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Oregon Supreme Court Considers Whether To Allow PERS Pension Cuts

Lawyers representing Oregon public employees went to the state Supreme Court Tuesday to argue the Legislature went too far in reducing their pension benefits. What they did not find was a justice who seemed clearly sympathetic to their arguments. Source: Oregon Supreme Court Considers Whether To Allow PERS Pension Cuts

Volatile market tests Oregon’s strategy for public-pension fund investments

Departing officer likens it to baseball’s on-base percentage, rather than slugging, for steady gains. Source: Volatile market tests Oregon’s strategy for public-pension fund investments

Oregon Business Report – Economy Shutdown and PERS

Coronavirus has hit the economy hard. Nearly all the stock market gains from the past two or three years have been wiped out. While it’s painful for investors and retirees, it’s likely to fuel the third major PERS crisis since the dot-com bust. PERS, the public employee retirement system, has two major sources of funds: […]
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Editorial: $24 billion PERS liability will make recovery more challenging

Oregonians don’t need reminding how much worse slipping into a recession can be when they are loaded up with debt. It’s a bad combination we wouldn’t wish on anybody. But Oregon’s state government has brought just that sort of combination on to the state’s taxpayers because of the state’s $24 billion Public Employees Retirement System […]
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Coronavirus market chaos slashes Oregon

The coronavirus market contagion has cleaved billions of dollars off the value of Oregon’s public pension fund investments and significantly increased the system’s unfunded liabilities. Source: Coronavirus market chaos slashes Oregon PERS investments by billions –

Guess What Else Took a Hit From Coronavirus? Oregon’s Public Pensions

That’s the percentage of the state’s $81 billion Public Employee Retirement System fund invested in equities at the end of January. That allocation to stocks—in both publicly listed and private companies—is heavier than the Oregon Investment Council’s target of 50 percent. Source: Guess What Else Took a Hit From Coronavirus? Oregon’s Public Pensions – Willamette […]
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Oregon pension reforms lower costs, but stretch agency thin 

Oregon schools and public employers get a break, but PERS employees have faced an avalanche of changes following new pension laws approved last year. Schools, municipalities and public employers across Oregon will get a reprieve from the relentless increases in employee pension costs they’ve been facing since the 2008 financial crisis. Source: Oregon pension reforms […]
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PERS reforms face delay, tight timelines

 Public workers who expected to contribute more to their savings in July to make up for cuts to retirement benefits will have to wait until September. The agency that pays out billions in retirement benefits to Oregon public workers is delaying a new program designed to allow employees to try to counterbalance recent benefit cuts […]
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Some good news for Oregon’s public pension system

Preliminary 2019 earnings of 13.56% may allow board to moderate 2021-23 contribution rates for governments. A healthy 2019 return on investments by Oregon’s public pension system promises some relief ahead for member governments and state and local taxpayers in the next two years. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Some good news for Oregon’s public pension […]
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State seeks corrective actions from private detention centers

On behalf of the state of Oregon and the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund (OPERF), State Treasurer Tobias Read and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum called for immediate action from the boards of directors of two companies that operate detention centers under contracts with the federal government, according to a news release. Source: State seeks corrective […]
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