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Opinion: Oregon’s generational failure of underfunding schools must end

Earlier this month, Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson released an audit of Portland Public Schools. Any audit of a large, complex organization like Portland Public Schools will have findings and recommendations. This audit was no exception and the district has much work to do to meet its goals of educational excellence and equity. Source: […]
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Portland schools plan spending reform, days after state audit lays out shortcomings

A week after the Oregon Secretary of State released a highly critical report of Portland Public Schools, the school board’s audit committee laid out some of the district’s next steps, including plans to swiftly fix what state officials said are bloated expense practices. Source: Portland schools plan spending reform, days after state audit lays out shortcomings […]
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Sources: PPS audit inspires unusual alliance

Plus, Merkley struggles for recognition and I-5 tolling is tied to the controversial Rose Quarter project. Even before the Secretary of State’s Office released its recent audit criticizing Portland Public Schools, some elected officials were suggesting it was “political.” By that they meant the audit, done under the supervision of Republican Secretary of State Dennis […]
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Editorial: Audit’s timing on target

On Jan. 8 the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office released an audit of Portland Public Schools and the state Department of Education that was unflattering, at best. Since then auditors have been accused of playing politics, among other things, by those whose problems the audit made public. That’s to be expected, in part because the […]
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2020 ballot battles have already begun

Activists get early start on placing initiatives before voters. Legalizing “magic” mushrooms, kicking big money out of politics and dueling measures on guns are among the issues being pushed by advocates for a spot on the 2020 ballot. Yes, it’s only been a little over two months since the last election, Kate Brown has yet […]
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Oregon Education Audit | News Roundtable | Kid Governors – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The state released an audit of Oregon’s education department and its largest school district Wednesday, recommending that legislators take a hard look at how administrators spend existing money as they consider significant new educational investments sought by Gov. Kate Brown. We talk with the incoming and outgoing Kid Governors. Fifth-grader Erikka Baldwin took office this week, and Dom Peters has spend […]
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Portland schools systemically fail students of color, state audit says

Portland Public Schools systematically fails to provide adequate support to its schools that enroll a concentration of low-income students of color and, as a predictable result, produces poorer outcomes for those students than nearly all its peer districts in Oregon, a new state audit found. Source: Portland schools systemically fail students of color, state audit […]
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Audit: Oregon Education Dept., Portland schools monitor spending poorly

An education funding audit released by the Oregon Secretary of State Wednesday highlights inconsistencies in school funding and the resulting stats. Source: Audit: Oregon Education Dept., Portland schools monitor spending poorly

Audit: Many Problems At PPS, Oregon Department Of Education

The Oregon Secretary of State’s audit suggests that as legislators consider significant new investments in public schools, they should look hard at current spending patterns and student outcomes. Source: Audit: Many Problems At PPS, Oregon Department Of Education

Audit: Oregon’s education funds are not being spent wisely

PPS officials push back on Secretary of State’s report with claims that things are slowly improving. Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s office released a bombshell of a report Wednesday, Jan. 9, calling into question how the state spends more than $4 billion annually on K-12 education. The audit — focusing on the Oregon Department of […]
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