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Cause of state network outage still unknown

The core network that supports 80 state agencies collapsed Saturday, June 9, and state officials still don’t know why. A week after the state’s core computer network crashed — interrupting online and phone services at dozens of state agencies — officials still don’t know what caused the more than seven-hour outage. Source: Pamplin Media Group […]
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Salem drinking water advisory remains in place for at least two weeks

City and state officials decided Sunday to extend Salem’s drinking water advisory for vulnerable populations for at least another two weeks as they research and test methods to remove cyanotoxins from the water supply. The do-not-drink advisory is for children under 6 years old and vulnerable adults, including those with impaired immune systems and people affected by kidney or […]
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George Heidgerken pays tax, utility bills at Willamette Falls

Falls Legacy LLC still owes $200,000 for delinquent account related to the 23-acre site in Oregon City. Officials said this week that Willamette Falls property owner George Heidgerken won’t get a large public investment without fulfilling his obligations under an easement agreement for construction of a walkway to the falls. Source: Pamplin Media Group – […]
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Springfield seeking $1 million grant to renovate the Booth-Kelly crane shed into a retail and meeting space

Built at the opening of the 20th century, the former Booth-Kelly lumber mill on the south edge of downtown is a symbol of Springfield’s past. But city officials envision the future of the mill’s large, worn crane shed as a hub for restaurants, retailers and manufacturers.  A $1 million state grant could help with the […]
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Portland must do more to mitigate fossil fuel risks: Guest opinion

On March 25, the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries released a shocking report estimating that impacts from a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake could “include as many as 27,000 injuries ranging from minor to fatal, as many as 85,000 people needing shelter, and as much as $37 billion in building damages.” Source: Portland must […]
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Willamette Falls developer owes $46,000 in back taxes

Project to construct public riverwalk to nation’s second largest waterfall is on hold until issues resolved with George Heidgerken Dreams to create a public riverwalk to Willamette Falls will have to remain on hold for at least a couple more years. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Willamette Falls developer owes $46,000 in back taxes

Guest column: State shouldn’t sell my contact information

Recently I received an unsolicited email from a real estate company in Northeast Oregon listing several large rural properties for sale for more money than I will ever see. I had never heard of this particular company before and while the properties were interesting to review I wondered how it was that I had become […]
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It’s unclear how state could block pot prosecutions

Oregon officials say they’ll fight to protect state-regulated cannabis businesses from federal prosecution, but offer no strategies. Several legal observers say that there are limited ways for Oregon officials to defend state-regulated cannabis businesses in the courts in light of changes to federal guidance on enforcement of the drug. Source: It’s unclear how state could […]
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Facebook announces two new buildings

The company purchased 240 acres from Crook County for $5.4 million, construction begins this month Facebook announced Tuesday morning that it will construct two new data center buildings at the Prineville Data Center campus, bringing the total building count to five. Source: Facebook announces two new buildings

State funding request for Wallowa County integrated health clinic will wait until 2019

Timing can be as important as substance when requesting direct grant funds from state coffers. Progenitors of a new integrated health services clinic are discovering that reality. Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness and Winding Waters are planning to build a combined clinic in Enterprise and are hoping for as much as $2 million in direct […]
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