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Central Oregon unemployment rates reach historic lows

Unemployment rates in Central Oregon counties reached historic lows in May, the Oregon Employment Department reported Tuesday. In Deschutes County, the rate dipped to 3.8 percent, a new historical low, down from 4.2 percent in April. The county added 1,270 jobs, which was slightly more than expected for May. Most of the jobs added were […]
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Editorial: ODOT vs. Bend’s breweries

Agency that wasted millions on sinking overpass takes shot at city’s ‘drinking culture’ Central Oregon residents are a bunch of drunks, it seems, especially those of us who live in Bend. And our local culture is to blame. For shame, breweries! Source: Editorial: ODOT vs. Bend’s breweries; Agency that wasted millions on sinking overpass takes […]
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Tariff hikes hit Oregon products

Just last month, Oregon Beef Council CEO Will Wise was standing next to the meat case of a high-end grocery story in Shanghai and observed a consumer choosing U.S. beef. The steak that the woman chose cost the equivalent of about $50, he said. “It’s cool to see people picking up expensive U.S. beef,” Wise […]
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Federal government nixes Bend Parkway grant

A federal grant that local leaders hoped would provide $60 million to $70 million to re-route the Bend Parkway won’t come through, at least not this year. The Oregon Legislature in 2017 earmarked $50 million for safety improvements, including new traffic signals, at the congested intersection of U.S. Highway 97 and Cooley Road — a […]
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In Bend, child care may be harder to find than housing

When Wintress Lovering decided to return to work and started looking for child care for her young daughter in February, she heard the same response from several centers: they were full, but maybe she could try in the fall — of 2019. Lovering eventually found a program that will take her two children — a […]
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Capitol report: ODOT faults Bend’s ‘drinking culture’; Walden calls for immigration reform

Meanwhile, a change at local child welfare office. The state Transportation Commission will consider a report this week that says the Central Oregon’s “drinking culture” built around breweries makes the region more likely to have serious substance abuse-related traffic accidents. “Central Oregon is a major tourist destination, not just for its winter and summer recreational […]
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Editorial: Pay attention. You’re driving

On July 1, Oregon gets really, really tough about distracted driving. That’s the day new, higher fines kick in for those found using their cellphones or other electronic devices improperly while driving. The higher fines were part of a measure, House Bill 2597, approved by the 2017 Legislature. Source: Editorial: Pay attention. You’re driving;

McKenzie Pass Highway reopens after 10 months

Scenic pass opens after damaging wildfire. When the Old McKenzie Pass Highway opened Monday to motor vehicles, it was the first time in 10 months travelers drove on the scenic byway, which was closed as the result of damage suffered during the Milli Fire. Deschutes National Forest and Oregon Department of Transportation officials closed the […]
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Editorial: At fast-food eatery, jobs disappear as minimum wage rises

Oregon has one of the highest minimum wages in the country, currently $10.25 per hour. When state lawmakers approved the increase in 2016, there were worries, chiefly in the business community, that the higher wage would cost people jobs. It may already have. McDonald’s is adding self-order kiosks to some stores in Oregon, including at […]
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Voter registration trends troubling for Republicans

The 54th House District has swelled with Democrats and nonaffiliated voters. Deschutes County has a strong claim as the linchpin of future political control of state government. Democrats are one vote away from a supermajority in the House and Senate. That would allow Democrats to pass financial legislation, including taxes, without seeking Republican support. In […]
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