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Emergency EPA action sought to curb drinking water contamination near Oregon dairies, feedlots

Eight state and national health and environment groups are asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to take emergency action because they say Oregon regulators have failed to curb nitrate contamination in drinking water sources near large dairies and feedlots. Source: Emergency EPA action sought to curb drinking water contamination near Oregon dairies, feedlots –

California may require beverage makers to handle recycling

California lawmakers are considering upending the state’s struggling bottle and can recycling program by requiring beverage distributors to create a new system to take back their own containers, similar to one that has been successful in neighboring Oregon. Source: California may require beverage makers to handle recycling

15 states oppose Trump plan to allow LNG shipments by rail

State Library Ed Note: Oregon is among the 15 states. The attorneys general of 15 states said this week that they oppose a Trump administration proposal to allow rail shipments of liquefied natural gas, arguing the trains will share tracks with passenger trains and travel through congested areas. The protesting states included Pennsylvania and New […]
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New Labor Dept. Rule Clarifies ‘Joint Employer’ Standard

The Labor Department issued a final rule Sunday that clarifies when a worker is employed by more than one company, an issue that affects franchise businesses such as McDonald’s and firms that have outsourced services such as cleaning and maintenance. Source: New Labor Dept. Rule Clarifies ‘Joint Employer’ Standard | Business News | US News

NOAA: Minimal Impact on Wildlife in Proposed Gas Project

Federal authorities suggested the environmental impact of a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal and pipeline in southern Oregon would be minimal, saying the contentious project wouldn’t jeopardize protected species or adversely change their critical habitat. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said its review shows that the affects of the proposed Jordan Cove liquefied natural […]
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Oregon looks, again, to crack down on labor trafficking

In 2007, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill promoted by then Sen. Kate Brown making it crime to force someone to work. Brown, who is now the governor, told a legislative committee back then that the bill would raise awareness about the problem and provide tools by law enforcement. But 13 years later, the number […]
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Cancer Group Finds Biggest One-Year Drop in U.S. Death Rate

Researchers on Wednesday reported the largest-ever one-year decline in the U.S. cancer death rate, a drop they credited to advances in lung-tumor treatments. The overall cancer death rate has been falling about 1.5% a year since 1991. It fell 2.2% from 2016 to 2017, according to the new American Cancer Society report. That’s the largest […]
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Flu kills 19 people, including 2 children, in Washington state

In Oregon, as of Dec. 28, one child has died from the flu or related complications. The state public health agency does not track adult flu deaths. Source: Flu kills 19 people, including 2 children, in Washington state –

States charge more for electric cars as new laws take effect

The new year will bring new charges for some owners of electric vehicles, as an increasing number of states seek to plug in to fresh revenue sources to offset forgone gas taxes. In Hawaii, the charge will be $50. In Kansas, $100. In Alabama and Ohio, $200.New or higher registration fees go into effect Wednesday […]
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Study Looks at Benefits and Liabilities of Snake River Dams

A state report says four federal hydroelectric dams along the Snake River in Washington state bring both benefits and liabilities to the region, and there is no clear consensus on whether the giant structures should be removed or retained. Source: Study Looks at Benefits and Liabilities of Snake River Dams | Washington News | US […]
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