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Travel Oregon in charge of welcome center staffing

Q: I was very glad to see that the new welcome center will be opening in April. I was wondering, who will be running it? The reason I ask is I would like to apply for a job to work there. A: The state tourism promotion agency Travel Oregon will move into the welcome center […]
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A welcome sight

More than 20 years in the making, the Siskiyou Rest Area and Welcome Center near Exit 14 on Interstate 5 is set to open this spring. About 60 percent of people who drive into Oregon come in by that route, according to Ashland Chamber of Commerce Marketing Director Katharine Cato. “We welcome so many visitors […]
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New study looks at who visits North Coast

Traffic, lodging costs are concerns. When international travelers come to the North Coast, they are enamored with the nature that surrounds them and the Oregonians they meet. But a few more signs telling them how to get around wouldn’t hurt. The observations are a part of recent study by Travel Oregon and the University of […]
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Rural county stakes future on renewable energy

Solar and biofuels come to Lakeview. The lake by Lakeview disappeared long ago, and so did the timber jobs. For years the seat of Southern Oregon’s Lake County wrestled with declining public services and economic stagnation. Source: Oregon Business – Rural county stakes future on renewable energy

What it’s like to hike the Oregon Desert Trail

This remote, 750-mile trail shows off the state’s unsung natural attractions. I felt every drop of sweat make its way down my face, neck and back as I stared down the rattlesnake, its beady eyes locked with mine, daring me to move. At this point, a few miles into my solo-backpacking trip through Oregon’s remote […]
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Oregon Looks To Boost Tourism With 7 Large Murals In 7 Small Towns

To boost tourism during the fall, Travel Oregon unveiled a new campaign Monday featuring seven large murals in seven small towns. Source: Oregon Looks To Boost Tourism With 7 Large Murals In 7 Small Towns

Roseburg Public Library gets mural from Travel Oregon

The Roseburg Public Library won’t be open for a few weeks yet, but when it does reopen as a city-owned and operated entity, visitors will be greeted at the entrance by a stunning mural of Crater Lake. The mural depicts Oregon’s only National Park and is part of a Travel Oregon video campaign called “Only […]
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Governor wants to spread the word about smoke

Gov. Kate Brown says part of the process of preventing more summers of smoke in Southern Oregon is to make sure the rest of the state knows just how many people were affected and for how long. “It’s critically important that there be some better cross-fertilization,” Brown told a room of regional leaders in tourism, firefighting, wine […]
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Oregon tourism up in smoke?

Oregon tourism industry worries about fires’ effect on tourism, while Northeast Oregon still sees growth. With smoke-filled skies becoming the norm throughout Oregon during the summer, members of the Oregon tourism industry are worried that wildfires will have an adverse effect on tourism in the state. Whether fires will have the same impact on Northeast […]
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Vacation rental debate takes root on Oregon coast

When talk turns to affordable housing and the competition to cash in on coastal tourism, restaurant owner Charlotte Boxer has plenty to share. There are the homeowners in Agate Beach who put a shipping container in their yard for storage and then used it as a vacation rental. The city’s community development director sent them […]
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