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Cooking up a Southern Oregon food trail to boost tourism

Local tourism agencies want to create a Rogue Valley food trail to highlight the popular culinary institutions that have root in one of the best agricultural areas of Oregon. Source: Cooking up a Southern Oregon food trail to boost tourism

Southern Oregon teachers learn how to teach children about race

Macy Senestraro knows the story of her own family’s journey to the U.S. The special education teacher at Bellview Elementary School is the granddaughter of immigrants who she said faced discrimination upon arriving in California from Mexico. Source: Southern Oregon teachers learn how to teach children about race

Cannabis and hemp bring mixture of impacts to Oregon

How’s it going with legal recreational cannabis in Oregon after four years? Addressing a conference on Occupational Safety & Health in Ashland, a man from the governor’s office said it has been a complicated, controversial journey. Among the state’s findings, said Jeffrey Rhoades, senior marijuana policy advisor to Gov. Kate Brown, is that pot use […]
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America wants Southern Oregon hemp

Jackson County takes the crown as the hemp-growing capital of Oregon, but many local residents wonder where all those fields of flower will be sold. “The vast majority of Oregon’s production is going out of state,” said Pete Gendron, president of Oregon SunGrowers’ Guild. “We just don’t have sufficient production capacity to handle the load.” […]
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A hemp headache

For 38 years, Arnie Abrams has enjoyed his quiet country life outside of Ashland with idyllic views of the valley below him. That peace and quiet was upended over the past year when hemp grows began surrounding his house, and he fears that what remains of his rural lifestyle will be completely undermined if a […]
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Good year for Rogue Valley pears, but market is soft

Pear growers rated this year’s harvest in the Rogue Valley from good to perhaps a little light. But a soft market has left at least one orchardist wondering if he will continue. “If we don’t make more on pears this year, we will perhaps take out the orchard. For nothing we could do nothing. Maybe […]
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Stop-gap efforts buy Cole Rivers Hatchery time

Cole Rivers Hatchery technicians are jerry-rigging a new water-delivery system to its hatch house in hopes of avoiding a repeat of last winter’s massive die-off of Rogue River spring chinook salmon eggs from contaminated water. The string of new plastic water piping is seen as a stop-gap effort while waiting for a U.S. Army Corps […]
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Feds are key to hemp

Congress set off a farming frenzy when it legalized hemp nationwide in last year’s farm bill. The rush to plant fields of industrial hemp swept into the Rogue Valley, eclipsing the number of acres devoted to pears and wine grapes combined. Whether everyone involved will still be in business next year remains to be seen, […]
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Jackson County dodges lightning strikes

Jackson County managed to dodge the lightning bolts that had weather forecasters and firefighting agencies preparing for the worst this week. Klamath, Lake, Douglas, Josephine and Coos counties saw a smattering of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes over a 24-hour period Wednesday and Thursday, but not a single strike was recorded in Jackson County, National Weather Service […]
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Herb Rothschild Jr.: What do we have a right to know?

The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee a Right to Know. Nonetheless, the concept has widespread currency and in varying contexts has been mandated by statutory law. Some of these laws, such as state Open Records and Open Meetings requirements and the federal Freedom of Information Act, have general support; people across the political spectrum favor governmental […]
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