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With new building, Oregon State wants its Newport campus to come out of its shell

Oregon State University breaks ground next month on a $58 million new building at its Newport campus. The building is part of a wider marine studies effort. Source: With new building, Oregon State wants its Newport campus to come out of its shell |

Noisy Shrimp May Be Helping Gray Whales Find Their Prey

Scientists in the Northwest have detected a species of shrimp much farther north than it’s ever been found before.  Researchers at Oregon State University haven’t actually seen the snapping shrimp, instead, they heard them off the Oregon Coast. Oregon State University scientist Joe Haxel recorded hours of underwater sound, tracking whales and boat noise. Source: Noisy […]
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The State of the Bee

For the last decade Oregon’s bees – both native bees and the introduced European honeybee used in agriculture – have been in decline. But researchers like Andony Melathopoulos of the Oregon Bee Project say there are many reasons to hope for a better bee future in the state. Source: The State of the Bee – […]
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Dermatologist to give $50 million to OSU vet school

Oregon State University has announced a $50 million commitment, the largest in the school’s 150-year history, for the school’s veterinary medicine college. Source: Dermatologist to give $50 million to OSU vet school

OSU moving forward with new building in tsunami zone in Newport

Oregon State University is moving ahead with a controversial project that will put a new marine studies building in a tsunami zone along the Oregon coast. University leaders claim the building will be able to survive a 9.0 earthquake and the tsunami that would follow. Source: OSU moving forward with new building in tsunami zone […]
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OSU Orders Meningitis Vaccinations To Fight Outbreak

Oregon health officials urged Oregon State University students to get vaccinations for the meningococcal B disease during winter break after a sixth case of the illness was reported this month. OSU officials and representatives from the Oregon Health Authority told reporters Wednesday, Dec. 20, that the university would require all students on the Corvallis campus […]
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New Oregon whale license plate supports research, education

Oregonians can now purchase a voucher for a new license plate featuring a gray whale and her calf, with proceeds going to support the Oregon State University Marine Mammal Institute. Source: New Oregon whale license plate supports research, education – KTVZ

Olives catch on as an Oregon crop

Bogdan Caceu of the Olive Growers of Oregon will provide a five-flight, free tasting of olive oil made from locally grown fruit during Dine Around Oregon. The tasting will follow his informational presentation on growing olives in Oregon.

State warns of sick, stranded sea lions on Oregon coast

Oregon wildlife and health officials are warning beachgoers to be aware of sick and stranded California sea lions at the coast and to keep their distance. Officials at Oregon State University’s Marine Mammal Institute said they’ve documented a leptospirosis outbreak. The bacteria can prompt sick or dying sea lions to strand themselves on beaches and […]
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Oregon officials: Keep pets away from sick sea lions

Oregon officials are warning coast visitors to keep their dogs away from dead or stranded sea lions, which have been washing up in increasing numbers due to a leptospirosis outbreak. “Over the past few months, we have been getting calls for multiple sick or dead sea lions daily, which is higher than normal,” said Jim […]
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