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Kilauea not connected to Northwest volcanoes – but… 

As flowing lava from the Kilauea volcano continues to destroy homes on the Big Island of Hawaii – and on Thursday, an eruption from the summit sent ash 30,000 feet into the air — some Pacific Northwest residents have expressed concern that the events in Hawaii could trigger an eruption in the Cascade Range. Source: […]
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Flax: What’s old is new again

SALEM, Over the past 70 years, fiber flax, once a major crop in the Willamette Valley, has virtually vanished from Oregon. But a new initiative called Fibrevolution aims to revive this once-thriving industry and bring fiber flax cultivation back to the Northwest. Source: Flax: What’s old is new again

Oregon town fights back against invading Mormon crickets

April Aamodt likens it to the zombie apocalypse.It was about this time last year when hordes of hissing, cannibalistic Mormon crickets began swarming the small town of Arlington, Ore., climbing up the sides of houses, marching down the streets and devouring local crops. Source: Oregon town fights back against invading Mormon crickets

Western Innovator: Improving soil health in arid E. Oregon

Dryland farming is challenging enough at Bill Jepsen’s family farm in arid northeast Oregon, where it rains only 12 inches per year on average, providing precious little moisture to grow a healthy crop. Source: Western Innovator: Improving soil health in arid E. Oregon – Research Center – Capital Press

Oregon cherries withstand February freeze

Despite a sudden, hard freeze at the end of February, cherries and pears appear to be faring well in the Columbia River Gorge. Source: Oregon cherries withstand February freeze – Orchards, Nuts & Vines – Capital Press

Governor signs funding bill for OSU-Cascades

Gov. Kate Brown visited Oregon State University-Cascades on Wednesday to sign a bill approving $39 million for a new academic building on the Bend campus. The state funding, plus a $10 million match from private donors, will pay for a building for classes in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Source: Governor signs funding bill […]
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What is Xeriscaping?

Defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary, xeriscape means, “a style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance, used in arid regions.” According to the City of Bend’s waterwisetips, it means focusing on efficient irrigation practices and grouping plants together with the same water requirements, with an emphasis on conserving all […]
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Researchers focus on helping hazelnut boom

Hazelnuts are the most important orchard crop in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where nearly the entire U.S. crop is produced. It is also known for the innovative cultivars developed at Oregon State University that are resistant to eastern filbert blight, a fungal disease that has decimated traditional hazelnut cultivars, including Barcelona and Ennis. Source: Researchers focus […]
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Hops compound may offset obesity’s risks

-If developed, derivatives of xanthohumol may provide a new market for hops.- Oregon State University researchers have developed derivatives of xanthohumol, a compound that occurs naturally in the hop plant, and can combat metabolic syndrome in obese mice, and some day, humans. Source: Hops compound may offset obesity’s risks

With new building, Oregon State wants its Newport campus to come out of its shell

Oregon State University breaks ground next month on a $58 million new building at its Newport campus. The building is part of a wider marine studies effort. Source: With new building, Oregon State wants its Newport campus to come out of its shell |