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Bat tests positive for rabies in Benton County

Health officials say a bat tested positive for rabies in Benton County Wednesday. According to Benton County Health Department and Oregon public health officials, a Benton County resident found a bat on their property that may have had contact with one of their domestic animal. The resident brought the bat to the Oregon State Veterinary […]
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Why COVID-19 has brought a local veterinarian eye to eye with a dilemma

The Coronavirus pandemic has crept into every aspect of our lives, from the economy to our social life, to how we care for our four-legged friends. When the governor’s orders came down, the Oregon Health Authority worked directly with the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board to create guidelines for veterinary offices across the state. Source: […]
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Editorial: State veterinary board needs to step up oversight

The latest audit from the Oregon Secretary of State’s office looked at the way the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board monitors the controlled substances veterinarians both use in their practices and prescribe for their animal patients. To put it gently, the audit found serious problems with the current state of affairs. That said, the board […]
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Audit: Opioid Controls Lax Among Oregon Veterinarians

In a recently released audit, Secretary of State Bev Clarno concluded that Oregon veterinarians have not shown due diligence in monitoring their prescription drugs, including opioids.    623 veterinary practices were surveyed, and according to the data, “23 percent of respondents have seen an increase in the number of customers exhibiting doctor shopping behaviors in the last […]
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Dog owner says veterinary clinic re-homed puppy without his knowledge 

A Damascus man is now reunited with his 4-month-old pit bull puppy Birtha after he says a local veterinary clinic re-homed his pet without his knowledge. Source: Dog owner says veterinary clinic re-homed puppy without his knowledge | KATU