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$40 million lawsuit alleges asbestos cover-up at SW Portland apartments

A $40 million lawsuit claims that managers of a Southwest Portland apartment complex endangered employees by exposing them to asbestos even though construction crews had warned that the cancer-causing fibers were present. Source: $40 million lawsuit alleges asbestos cover-up at SW Portland apartments |

Oregon workers’ compensation costs fall for 6th straight year

Oregon employers next year, on average, will pay $1.12 per $100 of payroll for workers’ compensation insurance, down from $1.23 in 2018, under a proposal announced Monday by the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services. That figure covers workers’ compensation claims costs, assessments, and insurer profit and expenses. Source: Oregon workers’ compensation costs fall […]
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State Environmental Regulators Ignored Warnings From Another State Agency That a Portland Auto Scrapyard Was Filled With Hazards

State environmental regulators were warned of dangers at a Northeast Portland scrapyard months before it went up in flames last March—not just by neighbors and environmental watchdogs but by another state agency. Source: State Environmental Regulators Ignored Warnings From Another State Agency That a Portland Auto Scrapyard Was Filled With Hazards

Oregon OSHA urges: Prevent worker illness in hot weather

As summer temperatures rise, so do the dangers of working in high heat. That’s especially true in Oregon, where workers tend to be used to working in mild weather and are frequently not accustomed to high temperatures. Source: Oregon OSHA urges: Prevent worker illness in hot weather

Oregon OSHA adopts stricter rules for pesticide drift protection

Oregon OSHA adopted rules Monday establishing “Application Exclusion Zones” under the federal Worker Protection Standard to shield farmworkers from drifting pesticides in fields and orchards. Oregon regulators will allow farmworkers and their families to take shelter indoors from drifting pesticides under controversial rules adopted Monday by the state Occupational Health and Safety Administration, or Oregon […]
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Oregon Finalizes Farmworker Pesticide Protection Standards

New state rules offer greater protections for farmworkers than federal standards. Oregon has adopted new rules to protect farmworkers from pesticides. The new regulations establish zones around pesticide applications that workers cannot enter. It also allows workers the choice to take shelter in housing or other structures instead of moving away. Source: Oregon Finalizes Farmworker Pesticide Protection Standards . […]
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Oregon adopts new pesticide-drift protections

Take effect Jan. 1, exceed federal requirements. Oregon OSHA announced Monday it has adopted rules that increase protections against the risk of pesticides drifting off their mark when spraying occurs outdoors. The rules, which exceed federal requirements, will take effect Jan. 1, 2019. Source: Oregon adopts new pesticide-drift protections – KTVZ

After unprecedented input, Oregon OSHA adopts new farmworker protection standards

While farmworker advocates say new rules don’t go far enough, growers say they’re too restrictive. After nearly two years of factious debate between Oregon’s agriculture sector and farmworker advocates, the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has adopted new protections for workers during the application of pesticides. The state agency charged with regulating workplace safety […]
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Malin Fire District tagged with OSHA violations

Malin Rural Fire Protection District received multiple citations and warnings issued by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) following inspections conducted in April. Records acquired by the Herald and News indicate 14 separate items that garnered inspection, some resulting in either citations or warning letters, primarily focusing on training and equipment maintenance. Inspections […]
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Whistleblower suit alleges MacLaren workers, students exposed to asbestos

A MacLaren corrections employee has filed a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit saying supervisors knowingly exposed workers and students to asbestos. Source: Whistleblower suit alleges MacLaren workers, students exposed to asbestos