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Oregon faces black-market marijuana problem

Illegal market grows in Deschutes County. Law enforcement authorities intercepted $48 million worth of black-market marijuana headed from Oregon to 37 states over a three-year period, and officers blame the illegal exports on a statewide glut of regulated marijuana and low prices. Some of the black-market marijuana comes from illegal growers, some diverted from legal […]
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Bend school librarian wins state honor

Cascade Middle School librarian named best secondary librarian in Oregon. Amy Wilde, a librarian at Cascade Middle School, was named the Secondary Library Teacher of the Year by the Oregon Association of School Libraries, according to a Bend-La Pine Schools press release. “My biggest goal this year is really connecting with the non-readers and getting […]
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Oregon has new rules for harvesting roadkill to eat

It will be legal to salvage roadkilled deer and elk to eat starting Jan. 1, with new rules adopted by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission on Friday. The new rules are in response to the passage of Senate Bill 372 by the Oregon Legislature in 2017. Among other changes, the new rules allow deer […]
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Guest column: State should mandate specific subjects

I am writing in response to The Bulletin editorial (Oct. 2 “Don’t micromanage high school curriculum”) concerning proposed state legislation to insure reference to the Holocaust in the teaching of history in Oregon. At first, I was sympathetic to The Bulletin’s argument that teachers ought to be able to have some ownership of their classroom […]
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Washington cannabis regulations differ from Oregon

In Washington, the second state to start recreational sales of cannabis, regulators combat cannabis diversion from the legal recreational and medical programs to the black market by limiting the number of producers and processors and the size of their growing sites, a state officials said. Washington limits its number of licensed cannabis producers and processors […]
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Federal money flows into Deschutes Basin piping projects

USDA-backed project gets going near Tumalo, others planned. With the summer irrigation season winding down and the winter snowfall still on the horizon, several irrigation districts in the Deschutes Basin are planning or breaking ground on ambitious piping projects, armed with a sizable cache of federal money. Source: Federal money flows into Deschutes Basin piping […]
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Editorial: Here’s proof every vote counts;

Tuesday is the last day Central Oregonians can register if they hope to vote in the November general election. And while some may feel their vote doesn’t count for much, a pair of Deschutes County residents would tell them otherwise. Source: Editorial: Here’s proof every vote counts;

Editorial: Both candidates are wrong

Oregon’s top two gubernatorial candidates met Tuesday night for a third and final debate. Republican Knute Buehler of Bend squared off against Democratic Gov. Kate Brown at a television studio in Portland. While the two disagreed on many things, their views on childhood vaccination were remarkably similar and, unfortunately, just plain wrong. Neither one sees […]
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Measure 104 would require super-majority vote to raise fees;

Oregon voters are being asked to decide if lawmakers should be required to have a so-called supermajority of votes — or three-fifths majority — whenever they vote to change or repeal a tax break or increase or impose a fee. Measure 104 would change the definition of “raising revenue” in the Oregon Constitution to include […]
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Social Security checks will grow in 2019 as inflation rises

Bend retirees say they’ll spend the money on food and medical bills. Tens of millions of Social Security recipients and other retirees will get a 2.8 percent boost in benefits next year as inflation edges higher. It’s the biggest increase most retired baby boomers have gotten. Following a stretch of low inflation, the cost-of-living adjustment, […]
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