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Researcher helps explain an invasion of weird sea creatures

Kelly Sutherland says by-the-wind sailors wash up regularly on Pacific beaches. In April, thousands of jellyfish relatives known as Velella velella washed ashore on Oregon beaches, and now the same thing has happened in New Zealand, littering Fitzroy Beach in New Plymouth. Commonly known as by-the-wind sailors, the blue, gelatinous velella skim across the surface […]
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Renewal of federal grant for UO center supports rural Oregonians 

The Community Service Center helps small communities with economic development. If you were to ask UO students who hail from the state’s small towns what they did for fun growing up, chances are they’d say they went to the movies at a local theater. They might even say they sold tickets and worked the popcorn […]
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UO’s role in ShakeAlert gets federal funding boost

UO efforts to strengthen the state’s monitoring and disaster-preparation efforts got a boost of just under $1 million in new federal funding announced recently by the U.S. Geological Survey. “The funds will be used to install, maintain and operate additional seismic-monitoring sites throughout Oregon,” said UO geophysicist Doug Toomey, who leads the UO’s long-running efforts […]
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3+3 law program jump-starts students’ legal careers

Clark Honors College students Nicole Meyers and Justin Ambron will be the first to complete their undergraduate degrees a year early as part of the 3+3 Program that, in partnership with the University of Oregon School of Law, allows honors college students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor in six consecutive years. Source: […]
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Oregon legislature adjourns, passes key UO funding and bills

The state legislative session that adjourned July 7 was, by many measures, a difficult session for lawmakers, who were faced with a budget shortfall of more than $1 billion and major initiatives to negotiate, including a multibillion-dollar transportation package and a Medicaid package to ensure thousands of Oregonians are able to stay on the Oregon […]
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President Schill expresses thanks for legislative funding efforts

UO President Michael H. Schill sent the following message to the campus community July 11:Dear University of Oregon community, This afternoon, the UO Board of Trustees voted to roll back the 2017–18 resident undergraduate tuition increase to 6.56 percent—a reduction of more than a third—providing welcome relief to Oregon students and families. Source: President Schill […]
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Legislature taps UO museum as state’s official home for fossils

Oregon fossils are now assured an Oregon home with the passage of a new law that makes the UO’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History the state’s official repository for publicly owned paleontological collections. The law, which goes into effect Jan. 1, will offer a safe, long-term home for Oregon fossils and other paleontological materials, […]
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Big issues remain as Legislature closes in on session’s end

University of Oregon leaders and supporters are staying visible in Salem as legislators continue to work through important bills and policy issues. President Michael Schill met with legislators and was present for the passage of House Concurrent Resolution 37, which honored the University of Oregon for its recent academic and athletic achievements. The resolution was […]
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A UO grad student is on the trail of a weird jellyfish invasion

UO graduate student Hilarie Sorensen went to sea on her first research cruise in May in search of a species of jellyfish seen in large numbers the previous two years along the Oregon coast. Instead of finding the water jellies she sought, she witnessed an emerging phenomenon along the Pacific Northwest coastline. Source: A UO […]
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Scientists deploy new technique at one of Oregon’s Paisley Caves

An international team of researchers has reopened a part of the Paisley Caves archaeological site with the aim of resolving a longstanding debate about how and when people first came to the Americas. Source: Scientists deploy new technique at one of Oregon’s Paisley Caves | Around the O