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“There is no investment strategy to solve the unfunded liability,” PERS CIO says

The chief investment officer of PERS talks about the complexity of investing post-financial crisis, why solving the $22 billion unfunded liability is not his concern and the poor quality of financial news reporting. Source: Oregon Business – “There is no investment strategy to solve the unfunded liability,” PERS CIO says

New York Times highlights PERS payments, woes

Retired OHSU president and UO football coach cited in Sunday story about increasing cost of state retirement system. The financial problems being caused by Oregon’s lavish public employee retirement payments made the front page of Sunday’s New York Times. Source: Pamplin Media Group – New York Times highlights PERS payments, woes

Ex-LCC president joins PERS elite

Mary Spilde receives a big pay bump in retirement to make the list of Oregon’s top 10 public pensioners. Oregon’s updated public pension roll has a new top beneficiary: Joe Robertson, the former president of Oregon Health & Science University. Source: Ex-LCC president joins PERS elite

Study: PERS better funded than most, but still short

The country’s state pension funds reported a $1.4 trillion deficit in 2016, up $295 billion from 2015, according to a study released Thursday by Pew’s Public Sector Retirement Systems Project. A new study from the Pew Charitable Trusts finds Oregon’s public pension system might be better funded than those of most other state’s, but is […]
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Editorial: PERS turnover couldn’t come at a worse time

Turnover in government isn’t at all unusual, especially with term limits in place for a variety of positions. We know people who are fervent supporters of term limits, embracing the opportunity to throw the bums out on a regular basis and to bring in a new set of bums — or, as they like to say, […]
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Empty chairs at PERS | Opinion

The rising costs of the Public Employees Retirement System are one of the state’s most intractable problems, affecting governments at all levels in Oregon. In confronting such a problem, it’s essential that the pension program be led by people of unquestioned competence and integrity. Source: Empty chairs at PERS | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon

Oregon’s public pension system faces turnover at the top

Longtime executive director of the Public Employees Retirement System, who’s been an encyclopedic resource for lawmakers and others, to retire June 1. Source: Oregon’s public pension system faces turnover at the top

PERS: Pension system faces leadership brain drain

Just as the costs, the politics and administrative complexity of Oregon’s underfunded public pension system are set to reach a painful new peak, the system is facing turnover at the top that will be difficult to backfill. Source: PERS: Pension system faces leadership brain drain

The new No. 1 PERS pension is a whopping $913,335 a year

An updated pension roll released by the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System includes at least one-eye popping number. Source: The new No. 1 PERS pension is a whopping $913,335 a year |

The age of the activist investor: State ready to clamp down on corporate boards

The state’s legal action against the board of Wynn Resorts shows its willingness to hold directors accountable. We recently published a series of articles on how activist investors are pushing for change at corporate boards. The stories examine the independence of boards at Oregon public companies, as well as the advanced age and tenure of directors. Source: Oregon […]
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