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Editorial: Commission on voting is a sham

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Editorial Integrity held its first official meeting last week, so this is a good time to remind you about what appears to be the commission’s true agenda. First, a reminder about the commission: This is the group installed in the wake of unproven claims from President Donald Trump that millions […]
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18,000 voters registered as ‘other’ run gamut

The irreverent ‘other’ voters often represent a ‘classic way to protest,’ one expert says. It takes all kinds: Democrat, Republican, Frisbiterian. About 18,000 of the approximately 2.55 million registered voters in Oregon choose “other” as their party affiliation when they register to vote. Source: Pamplin Media Group – 18,000 voters registered as ‘other’ run gamut

Editorial: Dennis Richardson makes good change to petitions

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson announced Thursday he will make a change in the way signatures are gathered on initiative petitions. When he’s done, opponents of a proposed law will not be able to delay signature gatherers by repeatedly challenging a proposed ballot title in court. Source: Editorial: Dennis Richardson makes good change to […]
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Change To Oregon Initiative Process Could Mean More Ballot Measures

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, in a reversal of the kinds of actions taken by his recent predecessors, is changing the state’s initiative system to help make it easier to qualify for the ballot. Source: Change To Oregon Initiative Process Could Mean More Ballot Measures . News | OPB

Oregon ballot initiatives can collect signatures during legal appeals, new rule says

Oregon ballot petitioners can continue collecting signatures while legal appeals are pending instead of having to pause until the appeal is complete, under a state rule enacted Friday. Advocates say the new rule limits manipulation of the initiative system, assisting small-scale petitioners, while others worry it opens the door for misinformation reaching voters. Source: Oregon ballot initiatives […]
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New data reveals Oregon’s opioid epidemic still dire in rural counties

Oregon is prescribing fewer opioids, but 280 million pills were still given out last year.  Rural counties struggle the most with opioid addiction and the state faces a long battle ahead. Source: New data reveals Oregon’s opioid epidemic still dire in rural counties |

State Election Officials Fear Feds Are Making Security Worse

Secretaries of state are concerned about not just the federal government’s request for voter information but also the information they’re not getting about election security breaches. Communication is a two-way street. And right now, state election officials aren’t happy with the way information is flowing in or out of Washington. They’re frustrated about the information […]
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What to know about Oregon’s four new public records laws

Oregon’s top political leadership tripped all over themselves in recent months to make state and local governments easier for citizens to scrutinize. Source: What to know about Oregon’s four new public records laws

Tech Company moves headquarters to Medford

The former Silicon Valley based tech company Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is moving it’s headquarters to Medford. City and State officials like Governor Kate Brown and Secretary of State Denis Richardson praised the move. Source: Tech Company moves headquarters to Medford | KTVL

Legislature that affects all Oregonians | Guest Opinion

Ed. Note: This is the legislative portion of Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s recent newsletter. This newsletter sheds some insight into the happenings in Salem, and the bills that were important to Mr. Richardson. Mark Twain once said: “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” While, sadly, this […]
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