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Editorial: There’s no magic bullet for PERS woes

The task force that Gov. Kate Brown has assembled to come up with a list of ways to cut costs associated with the state’s public pension fund met for the final time last week and now is preparing its final list of ideas. That list is due by Nov. 1 to the governor, but at […]
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Lebanon considers vocational charter school 

Superintendent Rob Hess plans to bring a “napkin sketch” of what a county-wide vocational charter school might look like to the November meeting of the Lebanon School Board. Board members briefly discussed the concept at their October session, held Thursday evening at the Santiam Travel Station and broadcast via the internet. The November meeting will […]
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Editorial: Tech school idea is worth exploring 

We’re still not convinced Oregon voters made the right decision last November when they passed Ballot Measure 98, which forces the state to spend money on career and technical education programs, along with two other areas meant to improve the state’s dismal graduation rate. But we have to give the ballot measure at least some […]
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Editorial: New bridge? After a century? Well, OK

Oregon legislators call them “Christmas trees,” bills such as this year’s $5.3 billion transportation package,  and there’s a reason for that: It turns out that these bills typically include shiny new presents for almost everyone. And so it was with the recent report that the bill includes more than $67 million to replace the Van […]
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Editorial: New law triggers drop in inmate numbers

A law approved by this year’s Legislature appears to have made some immediate progress toward one of its goals, fending off for the time being the costly opening of a second women’s prison in the state. But whether the law in the long run improves public safety in Oregon will depend on a large degree […]
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Editorial: Initiatives again grab the spotlight 

Ballot measures and citizen initiatives are back in the news in Oregon — although, considering the state’s wild politics, these petition efforts rarely spend too much time out of the Source: Editorial: Initiatives again grab the spotlight | Editorial |

Think Too Much: The case for funding ‘everyday’ science | Editorial | 

Let’s start today with this proposition: The United States is underfunding basic scientific research. This situation predates the current administration, even though President Trump and his appointees have been notable for their indifference (if not outright hostility) toward science. So in a situation where it’s harder and harder to find money for research, it particularly […]
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A new drug problem: Linn County wrestles with relaxed law

Albany Police Lt. Jerry Drum brought a catalog of digital scales into Capt. Eric Carter’s office one morning in late July. The two officers planned to order at least one precision scale in preparation for something they never had to do before: measure the exact amount of methamphetamine found on a suspect. Source: A new […]
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Editorial: Test results pose a vexing question

North Albany resident Tom Cordier has been on a bit of a tear lately, addressing both the Greater Albany Public Schools Board of Trustees and the Linn County Board of Commissioners about what he sees as signs of big trouble in the area’s public schools. Both the commissioners and the school board, probably wisely, chose […]
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LBCC iLearn expands

Self-paced online program marks third year. Students who enroll in the iLearn program at Linn-Benton Community College can now take advantage of a new partnership with Oregon State University’s College of Business. Business administration students can earn up to 120 credits with LBCC and then transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree at OSU, either at […]
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