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Take a Break from Gambling: Problem Gambling Awareness Day, Sat. Sept 29

In 1995, there were not a lot of places for a person with a gambling problem to go. Since then, treatment and outreach for gambling has grown. Source: Take a Break from Gambling: Problem Gambling Awareness Day, Sat. Sept 29 – Tillamook County Pioneer

The Oregon Lottery’s New Mobile App is Now Live On the Apple Store

The state agency is seeking to keep pace with the rapid evolution of online gaming. The Oregon Lottery is rolling out a mobile platform in the Apple store. The Oregon Lottery mobile app is now live on the Apple Store and is set to launch in the Google Play Store in early November.   As WW previously […]
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Veneta, Springfield residents revel in state Lottery wins

Like a lot of people, Jeannie Kelly spends a few bucks here and there on scratch-off lottery tickets. She never figured that little indulgence would one day lead to a big win. But that’s exactly what happened to the Veneta woman last Sunday. “Now I know that it really does happen,” Kelly said. “People really […]
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Eugene health careers teacher named Oregon Teacher of the Year

Keri Pilgrim Ricker, a health occupations teacher at Eugene’s Churchill High, was named Oregon’s Teacher of the Year Tuesday in recognition of her teaching rooted in real-world lessons that hold students’ interest and prepare them for health careers. Source: Eugene health careers teacher named Oregon Teacher of the Year

Eugene School District educator named Oregon Teacher of the Year

Churchill High School teacher Keri Pilgrim Ricker was a little suspicious when she was told Eugene district staff would be coming to the school Tuesday to share information about a Eugene district bond measure at an all-school assembly.“I didn’t think that a bond rally and pep assembly really went together,” Ricker said. “And we always […]
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Oregon Lottery: The day it was impossible to win

“A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned.” –“Fast” Eddy Felson, “The Hustler” The Oregon Lottery has built up a $1.2 billion a year business trafficking in the eternal thrill of gambling. Just one of its games, Keno, was played an extraordinary 73.7 million times last year. Source: Oregon Lottery: The day […]
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Oregon’s $150 million lottery winner prompts email scam

It didn’t take long for someone to transform Steven Nickell’s lottery luck into a scam. The Salem resident won a $150.4 million Powerball jackpot in June, making him one of the biggest ever lottery winners in Oregon. Source: Oregon’s $150 million lottery winner prompts email scam |

Preserving Land

Oregon conservation and land officials gathered June 28 at the Bennett Ranch in southern Baker County for a tour of Mark and Patti Bennett’s 8,000-acre property and to learn about the conservation efforts earning the couple attention from across the state. Source: Preserving Land;

Oregon’s $150.4 million Powerball winner comes forward

Steven Nickell, a lifelong Salem resident, is the winner of a $150.4 million Powerball jackpot after he carried the winning ticket around in his wallet for two weeks. Oregon Lottery officials announced at a Friday morning press conference that Nickell would receive a lump sum of nearly $61.7 million after taxes. Source: Oregon’s $150.4 million […]
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Salem man claims $150 million Powerball ticket sold at Salem Circle K

Oregon Lottery officials revealed Friday morning Steven Nickell of Salem is the the winner of the $150 million Powerball jackpot. After almost three weeks, the winner of the $150.4 million Powerball jackpot has finally stepped forward to claim his prize. Source: Salem man claims $150 million Powerball ticket sold at Salem Circle K