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NW Ag Show: Farmer Mac economist analyzes regional outlook

Ryan Kuhns, an economist with Farmer Mac, conducted a S.W.O.T. analysis for Northwest agriculture — that’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats — during a presentation at the Northwest Ag Show. With a diverse range of consumer-oriented products and relatively steady net farm income, Ryan Kuhns, an economist for the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp., also known […]
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Oregon hazelnut industry targets domestic markets

As the number of mature hazelnut trees is expected to double in Oregon over the next three to four years, industry leaders are focused on building domestic markets for the crop beyond Nutella. Source: Oregon hazelnut industry targets domestic markets | Orchards, Nuts & Vines |

Next generation of blueberry farmers joins commission

Members of the next generation from families involved in the blueberry industry are stepping up to fill seats on the Oregon Blueberry Commission. Jeff Malensky, Anne Krahmer and Ellie Norris are recent additions to the commission. Source: Next generation of blueberry farmers joins commission | Oregon |

Judge wants anti-logging lawsuit clarified 

An environmental lawsuit against logging practices in the Tillamook and Clatsop state forests will be allowed to proceed as long as the allegations are made more specific. Source: Judge wants anti-logging lawsuit clarified | Oregon |

Oregon files objection to Lost Valley farm sale

A federal bankruptcy judge in California will allow the proposed sale of Lost Valley Farm to proceed as scheduled, despite objections from Oregon state agencies over who will clean up millions of gallons of wastewater and manure at the failed dairy. Source: Oregon files objection to Lost Valley farm sale

In session: NW legislatures take up issues impacting agriculture

The three Northwest legislatures go to work this month, addressing a wide variety of issues that will impact their state’s farmers and ranchers. In Oregon and Washington, the changing climate tops the governors’ legislative agendas. Source: In session: NW legislatures take up issues impacting agriculture | Idaho |

Western federal lands policy open to challenge, attorney says

Federal ownership of vast acreage across the West is vulnerable to a constitutional challenge by affected state governments, according to a public lands attorney. While court rulings until now have supported the federal government’s control over Western public lands, attorney George Wentz said those cases predate the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, […]
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China cherry tariff damage estimated at $106 million

A soon-to-be-released Washington State University study will show the Pacific Northwest cherry industry lost an estimated $106 million due to Chinese tariffs last year, says B.J. Thurlby, president of Northwest Cherry Growers in Yakima. Source: China cherry tariff damage estimated at $106 million | Orchards, Nuts & Vines |

Shutdown may delay hire of USDA falling number researcher

The partial federal government shutdown could delay the hiring of a USDA researcher to lead the investigation into starch problems in wheat, an industry representative says. Before the shutdown, the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Pullman, Wash., was on track to post the job announcement in January, said Mary Palmer Sullivan, vice president of the […]
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Guest farmworker reforms unlikely, attorney says

The showdown over immigration and border security may have an upside if U.S. lawmakers reconsider improving the agricultural guestworker system, according to an attorney tracking the issue. However, attorney Leon Sequeira told growers attending the American Farm Bureau Federation’s convention in New Orleans on Jan. 13 this outcome didn’t have a high probability of materializing […]
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