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Commentary: OSU deserves support to produce next generation of farmers

As an Oregon dairy farmer, I’ve seen struggles from the pandemic and stress on food supply firsthand. When the pandemic hit, consumers and farmers were anxious about food security, especially when supply chains were interrupted, but people also became more aware of where their food was coming from and how vital local farms are. As […]
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Work on Owyhee Reservoir “glory hole” set this fall

Owyhee Reservoir’s unusual spillway system is slated for improvement, partly because this year’s lower inflows made it more accessible. Exterior concrete improvements to the structure that houses the ring gate or “glory hole,” which sits in the southeastern Oregon reservoir just above Owyhee Dam, are expected to start in late September and conclude by early […]
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Oregon emissions lawsuit may face preliminary hurdles

A lawsuit that alleges Oregon Gov. Kate Brown overstepped her authority with an executive order to reduce carbon emissions may first have to answer more mundane legal questions. The Oregon Farm Bureau and a coalition of other companies and business groups filed the complaint to prove that Brown’s executive order unconstitutionally violates the separation of […]
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Honey bee colonies up in winter, down in spring

A new report from USDA signals a little sweet news for honey bees. January 2020, the number of colonies nationwide was up 8% from January 2019, an increase from 2.67 million to 2.88 million colonies. Winter, experts say, is usually the season with the most hive loss. But honey bees this year had a better-than-usual […]
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Oregon budget cuts expected for farm-related programs

Agriculture groups expect to play defense during the upcoming special legislative session on Oregon’s budget, when natural resources spending will likely go under the knife. Source: Oregon budget cuts expected for farm-related programs | Oregon |

Klamath Irrigation District scores victory in water rights case

A circuit judge in Oregon has sided with Klamath Basin farmers in a water rights case that could have future implications for water availability and deliveries in the region. The lawsuit, filed by the Klamath Irrigation District, concerns stored water in Upper Klamath Lake as part of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Klamath Project, serving more […]
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Oregon port’s expansion onto farmland hits roadblock

The planned expansion of Oregon’s Port of Morrow onto 90 acres of farmland has hit a roadblock after a key rezoning decision was overturned. Morrow County’s approval of the expansion, which is intended to make way for a data center, was challenged by the 1,000 Friends of Oregon nonprofit organization earlier this year. Source: Oregon […]
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Bureau of Reclamation to invest $1.2M in updated science for Klamath Project

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is taking a fresh look at how it manages water supplies for agriculture and native fish in the Klamath Basin. Source: Bureau of Reclamation to invest $1.2M in updated science for Klamath Project

Commentary: The wildfire problem

Fire is the rapid oxidation of burnable materials in a chemical process requiring oxygen, heat, and fuel, and a source of ignition. Fuels are the only practical component that can be controlled in wildlands since oxygen and heat are uncontrollable in open settings. In order to minimize the negative environmental effects of wildfire, available fuels […]
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Editorial: 2B, or not 2B, there’s no question

In trying to create opportunities for domestic workers who lost their jobs because of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump may have dealt a crushing blow to contractors Source: Editorial: 2B, or not 2B, there’s no question | Editorials |