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Nuts for hazelnuts: growers can’t keep up with demand

Dylan Bruck slid onto the seat of his ATV. His border collie, Zoey, leapt in after him and crawled between his legs. Bruck straightened his baseball cap and squinted at his orchards of hazelnut trees, gold-dusted by the morning sun. Source: Nuts for hazelnuts: growers can’t keep up with demand

Oregon nursery industry booming, but still bears scars of 2008 recession

In 1948, Al and Ann Bigej opened Al’s Fruit Stand — an old chicken coop fashioned into a produce booth — along Highway 99. They sold a dozen ears of corn for 3 cents. Source: Oregon nursery industry booming, but still bears scars of 2008 recession

Farmers ‘profoundly disappointed’ by Trump’s wheat comments

Farmers ‘profoundly disappointed’ by Trump’s wheat comments. The U.S. wheat industry is reacting with disappointment after President Donald Trump said that Japan, their No. 1 customer, doesn’t really want to buy their grain. Source: Farmers ‘profoundly disappointed’ by Trump’s wheat comments | Agriculture |

Dormant-season grazing eyed as tool in reducing fire risk

Researchers from three states aim to add tools for ranchers, land managers. Researchers and southeastern Oregon ranchers aim to determine if large-scale dormant-season grazing can knock out substantial amounts of invasive annual grasses and reduce rangeland fire risk. Source: Dormant-season grazing eyed as tool in reducing fire risk | Livestock |

PNW cherry growers wrap up a good season

Pacific Northwest cherry growers are wrapping up one of their better seasons in years with good fruit, good demand and good pricing, industry leaders say. As of Aug. 13, the industry had shipped 23.5 million, 20-pound boxes — the third largest crop behind 25.3 million boxes in 2018 and the record 26.4 million in 2017. […]
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Chinese imports hurt U.S. canned pears

Imports of canned pears from China are damaging the Northwest canned pear industry and heightening competition between processors. Source: Chinese imports hurt U.S. canned pears | Orchards, Nuts & Vines |

Pear Bureau plans tariff relief spending

Pear Bureau Northwest is planning to spend $2 million in federal tariff relief to promote pear exports to top foreign markets over the next two seasons. USDA awarded $200 million in Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP) funding last January to dozens of organizations and $100 million on July 19 to help relieve losses from higher […]
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Many of Oregon’s dams in dangerous condition

People in blazers and strapped-on booties waded through the dark intake tunnel of a dam, flashlights in hand, stirring rust-colored silt into the water. Spiders and large black crickets scurried across the wet walls. And water trickled from seepage holes — vulnerable breakage points inside the tunnel. “This is the stuff nightmares are made of,” […]
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State laws on Trump tax returns misguided | Mail Tribune

Gov. Kate Brown attracted some attention this week when she told a Huffington Post interviewer that she would sign a bill requiring President Trump and other presidential candidates to release their tax returns to appear on the Oregon ballot. That’s the wrong way to go about it. Source: State laws on Trump tax returns misguided […]
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Editorial: Urban, rural Oregon are interdependent | Editorials |

Our colleagues at the Oregon Capital Bureau did a thorough job of reporting last week on the subtle realities of the state’s urban-rural divide. The story was written in the context of the defeat of House Bill 2020, the signature climate change legislation backed by Oregon’s Democrat party, following protests by timbermen, truckers, farmers and […]
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