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Marijuana abundance driving price downward

A gram of marijuana costs $5 at one shop in Brookings. At another, it’s $3. And at a third, it’s $2.50. Source: Marijuana abundance driving price downward;

County comprehensive housing study begins

Local stakeholders raised $31,500 needed to begin a Curry County Housing Study in less than five minutes at a recent meeting. Source: County comprehensive housing study begins;

Marijuana priorities set for Oregon

Billy Williams, the U.S. Attorney General for Oregon, said he’ll do what he can to enforce federal laws regarding growing marijuana, but admits his finite resources will limit his office from pursuing all but five priorities he outlined in a May 18 announcement. Those will include interstate trafficking of marijuana, working with local and state […]
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SRS money OK’d in bill

Curry County will again see Secure Rural School (SRS) money after Congress approved the 2018 Omnibus spending bill that funds the federal government through Sept. 30. U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley and U.S. Rep. Greg Walden finally succeeded in getting $426 million in SRS program funding in the omnibus budget legislation. Source: SRS […]
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Pathogen on the rise

Sudden Oak Disease (SOD) is intensifying in Curry County, Oregon Department of Forestry surveys indicate, prompting state and federal agencies to step up measures to prevent the pathogen from spreading. The NA1 variant of SOD has been in Curry County for years. Of concern, however, is a new strain: the EU1 hails from Europe and […]
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Oregon stepping in right direction with HB 4145

Oregon House Bill 4145 finally passed the state house with 36 Democrats and one Republican voting yes and 22 Republicans plus one Democrat, Rep. Caddy McKeown of Coos Bay, voting no. The legislation expands existing federal law, which bans people who perpetrate domestic violence against a spouse, live-in partners or children from owning guns. Source: […]
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League eyes legislative session beginning Monday

The League of Oregon Cities believes the 35-day legislative session beginning Feb. 5 will feature fewer bills than normal but be noteworthy for the “depth of policy debate” that will ensue. Issues will include the plagued Public Employee Retirement System and its funding, tax reform as it relates to education, the lack of affordable housing […]
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Report shows impacts of 2017 wildfires

The first report of many to come regarding impacts of the wildfires that scorched Oregon in 2017 was released Thursday by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, a timber industry organization that studies issues related to forests and the companies that work in them. The OFRI’s report, while broad, outlines the Source: Report shows impacts of […]
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Thompson guilty of ethics violations

Brookings Harbor Port Commissioner Roger Thompson has been found guilty of a conflict of interest and will be issued a letter of reprimand by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission. The state commission concluded Thompson violated laws applicable to public officials, acting on a complaint filed by former Port Manager Ted Fitzgerald in April 2017. Source: […]
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Marijuana vendors eye attorney general’s ruling

Local recreational marijuana shop owners are waiting to see how events unfold after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Thursday rescinded a federal policy allowing states to legalize recreational marijuana. Source: Marijuana vendors eye attorney general’s ruling;