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Northwest Forests Will Weather Climate Change Better Than Others In The West: Study

Climate change is expected to increase drought and wildfire vulnerability in forests across the West. But new research out of Oregon State University shows that some places will fare better than others. The Douglas fir forests of western Oregon and Washington are among the least susceptible to drought and fire over the next thirty years. This […]
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Lane Community College to partner with OSU, NCU to save students money and time

Lane Community College is teaming up with two universities to provide local students with a faster — and cheaper — track to earning a bachelor’s degree, and, in some cases, a master’s degree. Next year the community college, in conjunction with Oregon State University’s College of Business, will offer a pathway for students to earn […]
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Dairy, berry producers scream for ice cream

Jeff Heartley and Doug Wells took their time Tuesday at Oregon State University’s Food Innovation Center in Portland, tasting nine different vanilla ice cream samples and evaluating each based on criteria including appearance, flavor and texture. Source: Dairy, berry producers scream for ice cream – Dairy – Capital Press

OSU-Cascades is younger, more diverse due to largest-ever first-year class

Official enrollment numbers show 23 percent of first-year students are people of color. Oregon State University-­Cascades’ current first-year and transfer student populations are officially the young university’s largest to date, and the former group is making the campus both younger and more diverse. The college welcomed 113 first-year students this fall, a 32 percent increase […]
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Local enrollment falls at OSU

Oregon State University enrollment is up again this fall, but for the first time in more than two decades, the number of students in Corvallis is actually down. Overall enrollment is up by 107 students from last fall to 32,011, yet another record total that makes OSU the largest university in the state for the […]
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Kids First Project | Impacts Of Science | Rape Kit Backlog – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A few years ago, Alisha Zhao founded a nonprofit that brings activities and services to youth in homeless shelters. The National Science Foundation now requires most of their grant recipients to show how their research is going to be useful to society. But that’s not something all scientists are used to thinking about, or know […]
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Study shows crops, forage may benefit from solar panel shade

An accidental discovery at Oregon State University may reveal how solar panels can help grow healthier crops on dryland farms. Researchers at Oregon State University may have accidentally stumbled upon a new use for solar panels on farms and ranches. Not only can solar power lower energy bills and increase efficiency, but the shade afforded […]
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OSU takes the cake at 150

Saturday marked the 150th anniversary of the day Oregon State University was chartered as the state’s land grant university. The university has spent the last year and a half celebrating the anniversary with a series of 170 events. Source: OSU takes the cake at 150 | Local |

Researchers say NW dodged trouble from algae on quake debris

International study led by OSU found dozens of new algal species threatened to take root after riding ocean from Japan to Oregon and Washington. Oregon State University researchers joined others from the United States and Japan to identify 84 species of marine algae and cyanobacteria that landed on the Pacific Northwest coast on debris from […]
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OSU Extension’s poultry specialist sees 31 years of change

Oregon State University Extension poultry specialist looks at challenges facing the industry. When James Hermes came to Oregon State University’s poultry department 31 years ago, big company buyouts, cage-free egg production and stringent antibiotic restrictions were not issues. Today, as enters his last full academic year as Oregon State University Extension’s poultry specialist, Hermes is […]
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