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Local watersheds get state funding to battle weeds; ODA denies 1 request 

Malheur and Owyhee watershed councils each had grant requests approved to pay for ongoing noxious weed control by the Oregon State Weed Board, however one request was denied. The state weed board awarded $1.84 million this week to pay for 63 projects around the state to fight some of the noxious weeds that invade Oregon, […]
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New state agricultural heritage panel meets in Prineville

The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board appointed 12 members to the new Oregon Agricultural Heritage Commission Wednesday, a program approved by the Legislature in 2017 to help ensure well-managed working lands can be passed down to the next generation and kept in production. The commission’s first meeting is Thursday, Feb. 1 and is open to the […]
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Flood-damaged creek will go back in time

Lower Little Butte Creek could be on the cusp of shedding a lingering headache from the 1997 flood, when the creek jumped its channel and started eating a dirty path toward trouble. The Rogue River Watershed Council is about to embark upon a quarter-million-dollar effort to redirect the creek toward its pre-flood meander toward the […]
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Parsons family ensures forest will stay as is

When Jud Parsons took over management of the family’s forestland on the flanks of Mount Ashland in the 1950s, Southern Oregon was in the midst of a timber boom that saw clear-cuts on large swaths of private and industrial forestland with few reforestation successes. Parsons saw this cut-and-run mentality of the time and he wanted […]
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Editorial: Willamette partnership has big payoff 

It is the river that, more than anything, unites the mid-valley: The Willamette River, 187 miles long from Eugene to Portland, defines this region. Source: Editorial: Willamette partnership has big payoff | Editorial |

Uncharted waters: Willamette restoration groups navigate threats to funding

In 2008, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and the nonprofit Meyer Memorial Trust joined forces to launch the Willamette Special Investment Partnership, a far-reaching initiative aimed at bringing back some of the long-lost natural features of a river that winds through the most heavily developed part of the state. Recognizing the need for sustained effort, […]
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Preserving native oak savannas

A patch of oak savanna along the slopes of Lower Table Rock that was rehabbed last year already is showing enough signs of health that the warblers have taken notice. There are fewer conifer-loving hermit warblers now that encroaching pine and firs have been systematically removed, and they’re being replaced by oak-loving black-throated gray warblers.” […]
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Changes planned for Oregon ag water quality oversight

Regulators are implementing a new approach to ensure Oregon farmers comply with agricultural water quality standards. Oregon’s farm regulators aim to increase the impact of their agricultural water quality program by shifting how grant money is allocated, among other changes. Ensuring that farmers comply with water quality standards is within the purview of the Oregon […]
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Members needed for Agricultural Heritage Commission

Applicants are needed to fill positions on the newly formed Oregon Agricultural Heritage Commission. The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board is accepting applications to serve on the newly formed Oregon Agricultural Heritage Commission, established by the Legislature to provide incentives for farmers to voluntarily adopt practices that preserve both natural resources and agriculture. Source: Members needed […]
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Ditch restoration benefits fish and crops

Tulley-Hill ditch supplies Wallowa mid-valley with key irrigation water. The Wallowa mid-valley isn’t just home to stunning scenery — it contains some of the county’s best farmland. The Lostine and Wallowa rivers converge here, supplying irrigation water to maintain crops for export and local livestock feed. On the Lostine River alone, there are 11 ditches […]
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