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Retirement program OregonSaves now available for workers statewide

OregonSaves, the state-run retirement savings program, is opening its doors to any working Oregonian who wants to put away money for the future. The program also has found an enthusiastic audience in Oregonians aged 18 to 35, who make up more than half of those enrolled. Source: Retirement program OregonSaves now available for workers statewide

Oregon Treasurer’s Office Raises Question About Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s Ability to Delegate Authority

Should Richardson step down due to health challenges, Gov. Kate Brown will appoint a Republican to replace him. State Treasurer Tobias Read’s office has asked the Oregon Department of Justice whether the Oregon’s second-ranking elected official, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, can legally delegate his position on the State Land Board. Source: Oregon Treasurer’s Office […]
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Oregon’s transition to new college savings plan hits bumps, bugs

Bend developer Mark Smuland was more than a little surprised last Friday when he tried to sign into the Oregon College Savings Plan to pull out money to cover tuition payments to the University of Oregon for his two children. Source: Oregon’s transition to new college savings plan hits bumps, bugs |

Oregon Treasury To Host Sustainable Investing Conference

Oregon State Treasury is hosting a free conference on sustainable investing next week to look at how the state and individual Oregonians can account for climate change when making investment decisions. The state treasurer is convening a free conference in Portland, exploring the topic of sustainable investing. The daylong event is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 6. […]
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State treasurer plans local summit on sustainable investing

Tobias Read invites state and national investment experts for session next month in Portland. Source: State treasurer plans local summit on sustainable investing

Oregon expands investment options in college savings program

Oregon is expanding investment options available to state residents who enroll in a college savings program. More than 100,000 Oregonians are enrolled in the 18-year-old Oregon College Savings Program. Those enrolled qualify for tax deductions and can make tax-free investments to save for college or career training. Source: Oregon expands investment options in college savings […]
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Make retirement saving easier

Oregon deserves credit for creating a program that makes it easier for people to set aside a small portion of their income for retirement. Yet the fact that the OregonSaves program was crafted in Salem is evidence of a failure at the federal level. Source: Make retirement saving easier

Oregons Retirement Program for Workers Marks First Year

A first-of-its-kind retirement savings program in Oregon is one year old and continues to gain steam. OregonSaves is an alternative for workers whose employers don’t offer a retirement savings option. Source: Oregons Retirement Program for Workers Marks First Year / Public News Service

Perseverance key for savers

Oregon’s pioneering state-sponsored retirement plan for private-sector employees has grown rapidly after surviving a business group’s attempt to snuff it out. Now the real challenge begins: for the program’s swelling ranks of low- and moderate-income participants to stick with investing over the long haul, learn more about how markets work, and accept the inevitable nerve-wracking […]
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One Year In, Assessing the Progress of OregonSaves

In a broad statement marking the first anniversary of the OregonSaves program, State Treasurer Tobias Read suggests the pace of signups is advancing, with an average of more than a thousand people now being registered a week to start contributing. Oregon is among the states that is the furthest along in the launch of a government-administered […]
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