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Oregon travel industry creates jobs, boosts economy

The Oregon travel industry continued to exhibit strong growth in 2016, with travel-related spending generating record revenues for the state. The Oregon travel industry continued to exhibit strong growth in 2016, with travel-related spending generating record revenues for the state. “We’ve had seven consecutive years of very solid growth,” said Travel Oregon Chief Executive Officer […]
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Travel Oregon recognizes Tamástslikt, Pat Beard

A local organization and individual were among the recipients of the 2016 Travel and Tourism Industry Achievement Awards. Presented by the Oregon Tourism Commission, doing business as Travel Oregon, in May at the 2017 Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Salem, Tamástslikt Cultural Institute and Pat Beard were recognized. Source: East Oregonian

Oregon tourism marketing budget doubles

Central Oregon wants to build air service fund. Travel Oregon expects to have twice as much money to spend over the next two years as in the last budget cycle, and a significant chunk of that cash will go to regional tourism-promotion agencies. Source: Oregon tourism marketing budget doubles; Central Oregon wants to build air […]
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Wallowa County tourism spending rises

The tourism industry grew to $29.3 million in 2016, according to a report published last week by Travel Oregon. The bulk of that amount was spend on accommodations, food services, food stores, local transportation and gas, arts and recreation and retail sales. Tourism spending was up roughly a million dollars over 2015 and almost $4 […]
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Editorial: Gross receipts tax proposal gets worse

The Oregon Legislature must, by law, come up with a balanced budget by July 10. That’s a problem. The state expects to pay out about $1.4 billion more in the coming two years than it will have in revenues coming in. The solution? If you’re a legislative Democrat, that’s obvious: Raise taxes, but do so […]
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Visitors to Northeast Oregon spending more during trips

The state’s tourism chief wants visitors to Eastern Oregon not only marvel at the region’s scenic attractions, but also to savor the flavors of local foods and to meet the people who raise the beef, grow the produce and brew the beer. Which is to say that Todd Davidson, CEO of Travel Oregon, hopes tourists […]
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Oregon State Government’s $278 Million Self-Promotion ‘PR’ Machine

Oregonians deserve a safe space from government manipulation, propaganda and bloated contracts. State government shelled out hundreds millions of dollars to public relations firms. Eighty-seven state agencies spent $278 million dollars to convince taxpayers to spend more taxpayer dollars on bigger government, higher taxes – and more regulations from 2012 through 2016. Source: Oregon State Government’s […]
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Tourism advocates hope golf conference brings foreign visitors

Oregon seeks billions spent by international travelers As Travel Oregon seeks to grow the share of tourism spending by foreigners, the agency is heaping praise on the Central Oregon Visitors Association for landing a conference of international golf tour operators. Source: Tourism advocates hope golf conference brings foreign visitors; Oregon seeks billions spent by international […]
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Our view: They’re coming to Umatilla County

It may be arriving in fits and starts, but after a long and unusually frigid winter, summer is nearly here. It’s just what Pendleton needs. Tourism isn’t strictly a fair-weather business, but around these parts the clear skies and warm nights are the perfect environment to welcome visitors from all over. Source: East Oregonian

Beach Bill: Celebrating 50 years of public beaches 

Former Gov. McCall’s son toasts Oregon’s Beach Bill In a lot of ways, the relationship between the Oregon Coast and those who live here is like a marriage vow: you love it for better or for worse. This love was tested as about 30 people huddled under umbrellas and raincoats in a sporadic rain and […]
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