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Idaho, other western states to study big game range land

Idaho has been awarded a grant to study how elk herds move through a northern Idaho migration corridor also used by grizzly bears and wolverines.The grant, announced by the U.S. Department of the Interior on Friday, is part of $3.2 million in funding for big game rangeland studies in 11 western states. Source: Idaho, other […]
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Court of Appeals overturns lower court decision on forestry measures

The Oregon Court of Appeals said Wednesday that Secretary of State Bev Clarno incorrectly asserted that a slate of prospective ballot measures didn’t comply with the state’s constitution. The court reversed a decision by Marion County Circuit Judge Daniel Wren that had favored Clarno and sent it back down for a ruling favoring the petitioners. […]
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Convoy to the Capitol: Timber Unity rally converges on Salem

If Thursday morning’s Timber Unity rally to protest proposed cap-and-trade carbon and greenhouse emissions legislation could be summed up in a single world, it would have to be “L-O-U-D!” From shortly after sunrise until almost noon, air horns blasted in short bursts as long streams of log trucks, dump trucks, pickups pulling cattle trailers and […]
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Judge rejects Sen. Brian Boquist’s public records lawsuit

Senate President Peter Courtney and legislative employees didn’t improperly withhold public records requested by state Sen. Brian Boquist, a Marion County Circuit Court judge has determined. The judge’s decision is the latest in an ongoing feud between the Dallas Republican and one of the state’s most powerful lawmakers that started during last year’s combative legislative […]
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Van Buren Bridge may get reprieve

The fate of the Van Buren Bridge might not be a done deal. The Corvallis City Council voted 8-1 last Oct. 21 not to take ownership of the 1913 bridge over the Willamette River amid concerns about the high cost of maintaining/retaining it. The vote made it likely that the historic structure would be demolished. […]
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Editorial: There’s still much to overcome in the mid-valley

Martin Luther King Jr. Day was celebrated on Monday, with local observances including a march in Corvallis at Oregon State University that drew close to 200 participants singing “We Shall Overcome.” And, yes, there’s still much to overcome in the name of liberty and equality, even in the mid-Willamette Valley. Source: Editorial: There’s still much […]
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GAPS to roll out Native curriculum in the fall | Local

In 2017, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 13, requiring school districts to include Native curriculum in K-12 classes and provide professional development surrounding teaching and implementation of the lesson plans. Source: GAPS to roll out Native curriculum in the fall | Local |

Editorial: Cascades snowfall is good news for mid-valley

The wintry mix of weather hitting Linn and Benton counties this week might be a pain for residents dealing with slick roads and other issues, but it also means that there’s good news up in the mountains for Oregonians. There’s snow up in the hills. Just how bad was the snowpack earlier this winter? Source: […]
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Commentary: Congress, don’t allow the ban on fentanyl-like drugs to expire

In 2018 alone, nearly 32,000 American men, women and children fatally overdosed on a synthetic opioid. One of the deadliest synthetic opioids is fentanyl, which is helping to drive our nation’s opioid crisis. Fentanyl is 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine. Source: Commentary: Congress, don’t allow the ban […]
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Using marijuana is legal in Illinois — but it can still get you fired

Now that recreational pot is legal in Illinois, marijuana enthusiasts may feel like it’s finally time to emerge from hiding. But people with jobs – or looking for them – might want to stay in the shadows for now as companies figure out how to handle employees who partake. In Illinois, employers are allowed to […]
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