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A neglected victim, a voice of moral outrage: Editorial

Despite her pain and shock after an acquaintance allegedly raped, choked and urinated on her, Juliette Simmons did everything that could be asked of a sexual-assault victim. She resisted the overwhelming urge to wash herself clean and instead went to the hospital. She endured the probing and swabbing as medical technicians collected evidence for a […]
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Oregon police agencies adding opioid overdose antidote to toolbox

The inmate slings himself over the toilet, his back curving as he dry-heaves, sweat rolling down his face and chest. He gags as Sheriff’s Deputy Page Beutler responds to the emergency alarm at Lincoln County Jail around 6 p.m. Nov. 13. Source: Oregon police agencies adding opioid overdose antidote to toolbox

OSP: Surge of wolf killings isn’t organized effort

Conservationists worry a ‘shoot, shovel and shut up’ attitude has taken hold in rural Oregon. It’s been a bloody year for Oregon wolves, with at least 10 killed under circumstances ranging from authorized “lethal control” due to livestock attacks and a shooting ruled self-defense, to an unintended poisoning and unsolved poachings. At this point, Oregon […]
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Woman reports sexual assault, waits year for answers due to police lab backlog

Last December, Juliette Simmons told police she was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance who she suspects drugged her with LSD after a day of skiing on Mount Hood. She said she blacked out and then woke up in the passenger seat of her own car to find the man urinating on her mostly nude body. […]
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Deer and elk disease comes to Central Oregon

Oregon saw its first confirmed case of a fatal and easily spread disease that affects deer and elk earlier this month, thanks to a Madras hunter. Following a recent hunting trip to Montana, Madras resident Lyle Rehwinkel, 46, brought the carcass of a deer that tested positive for chronic wasting disease, a protein disease that […]
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Another gray wolf illegally shot and killed, this time in Wallowa County

Another gray wolf was illegally shot and killed, Oregon State Police said, this time in a far corner of Wallowa County. Oregon State Police troopers said OR-23, a female member of the Shamrock pack in the northeastern part of the state, was discovered dead on Wednesday. Source: Another gray wolf illegally shot and killed, this […]
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Compared to other states, Oregon has shortage of troopers to enforce distracted driving law

Oregon’s legislature passed a tough new distracted driving law this past session, making it illegal to even hold your phone while driving, but the agency that faces the task of enforcing the law is stretched thin. Compared to other states, Oregon has a considerable shortage of state troopers to enforce the new law on state […]
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Oregon State Police investigating Cottage Grove teen for splinting, duct-taping deer that was struck, injured by a pickup

­Oregon State Police are investigating the 18-year-old son of the Cottage Grove School District’s superintendent and the son’s friend after the two teens attempted to play veterinarian last month to a ­vehicle-struck deer by duct-taping the ­animal’s broken legs. The teens filmed their nighttime efforts on the ­social media application Snapchat. That video later was […]
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Wildlife Advocates Want Closer Look At Wolf Shot By Hunter

  Wildlife advocates want Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to reopen an investigation into an elk hunter’s shooting of a wolf in Eastern Oregon, which was initially ruled self-defense. In the weeks since, potential discrepancies in the evidence and the account from Oregon State Police have been raised by wolf advocates, a prominent wolf biologist and […]
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Groups ask governor to reopen wolf killing case

An alliance of 18 conservation groups is asking Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to reopen the state’s investigation into the killing of a wolf Oct. 27 in Union County. Brian Scott, a 38-year-old elk hunter from Clackamas, shot the wolf after he claims the animal charged him, though critics argue that photos released by Oregon State […]
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