as early as expected. Source: Pamplin Media […]
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Total Solar Eclipse 2017: How Data, Mapping Technologies Are Helping State, Local Oregon Agencies Prepare

-State and local agencies in Oregon, where the solar eclipse will first reach the United States, have partnered for the past year to identify best uses for geospatial and mapping technology.- Celestial events may have inspired fear and wonder in ancient man, but in Oregon — the first U.S. region to see the total solar […]
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Area nonprofits, Multnomah County library work to help homeless, those in need enjoy eclipse event

Portland-area library workers handed out 20,000 pairs of eclipse glasses over 11 days. Oregon is swelling with people as the eclipse draws near, and the sunglasses needed to watch the celestial event on Monday morning are flying off the shelves. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Area nonprofits, Multnomah County library work to help homeless, those […]
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Busting the top Oregon 2017 eclipse rumors

Salem and state officials dispel rumors surrounding the upcoming Oregon eclipse. Will we run out of water? Will the drive from Salem to Portland take as long as a trek to Salt Lake City? Could the sheer number of people, or other cosmic forces, trigger the Big One? Source: Busting the top Oregon 2017 eclipse rumors

Governor says Oregon “ready” for eclipse

Traffic, fire, medical teams prepare for crush of viewers. Oregon is ready for its moment not in the sun, with Central and Eastern Oregon in the best position to star in the shadow of a rare celestial event, officials said Tuesday. Source: Governor says Oregon “ready” for eclipse; Traffic, fire, medical teams prepare for crush […]
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Rescue helicopters deployed differently at mountains in the Cascades

When a 22-year-old man slipped and tumbled 1,000 feet into the snow-covered Crater Lake caldera in mid-May, authorities sought the help of a helicopter. Forty-five minutes after the request, a cable lowered a rescuer from the hovering chopper and the civilian airman secured the injured victim who was carried to safety. Source: Rescue helicopters deployed differently […]
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Oregon’s on alert as 2017 solar eclipse approaches

Oregon is on alert as the first state to experience the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse’s “path of totality.” With up to 1 million eclipse watchers expected to flood into a state with a population of 4 million, the potential for problems is real. The biggest concern? Traffic jams for several days not just before […]
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