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SOU Tuition Will Go Up Next Fall. How Much, Depends On Lawmakers

Southern Oregon University will join other public universities in the state in raising tuition starting with the fall term. Exactly how much, will hinge on decisions made in the state legislature over the next month or so. Rising costs led the SOU Board of Trustees Thursday to approve a tuition increase for state residents that […]
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SOU tuition to increase by up to $1,170 next year

SOU tuition will be more expensive for the 2019-2020 school year. It will increase between five percent and 13.5 percent. The SOU Board of Trustees said the exact amount depends on if a student is a resident or a nonresident and the Oregon legislature’s budget for higher education. Source: SOU tuition to increase by up […]
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SOU could face tuition increase next fall

The Tuition Advisory Council at Southern Oregon University is looking to raise tuition by nearly 14 percent next fall if the legislature cuts about $80 million in funding from the state’s seven public universities. “After months and months of deliberation, this process started last year, we felt that this was the best solution that we […]
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Study: Visitors To Smoke-Filled Southern Oregon Plan On Returning

The survey found that 85% of visitors who visited the region during smoky summers said they would return — though maybe not in the late summer. A survey conducted by the Southern Oregon University Research Center revealed wildfire smoke did not completely ruin tourists’ experiences in the region. The majority of tourists who visited Southern Oregon […]
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Ashland police shoot at cougar on SOU campus

Ashland police shot at a cougar on the Southern Oregon University campus Sunday night but missed, and the cougar escaped, apparently unharmed, the department announced Monday. The incident — and other recent sightings — led to a decision Monday to allow shooting of any cougars seen in populated areas during the daytime, but only if […]
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Solar suffers in smoky skies

Q: I read about Southern Oregon University’s new plans for using solar power. How efficient is it when we have smoky days like we did this summer? How does it do in the winter when the daylight hours are short and we could be having rain or fog? I don’t know what percentage of the […]
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More power to SOU

Southern Oregon University’s future in renewable energy is coming into the light. More than 400 solar panels installed over the next few months are expected to increase the school’s energy-generating capacity by 57 percent. “We’re really excited for it,” said Roxane Beigel-Coryell, SOU’s sustainability and recycling coordinator. The three new installations will increase SOU’s number […]
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Cell tower plan can proceed, commission rules

A sometimes boisterous crowd pleaded in vain Tuesday for the Ashland Planning Commission to reverse staff approval of a permit for Verizon to put a cellphone tower atop Southern Oregon University’s Science Building. Appellants cited a range of ailments they say are caused by overexposure to the devices, with Alan Rathsam, an engineer, naming tumors, brain and […]
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Surprise gift for SOU grads

Southern Oregon University graduates smile and wave at friends and family in a crowd of thousands gathered Saturday morning at Raider Stadium in Ashland. More than 1,100 degrees were conferred on students in the university’s 92nd Commencement. Source: Surprise gift for SOU grads | Mail Tribune

Hannon library beats out Ivy-League college libraries

The Hannon library at Southern Oregon University was ranked top 20th college library in the nation according to a study by independent educational organization Ed-Smart. Hannon beat out top Ivy-League college libraries including Yale, Princeton and Cornell to name a few. Source: Hannon library beats out Ivy-League college libraries | KTVL